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inbox inquiry

happy friday, lovelies! today i have an inbox inquiry comes from the lovely writers over at plant. eat. create. they wrote in to ask me a few questions about going home to roost and how i’ve grown it over the years, and below you can find my answers!

pssst.. if you like ghtr, make sure to visit their blog, as i think you’ll see we have a lot in common!

1. Did you intentionally try to grow your blog to make a living off of it or did it just happen?
hmm, well sort of both. i started it with intentions to dedicate all that i had to it, but kept my expectations low. i really wanted to create a beautiful space to share my inspirations, projects and recipes- so i focused all of my energy on making it the best that it could be, rather than on gaining more readers.

2. If you did try to grow it, how did you go about that?
i’m not sure that i really set out to grow it, but rather just did things that made sense as i went along. twitter and facebook have been a huge help and they are great way to network- plus they’re fun! i have also always tried to focus on two areas that i believe are critical to growing your blog: consistency and an authentic voice.

3.Did/do you pursue sponsors or advertisers or do they come to you?
i have never pursued advertisers but rather just put the word out there. i am blessed to say that they have always found me! :)

4. What are some other things that you’ve found have increased your blog traffic?
i really feel like reaching out to others and making an effort to create genuine connections goes a really long way. growing meaningful relationships with others in the industry is so important and fulfilling, as blogging can be a little lonely at times! other good ways to connect are through the many social media outlets- flickr, pinterest, twitter, facebook, instagram are all great ways to meet and greet. :)

5. Do you think its possible to plan a blog like a business venture or do you think it just has to happen if it’s gonna happen?
hmm, good question! i think it could definitely be both, but it seems like to me that most people tend to either become overnight successes or grow their blog over a long period of time (like me). i think if you set out with honest intentions and focus on your authentic voice, anyone can become a success. just remember to be consistent and be YOU!

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inbox inquiry
time for an inbox inquiry! this one comes from my good friend, tammie. make sure to share your suggestions in the comments section!

easy sewing patterns

hi tammie! i am so happy to hear you’re getting into sewing! i think you’ll love it. :) i don’t often use traditional ‘patterns’ but i do have several favorite pattern books, here they are!

lotta jandotter

simple sewing by lotta jansdotter. this was one of my first ever sewing books, and i loved every pattern in it! it holds a collection of 24 of her most popular sewing patterns with each pattern neatly tucked into a folder inside. you can use them over and over!
weekend sewing weekend sewing by heather ross. creative projects for clothing, accessories, and home items that can be made in a weekend or less. the sewing instructions are beautifully illustrated, and patterns for the projects are included on pullout sheets.
in stitches in stitches by amy butler. my all time favorite designer! in this pattern book amy brings her fresh, modern style to the timeless craft of sewing. she presents more than 25 charming projects ranging from cushy floor cushions to smart aprons to stylish handbags.
bend the rules sewing bend the rules sewing by amy karol. a great book for novice sewers who are seeking something a little more modern. this book has a clear, down-to-earth sewing guidebook that includes 30 great projects.
seams to me seams to me by anna maria horner. illustrated in glorious color and sprinkled with her vibrant energetic fabric designs, this book explains sewing fundamentals in a refreshing style.
sew & stow sew and stow by betty oppenheimer. 30 exciting sewing projects – including grocery totes, lunch bags, aprons, dog beds, laundry bags, and yoga mat totes. these projects will help you get organized and help the planet with a wide assortment of reusable totes, carry-alls, and shopping bags.
readers: do you have any favorite sewing patterns or books? we would love to hear about them!

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inbox inquiry
hello, lovelies! today we have an inbox inquiry from katie henderson about organic hair care products. see my advice below and share your own advice in the comments section!

inbox inquiry

hi katie! i have curly, frizzy hair as well. AH! i have a few recommendations for you (see below) but more than just guide you to a specific product, i wanted to share with you a list of ingredients that i avoid at all costs. that way, you can take the list with you into the store and find several different products that you can feel good about purchasing and using!

below you’ll find my pocket resource guide for which ingredients to avoid. you will be able to find products that are free from these ingredients, you’ll just have to look for them. you can try at your local store, but a better bet would be to head to a health food store. but remember, just because it’s in a health food store, doesn’t mean it’s good for you! always double check the ingredients. you can click on the picture below to download a pdf format, with three different sizes in it choose from. i just keep a copy in my wallet for easy access at the store!
ingredients to avoid

click to download the “ingredients to avoid” pocket guide! (you’ll have three sizes to choose from.)

now, the discussion on ingredients in general, is a whole different topic in itself (of which we won’t go into today), but you can either take my word for it, or research the following links to learn more:

-skin deep- a great website where you can enter an ingredient to learn more about it. they also have a wonderful what not to buy, a must read!
-body care from mother love
-organic consumers association

some of the products that i’ve found to ‘fit the bill’ have come from the companies listed below. however, you still need to double check the ingredients, as not all of the products from these companies necessarily apply.

-earth science
-burt’s bees
-say yes to carrots

the best rule of thumb is to only purchase products that contain ingredients that:
a) you can pronounce
b) you would eat (you know like grapeseed oil, root extract, etc)

do you have any favorite organic (or otherwise responsible) hair products you like? do share in the comments section!

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inbox inquiry: healthy eating

February 15, 2011

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inbox inquiry

hello lovelies! a few weeks ago i got a great question pop up in my inbox from ashley of gilded house. i thought you all might be interested in my answer, so i’m turning our inbox covo into a post for you all. let’s call it an inbox inquiry!
inbox inquiry: healthy eating

fork, spoon

ashley’s question:


“I love your blog and read it everyday so when I had questions in regards to simple, healthy eating I thought about you. I’m kind of ignorant when it comes to food…I can follow a recipe but I’m not creative in the kitchen. So, when it comes to healthy eating…I feel overwhelmed. Do you recommend any recipe books/blogs/websites that speak to easy, organic, healthy eating? I would appreciate any help with this!

my answer:


hi ashley! thanks for the great question, i would love to share my go-to resources with you! here they are:

the kitchenist: written by a lovely gal named ele, this blog has a fresh from the farmers market feel and one beautifully photographed recipe after another.
roost blog: another blog full of eye candy and delicious recipes, one you’re sure to love!
the pioneer woman: a truly extensive library of online recipes from ree drummond.
kath eats: kath logs everything she eats and several recipes. i use her meals as inspiration when i need a quick idea for a health dinner.

simple vegetarian pleasures: with stained pages and doggie-eared corners, this is definitely my favorite cookbook. at first i was disappointed at the lack of pictures, but everything i’ve ever made from it has been absolutely amazing.
simply in season: with meals categorized by which veggies are in season, i find this the most helpful cookbook i own. it makes the task of buying and cooking seasonally a cinch!
everyday food: i also subscribe to martha stewart’s everyday food. i always find several new recipes to try every month, and also find most of them easy to adapt to a vegetarian diet.

xox, bonnie

so this is where you come in! do you have any advice? what are you favorite cookbooks, blogs and/or websites for easy, organic cooking? please share with us in the comment section!

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