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live creatively by lindsday letters

live creatively mug by lindsay letters

it never fails. a new year always makes me stop to reflect on the past and dream on the future. i like pausing to appreciate the past and plan for the upcoming year. i believe in the power of being intentional and that my dreams won’t come true unless i set specific goals and take action. so, today i want to share with you some of my favorite memories form the past, as well as some hopes for the future.

favorite memories from 2014:

– the first snow in our mountain chalet.
– hopping on the road for the sweet as honey tour.
– family beach trips.
– attending the maker’s summit.
– planting a garden.
– exhibiting at quilt market in the spring and fall.
– watching bear fall in love with the outdoors.
– teaching at creativelive.
– boothin’ it up at the indie craft parade.
– date nights with david.
– hosting the feast in the forest.

thoughts on the upcoming year:

this year, i want to live an extraordinarily creative life. to focus on my art, explore new projects and (hopefully!) inspire you along the way. living creatively is what fuels my life and it’s important for me to recognize and honor this. some days are filled with creative tasks, while others may give me 10 minutes to create, but whether it’s a lot or a little doesn’t really matter, as long as i’m pushing myself in the right direction.

another goal i’d like to focus on this year is to be more intentional with my creativity and how i share it. specifically for this space, i want to blog less and write more (if that makes sense). my hope is to reduce (slightly) the number of posts that i create for going home to roost, but write longer, more heart felt and authentic entries to share with you. this will inevitably reduce the number of product posts i write and shift towards more writings from the heart about my life, work and experiences. i’m sure i will always post the occasional giveaway and gift guide (because i love them!), but i have felt a calling to be more open and more transparent with you in this space. personally, i like reading blogs where the authors are connecting deeply with me as a reader. less fluff more heart.

this will also help me focus on my family more intently. being a mother and wife is the single most important aspect of my life and i want my actions and time management to better align with it. being a full time designer, blogger, mom and wife means staying very busy, but i’m grateful for the opportunity to both do what i love and raise my family at the same time. 

as you might can tell, i’m feeling blessed, open and excited for the new year! i’m happy to have this space where i can share my thoughts and feeeeeelings with you. i hope you’ll stick around and let me get to know you better, too! love, bonnie


a feast in the forest

November 12, 2014

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (1)

this past weekend we hosted a friendsgiving at our home called the feast in the forest (did you know we lived in the forest?). i’ve been dreaming of this very gathering for several years, but never quite had the right spot to do it. this year, we finally had the right place. we used a piece of land right across from our home where our neighbors chop and store their wood. it was even complete with ‘stump chairs’ and fuel for the bonfire!

24 of us gathered together to give thanks and reminisce. even the farmers who grew most of the food for our dinner came. it was so special! we drank hot apple cider, broke bread and painted wooden coasters. i’ll plan to share the menu with you tomorrow!

all of these lovely photos were taken by my dear (and talented!) friend, callie lynch (she’s available if you ever need a photographer in western north carolina!).

pssst. see the bottom of this post for more detailed info!

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (4)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (2)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (18)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (11)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (6)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (5)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (12)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (13)

feast in the forest by going home to roost

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (15)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (16)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (17)

feast in the forest | going home to roost

feast in the forest | going home to roost

feast in the forest | going home to roost

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (22)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (23)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (24)

a feast in the forest - going home to roost

a feast in the forest - going home to roost

a feast in the forest - going home to roost


a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (7)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (10)

resources & more info:

invitations: designed by me and cut using the cameo silhouette
plates and silverware: by leafware
napkins: purchased here and hand dip dyed
paper tablecloth: purchased here and splattered with white and gold metallic paint
moss accents: by supermoss
paper straws: by sweet lulu

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my mom

May 12, 2014

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maxine ramey

my mom (3)

my mom (2)

i can barely begin to start typing words. my mom is amazing. she’s so amazing it’s hard to put her into words. her name is maxine.

as a women. she’s selfless, beautiful and kind. she’s a lady. she carries herself with confidence and speaks with wisdom. she’s modest and stunningly beautiful. she’s not just a mom, but a sharp business women, a good friend, a loving wife and an incredibly talented artisan.

as an artist. the mediums of art beg to be in her hands. she can master the art of just about anything she touches. cameras, clay, cloth, beads, paint. she’s a potter, a photographer, a seamstress, a quilter, a painter, a jewelry maker, a doll maker. and she does it all superbly.

as a mom. she’s supportive, nurturing and encouraging. she’s my biggest advocate and inspires most anything that i do. she’s faithful through and through. she’s thoughtful and intentional with her words and her actions. she’s an excellent teacher and a great mentor. she’s a good listener and always gives sound advice.

as a grandmother. she’s kind and gentle, funny and caring. i think she loves bear just as much as she loves me. she delights in him in every way and loves to see him learn and grow. she’s careful and protective and makes me know he’s safe in her care.

thank you, mom for having a flower garden just because i loved the blooms. for baking cakes on every special occasion. for teaching us how to cook and craft. for letting us play in the dirt and the sand and in the woods. for supporting my education, my dreams and my impossible goals. for telling me to stop plucking my eyebrows so thin and to eat something in the morning to keep my breath fresh. for rubbing my forehead when i have a headache and for rubbing my back when i’m tired. for teaching me about the Lord and reading the Bible to me every night. for showing me how to live instead of telling me.

