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hello, friends! my latest font affair has been with serif, sans serif and fixed-width fonts. i just love them! i’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but i’m beginning to see many blogs starting to stray away from using lots of fancy fonts to using more basic ones with a few fancier ones mixed in as accents. this gives the posts a more editorial, magazine-like feel. to help you get a jump start on the trend, look no further. a font affair- sans serif edition saves the day! :)

below you’ll find links to each font, and as usual all are free!
1. bebas neue
2. goudy bookletter 1911
3. derivia
4. foglihten
5. znikomit
6. champagne & limousines
7. optimus princeps
8. monofur
9. will & grace
10. pharmacy
11. clemente
12. honey badger
13. fortunata
14. american purpose
15. caviar dreams
16. passion sans
17. keytin
18. florence
19. st ryde
20. london mm
21. tex gyre adventor
22. museo
23. oksansa
24. europe underground
25. patagonia
26. quicksand
27. apple garamond
28. headline
29. cicle
30. lane

not sure how to use new fonts? please refer to the download instructions found here!

a font affair

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a font affair

February 15, 2012

a font affair this is my latest affair with fonts! do you have any favorite fonts lately? please do share in the comments section!

1. clemente font
2. coquette (download bold here)
3. apricot (aka noodle script)
4. delius
5. jenna sue
6. skinny latte
7. santa’s sleigh
8. alako
9. callie hand
10. keep calm
11. claire hand
12. pacifico
13. diner
14. lemon chicken
15. london between
16. existence
17. caviar dreams
18. 5am gender
19. 5th grade cursive
20. kraft nine

not sure how to use new fonts? please refer to the download instructions found here!

a font affair

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a font affair

December 1, 2011

a font affair after my last font affair, bethany commented on a new (to me) website for free fonts! thus today’s all come from do you have any favorite fonts lately? please do share in the comments section!

1. playdate | 2. simply glamorous | 3. before the rain | 4. roskrift clean | 5. freehand 591 | 6. leytonstone regular | 7. silver script | 8. atlast Greeting | 9. shelly script | 10. baronesse | 11. baker script | 12. daniel script | 13. baby font | 14. hurried font | 15. alako | 16. mr. wade | 17. aka frivolity | 18. milk & cereal | 19. callie hand | 20. celine dion handwriting

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a font affair

November 15, 2011

font affair

my latest font affair! do you have any favorite fonts lately? please do share in the comments section!

1) 5th grade cursive | 2) four feather falls

3) beautiful every time | 4) birmingham titling

5) candy strip | 6) channel

7) complete in him | 8) follow you into the world

9) horseshoes and lemonade | 10) janda romantic

11) luck of the irish | 12) mesh stitch

13) heart doodle | 14) section intersection

15) the only exception

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font frenzy

July 13, 2011

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new favorite fonts

new favorite fonts! all can be found by searching their title at

do you have any latest favorites?

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a font affair

November 17, 2010

free fonts from

been foraging for fonts again! you can download each of these for free by searching for their titles at also, if you’re a typography lover as myself, be sure to check out the finalists of design*sponge’s font contest this week. you can vote for your favorites every day until friday! enjoy!

what are you latest favorite font finds?

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going paperless

October 20, 2010

Posted in holidays

paperless holiday invitations

i’ve always been a big fan of snail mail, as there’s nothing quite like opening up a special card with your name on it.  but then again, i’ve always been a big fan of the earth, as there’s nothing quite like hiking into forested mountains and standing in awe of the beauty surrounding me.

what’s my point?

i believe that wherever we can cut paper or other environmental detriments, we should! that’s where paperless post comes in.  they are an incredibly well thought out, beautifully put together site where you can customize all of your invitations, holiday cards and well wishes into a gorgeous cards and send them right over the world wide web.

paperless post has been named elegant, couture, tasteful and brilliant- and to that i would like to add genius. they cost significantly less than going usps (send 150 cards for $10- that would be $66 at the post office!), they save you tons of time and they save the earth, one piece of paper at a time.

paperless post

they’ve partnered with some of the best designers, (linda & harriet and thorn willow press- just to name a few), and with features like chevron envelope liners and funky fonts, you’re recipients will still have a feast for their eyes. they are incredibly easy to put together (not to mention embarrassingly fun), so head on over to paperless post to get started!

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latest font finds

October 7, 2010

Posted in crafty blogs

font finds yes, i spent the better part of this morning totally consumed by finding fonts- isn’t it addicting?  i couldn’t help but share them you, maybe it will save you some time (or get you hooked, either one). best of all, they are all free downloads available from!  i also got caught up on all of pugly pixel’s fabulous {free} downloads, see my vintage fabric deco tape?  hope you enjoy, and share some of you own favorite finds!

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