master series: jena coray

March 17, 2014

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master series: jena coray (1)

this friday, the roost tribe will be welcoming master mojo maker, jena coray as she joins us to discuss tips on how to “get in the marketing flow“. she’ll be teaching us how to easily get the word out about our business or product, to the right people, with authenticity and ease. she’ll help us streamline and focus our marketing efforts, and better connect with our ideal customers, so we can stop stressin’, and just go with the marketing flow. i can’t wait! :)

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for those of you who may be new to jena’s marketing magic, we’ve got lots of tidbits to share with you today as well! one of my all time favorite topics that jena expertly writes on is how to write an awesome pitch. her insider’s guide to pitching includes advice from years of her own experience as both a blog editor and independent pr rep. the pitch kit will help you understand how to pitch your creative business to bloggers, other online media and magazine editors with success.

i’ve had the pleasure of reading the pitch kit myself and as a blog editor, i can honestly say this advice is on point. reading a product pitch that follow’s jena’s advice is always a breath of fresh air. if you’re looking to spread the word about your site, shop or product learning to write a personalized professional pitch is absolutely necessary, and jena’s pitch kit will teach you how to do just that!

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photo: see yourself as the success you already are

jena has also written an incredibly informative series on DIY PR. reading this article series will help you craft the perfect pitch for your product, which is essential in spreading the word about your amazing ( ____ fill in the blank)!

and as a totally fun side note: jena has also just released a podcast over on the maven circle about diy natural beauty – something very near and dear to my heart! join her and jen as they discuss how to detoxify your personal care routine, what they do for their own, and laugh along as they read letters to their teenage selves around beauty and self-image, sing a song, and lots of other fun stuff!

so come join the roost tribe and get your learn on! don’t forget, jena’s expert article will be sent out this friday, march 21st.

join the roost tribe! >>

what is the roost tribe? the roost tribe is a membership that welcomes you to a family of creatives for just $5 a month. by joining, you’ll become a part of an incredibly inspirational community. members receive a welcome packet with several informational e-books covering blog growth, pitching your products, writing product descriptions, going home to roost’s creative story and a list of top industry resources. additionally, each month members receive printables, patterns, illustrations & clipart, a plant based recipe, adobe illustrator tutorial, iphone & desktop background, special guest articles on creative topics and more all delivered right to their inbox!

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oubly painted edge business cards (2)

happy monday, folks! i just recently discovered oubly stationery and was blown away by the quality and beauty of their paper goods. in particular, they’ve just launched a brand new line of edge painted business cards that are stunning! printed on 36 point thick super deluxe eco paper- these cards are sure to be showstoppers. to kick off their brand new biz cards, oubly is giving away a set of 20 cards to the first 250 people to design their own and order them. they just started the giveaway this morning, so hurry over and grab your free set now!

details on how to claim your set of 20 free painted edge biz cards:

1. go to oubly’s edge painted business card page.
2. choose a design and customize it.
3. proceed to check out.

that’s all! it’s pretty fast and easy.

terms and conditions:

1. entry is open to all U.S. resident excluding those living in alaska and hawaii.
2. must be 18 and over to enter.
3. only one set of FREE cards per person, per account.
4. unless notified in writing, reserves the right to use the client’s printed images for advertising purposes. they may be taking pictures of printed orders or write articles about the printed piece and distribute the images or articles through social media channels, blog networks, showcase the printed pieces in other advertising channels, and’s web pages.

oubly painted edge business cards (1)

this post was kindly sponsored by oubly. all views and ideas here are my own.

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plant based dinner ideas

i love all the pops of purple and green that appeared on our plates this week. a couple of warm days (we’re talking 75°+ here!) got me in the mood to eat some spring greens and start planning our garden this year. i can hardly wait!

monday: beet, endive & quinoa rainbow salad
tuesday: whole roasted cauliflower with chala masala
wednesday: immunity soup
thursday: black bean and beet mushroom burgers
friday: sweet pea and pearl onion pesto

what was on your plate this week? any favorite recipes you’d like to share?

we follow a whole foods, plant based diet. the dinner ideas posts are a way for me to log our dinners, how we make eating this way easy, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things as well. they are always meat free, dairy free and often gluten free. you can follow the posts here, and i encourage you to share your favorite recipes with us as well!