photos by emily goodin, myself and callie lynch

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14 goals for 2014

January 21, 2014

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14 goals for 2014

today i want to talk about goals. i’m actually not a huge fan of ‘new year’s resolutions’, but there is something about the start of a new year that makes me reflect and inspires me to plan. it’s like having a new start, and placing a timeline on goals and dreams that i have can really be motivating.

i believe there’s something special about proclaiming your goals. putting them on paper and saying them out loud suddenly makes me feel more accountable to them. so above is my own list of goals for 2014 (you can see last year’s here). in case they’re hard to read, i’ll list them below as well. here’s to accomplishing LOTS in the new year!

focus on design | submit my work portfolio more frequently | read through the bible | start writing a book with my mom | redesign going home to roost | finish decorating my home room by room | garden | learn to sew garments | teach a skillshare class | do a little yoga every day | be the best mom/wife i can be | run a little. hike a little | stargaze | learn photoshop

if you feel comfortable sharing some of your own goals, we would love to here them! proclaim your goals publicly and watch them get accomplished- we can all help hold each other accountable! i’ll meet you in the comments area.

p.s. this goal worksheet is a little printable i made for the roost tribe. come join the fun!

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chickpea magazine

October 14, 2013

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chickpea magazine

i recently had the absolute pleasure of flipping through the summer issue of chickpea magazine. it comes out each quarter and just so happens to be completely vegan! this particular issue had nearly 100 pages full of fresh fruit desserts, summer recipes, a southern vegan travel guide, summer soups and a beautiful tribute to farmer’s markets. there are never any ads and the photography is simply breathtaking. with every flip of the page you just get more and more inspired (and hungry!). visit their webshop to order either the hardcopy magazine or a pdf version.

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sseko sandals

July 30, 2013

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sseko sandals (1)

i was thrilled when sseko designs approached me about participating in their 30 says, 30 days to educate women in africa campaign. sseko is a humanitarian brand that makes beautiful sandals, clutches and totes in uganda. their sandals start with a standard base, then come with a huge selection of different straps and patterns which can all be tied in hundreds of ways (pictured above are the sseko sandals with the clochette chiffon straps in the classic tie).

sseko sandals (2)

their unique sandal makes them pretty special, but what makes them even more special is their mission and dedication to educationsseko hires recent secondary school graduates in uganda for a nine month period to live and work together, while earning money that will go directly towards their university education. without an opportunity like this, most of these women would never have the chance to earn the income they do to attend university. the best news is, these women will not make sandals forever. they will go on to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers and teachers that will bring change and unification to a country divided and ravished by a 22 year-long war.

i think that’s pretty amazingsseko has also been generous enough to offer ghtr readers a special discount, just enter code “Sseko30x30” during checkout for 30% off your purchase. thanks, sseko!

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thoughts on true beauty.

July 25, 2013

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true beauty

this post has been hard for me to begin. though i’m thrilled to be participating in the choose beauty linkup blog hop hosted by thoughts by natalie, it’s made me face a difficult question: what does true beauty mean to me?

in a world where beauty is most often defined by looks, makeup and clothing i’m left knowing that there’s definitely more to it than that. to me, true beauty is what is reflected by your soul. the sunshine that you emit when you walk in a room, regardless of what you’re wearing or what you look like. the people that i find most beautiful have sweet, gentle spirits. are gracious, kind, compassionate and loving.

to be honest, writing about true beauty couldn’t come at a better time for me. as i’m 34 weeks pregnant and 30 pounds heavier than i usually am, i’ve had to refocus my own thoughts and feelings on beauty. though being pregnant is a beautiful thing, it’s also a difficult one. i feel like i can no longer rely on my body type to make me feel ‘beautiful’. thus, it has to come from within, a radiance of feminine beauty that shines beyond outward appearances.

it’s been a constant struggle to let go of my self consciousness and stop poking around my body as i huff and puff. but, i’m learning to embrace the beauty that comes with a changing body, and how amazing my body is for being able to do what it’s doing. my biggest goal is to feel beautiful on the inside, and then let that radiate out into the world and release my thoughts and concerns about my body. i’m thankful for living in a strong body that is so much more capable than i think it is. we truly are amazing beings, aren’t we?

one of the things that makes me feel the most beautiful is carefully choosing and eating the most nourishing foods i can find. it helps me know that regardless of what the scale says or how my clothes fit, i’m as healthy as i can possibly be from the inside out. that makes me feel beautiful. if i’m ever feeling kind of ‘blah’ about myself, i quickly take a look at the foods that i’m eating. not to diet, or lose weight, but to focus on nourishment. it leaves me feeling refreshed, alive and empowered.

how do you pursue true beauty in your own life?

This is part of the Choose Beauty Linkup—an ongoing series that focuses on topics related to beauty—what real beauty is, what makes us feel beautiful, how we pursue lasting beauty in our lives, the roots behind our body image issues, etc. Through our posts, we’ll share thoughts, experiences, inspirations, challenges and more with the hope of changing the voice about beauty that we’re hearing in our culture today.  Join the conversation by hitting “click here to enter” below.

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plan a popsicle party!

1 & 2: a popsicle picnic
3: no melt pop invitations
4: diy popsicle tote
5: striped juice popsicles
6: striped ice cubes

with the heat of summer setting in, i’ve been craving ice cold drinks, chilled fruit and homemade popsicles. after seeing so many popsicle inspired pretties around the web, i thought how fun it would be to throw a popsicle summer soirée! with so many options for unique invitations, diy projects and delicious popsicle mixtures, this is a party i’d be sure to attend!

have you ever thrown a food inspired party?

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