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Forest - Clear Bookmark Stickers

clear forest bookmarks

today i’m looking for your insight. do you like using digital readers or prefer old fashioned hard copy books?

i’ve been tempted to explore new readers like the nook, kindle or ibook, but something about them just doesn’t settle with me. see, i like to flip through the pages of a book with my fingers, doggie ear the corners and make notes in the side columns. and to me, there’s just something about placing a well loved book on a shelf to refer back to again and again. i like to have a library, i think books are beautiful. it is for this same reason that i prefer to purchase my books rather then get them from the library, i want to call them my own and keep them forever (though, i do try to purchase used books). plus, i found this article on our health and wireless waves a bit concerning. also, if i used a digital reader, i wouldn’t be able to use cute bookmarks like these!

so what’s your opinion? do you use a digital reader? do you like it, or not? i can definitely see where there would be certain advantages. for instance, i’m sure airplane and vacation reading would be much easier (and much lighter). and it might be easier to find passages, if you can search for a specific word or phrase. i would like to hear which you prefer, and if you’ve tried a digital reader- what do you think of it?

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January 11, 2011

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ok, i seriously just happened to stumble across BOTH of these photos! when i saw the meat love, i of course immediately thought of yesterday’s post. but when i happened across the lentil love, i thought, “ok, this is just weird.” weird enough to share with you!
united steaks of america

united steaks of america by dominic

lentil love

lentil love by geninne

so which one do you fancy? read the post below and join in our conversation!

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north carolina white christmas

my parent’s front yard, christmas day 2010

what is it about a new year that gets you thinking about changes? i like to think that my eagerness to make changes is not because of the resolutions hype, but because it’s only natural to feel like it’s a new beginning. a fresh slate. a natural time to reflect and what worked in the previous year, and what didn’t. so naturally, i’ve been giving much thought to this next year, the goals that i have and things that i want to do differently. i read just yesterday that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. so alas, i’m planning! there are several things i’ve been reflecting upon, here are just a few.

goals for 2011:

– get focused. because i find myself doing so many things that don’t directly pertain to my big picture. it’s time to dive head first into the dreams that i have, and see if i can accomplish them.

– start saying no. at least a bit more frequently to the things that consume my time but don’t feed my goals.  this will only be a way to feed and support my goal #1.

– get on top of our finances. make a plan and name every dollar before the month begins (as i’m ultra-motivated by my latest read, total money makeover).

– put God first. in my time, my day, our finances, and in every way.

– start painting more.

– learn adobe illustrator. just learn it, bonnie!

– be better at communication. it seems now that all of my dear friends are spread out across the states, from boston to bend. it’s my number one goal to stay on top of being there for each of them and growing our relationships.

– get my read on. that’s right, start going through the stack of books i’ve collected that i want to read.

and here are some BIG events coming up in 2011!

– we’ll be moving to santa ynez, california with my husband’s job come march/april!

david will be doing an iron man on may 9th in st. george utah (that’s my crazy amazing husband)!

– we hope (finger’s crossed) to get another doggie, so toaster has a friend. we have our sights set on getting a belgian tervuren, as that was my first dog!

now it’s your turn!

what are your goals for 2011? any big events coming up?

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the world of dottie angel

December 17, 2010

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dottie angel

{it’s beginning to feel}

hello friends! though i have spoke about tif fussell before, her world never ceases to inspire me. her home is full of beautiful vintage and eclectic finds and her style is distinctly whimsical. join me for a glance!

dottie angel
dottie angel
dottie angel
her shop, dottie angel, is full of little whimsies. all of which are handcrafted, vintage, eclectic, original, or recycled in some way. pretty colors pop on a neutral slate and feminine, dainty touches welcome you.

dottie angel


living in a quaint cottage with chickens and some lovely pups, she is definitely a gal after my own heart. visiting her space makes me happy, brightens my day and inspires my creativity.

explore dottie angle more by visiting her shop, beautiful blog, website and photo album.

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my favorite kitchen gadgets

December 9, 2010

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i’m going to step away from the handmade world, just for a moment. well, actually all these thing help me make things by hand to eat and drink, so that counts- right?

my four favorite kitchen gadgets

with gift giving season in full swing, i’ve been thinking about my favorite things a lot.  what things do i enjoy greatly, and who else might enjoy them as well?  well in my kitchen, there are four easy winners for my favorite gadgets. they are:

1. the cuisinart smart stick hand blender. it’s amazing. it makes life so much easier and so many dishes a complete cinch! during the summer, i used it to make fresh smoothies almost every day, as all you have to do is fill your glass with goodies and zap it with the blender.  this fall and winter i’ve been using it to puree soups, right in the pot. no need to pour the hot soup into a blender and back into the pot anymore!

2. coffee dispenser by metari. i’ve had this coffee canister/dispenser for years and it’s still one of my favorite gadgets. one squeeze of the handle = one scoop of coffee. making 6 cups of coffee? just give her 6 squeezes. no need to measure your the coffee ever again!

3. my bodum french press. we discovered the french press about a year and a half ago and have since given our regular coffee maker away. it makes the most rich and smooth coffee- never burnt or too strong. it even adds a little froth. :)

4. the prepara oil mister. everyone has to have this! you can forget the pam, as this refillable oil mister does the trick and never runs out (as long as you have olive oil on hand to refill). it’s BPA free and has no CFCs or volatile chemical propellants- you just pump and spray. it’s the perfect eco-alternative to disposable aerosol cans!

what are some of your absolute favorite things? will you be giving any of them for christmas this year?

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getting in the spirit

November 22, 2010

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happy monday to you! after a long weekend of over 24 hours of driving, we made it back to our hometown! greeted with both of our familes, good food and warm hugs- we couldn’t be more excited to be home this week for the holidays. helping me get in the spirit, is this new-to-me company, plümo.

toadstool clips
pop up cards

bird brooch
how was your weekend?

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sponsor welcome: 2 frog home

October 18, 2010

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2 frog home

kathie authors 2 frog home where you’ll find her writing about living the simple life, stocking her pantry and cooking up a storm.  with advice about everything from balancing your budget to doing driveway yoga, she’s a feel good get-your-life-on-track kinda gal.  next year, she’ll even be releasing a cookbook! to get a sneak peek, check out her recipes for vanilla apple cobbler, squash millet bake and herb infused honey.

interested in advertising on going home to roost? click here to find out more!

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Oktoberfest by Miss Malaprop

September 30, 2010

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Last year around this time I had the chance to participate in my first Oktoberfest. Now, I’m not a big beer drinker (or much of a beer drinker at all actually – give me cider or wine any day), but many of my friends are, and who doesn’t love the chance to dance around to silly polka music, do the chicken dance and eat food on a stick?

1st row  1: Beer Keg Mug by violetsandgrace 2: Bavarian Yodeling Shorts by zwzzy 3: Seasoned Bread Sticks by YummyAffair

2nd row 4: Oktoberfest Pretzel Earrings by OliveandGold 5: Lederhosen Costume for Dogs by YoungUrbanPuppy 6: I Love You in Germany Travel Print by lisabarbero

Oktoberfest in Germany is one of the biggest festivals in the world, but our New Orleans version draws a pretty big crowd as well. (New Orleanians love any excuse for a party!) Deutsches-Haus, an organization formed in 1928 to serve the large German population here, has been hosting a popular Oktoberfest celebration for many years now. New Orleans was once famous as a hotbed of beer brewing, thanks to our German immigrant population, and beer brewing is actually on the rise again here, with local craft brewers popping up left and right.

1st row 1: Vintage Oktoberfest Beer Mug Boot by BlueRoseRetro 2: Fine Art Europe Photography by johnbragg 3: Mustache Pint Glasses by BreadandBadger
2nd row 4: NOLA Beer Soap Gift Set by SweetOliveSoapWorks 5: you need a beer stencil folk art sign by artbymags! 6: Vintage Mens Yodeler Hat by ZellesBOWtique

Last year, our friends Gwen and Brian invited us to join them at Oktoberfest. In retrospect, what turned out to be a fun night of drinking, dancing and eating, is sort of bittersweet. Gwen & Brian moved to Portland earlier this year, and this year’s Oktoberfest at Deutsches-Haus will be the last in their historic location. (Deutsches-Haus is being forced to relocate due to a large hospital complex that is being built in that area.) Nevertheless, this time of year will always bring to mind great memories. I’d love to travel to Germany someday to experience the ultimate Oktoberfest. What about you? Have you been to Oktoberfest, whether in Germany or a local celebration?
You can find Mallory discovering indie finds for your uncommon life at Miss Malaprop every day!

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