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pick’d market

March 13, 2014

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hey guys! this month, i’m so excited to partner up with kim davis from oh sweet joy to curate march’s pick’d market! each month pick’d partners with a team of curators who collaborate with talented handmade artisans to create a one-of-a-kind product line. this month, we’ve brought our feminine aesthetic into a market full of florals, stripes and leather.


what is pick’d? pick’d works with curators each month to create a unique shopping experience. brand new items based on a theme will debut from all of the shops chose for the market. in addition to shopping the pick’d market, you can also become a member (see below).

about the membership: joining the pick’d club gives you exclusive discount codes to use both at the pick’d market and at the vendor’s personal shops. two member-only newsletters go out each month, the first includes a set of mood board inspired print-ables. the pack includes notecards, prints, lock screen and desktop wallpaper. the second newsletter announces the market and includes the discount codes for you use while you shop.

March Chipcard pick'd

the march market will include all new items from: oh sweet joy, going home to roost (that’s me!), amy cornwell, fabric and handle, sweet auburn studio, moriah sunde, and the felt flower shop. all featuring brand new items with florals, stripes or leather, of course! (you can see the picture above to get a sneak peek of what i’ll be contributing to the market!)

the market will open monday, march 17th. these one-of-a-kind products will make their exclusive debut in the pick’d market the third week of the month (that’s monday!). the market is only open for one week and only has a limited number of items available. a portion of each month’s sales go to a cause pick’d by that month’s curators.
March Cause
pick’d also gives back! march’s cause is the acts 29 church planting network. you can learn more about the network here.


point and shoot 3.13.14

March 13, 2014

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a little bit of life lately. :)

bonnie christine | going home to roost (4)

bonnie christine | going home to roost (6)

working on decorating our guest room. still a work in progress!

bonnie christine | going home to roost (7)

bonnie christine | going home to roost (2)

bonnie christine | going home to roost (3)

my people.

bonnie christine | going home to roost (1)

bonnie christine | going home to roost (5)

bear baby <3

love, bonnie

do you have a favorite photo from your life this week? post a link to it in the comment section so we can see!

this post was made possible by the lovely iphone app, instagram. you can follow me here or find me by searching for @goinghometoroost. all photos by yours truly. :)

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3 pieces of art

March 12, 2014

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3 pieces of art

now that we’ve been living in our home for a while (10 months to be exact) and things are beginning to settle down after having bear, i’m determined to finish some decorating. i’ve got several bare walls and have been planning to add some special artwork throughout the house. here are few of the pieces i’ve been eying- aren’t they so beautiful? they all have special meaning to me. some things take time- like having a family, following your dream and loving your job. i always need to remind myself to worry less (it’s a constant struggle). and living in the mountains is near and dear to my heart. it’s so cozy here.

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skillshare is such an amazing place. when i was first starting out trying to learn surface pattern design, it was so hard to learn the techniques i wanted to learn (that’s in part why i began the roost tribe- it’s where i share all my secrets!). today i’m so happy that skillshare exists, and i’m really excited about a few classes i’ve either recently taken, or am currently taking. i highly recommend each of them!

skillshare - get your learn on. (4) skillshare - get your learn on. (2)

i’ve taken both the first steps of hand lettering and the final steps of hand lettering by mary kate mcdevitt- and both are incredible! mary kate is so loveable and incredibly talented. in these classes, you’ll learn how to research and brainstorm and idea, sketch it out, explore different styles and finalize your sketch. in the second part, you’ll learn how to digitze your sketch, add color, create texture and put the finishing touches on your work.

skillshare - get your learn on. (3)

i’m just beginning to take leveraging photoshop and illustrator in your work by lydia nichols and i’m so excited! photoshop is still a little big and scary to me, so i’m especially thrilled to learn how to use it alongside illustrator. in this class, we’ll learn how to create vector art and custom brushes, how to apply texture and then move the artwork over to photoshop.

skillshare - get your learn on. (5)

in digital illustration: color, pattern and texture, brad woodward will teach us how to breathe life back into your own digital illustrations through the use of a few basic design elements. i’m excited to learn more about color theory, layout and composition and ways to add texture to my work.

skillshare - get your learn on. (1)

i recently finished the art of modern calligraphy by molly jaques and thought it was just right for my beginner skills of calligraphy. molly starts by covering the basic tools and preliminary knowledge of modern, pointed pen calligraphy and gives you a solid understanding of how to compose a truly unique alphabet.

skillshare - get your learn on. (6)

in design your own creative brush pack in photoshop or illustrator, garren lamson will teach us how to research, brainstorm, and create a unique, artistic brush pack in either photoshop or illustrator from concept thru completion. since brushes have always been a bit of a mystery to me, i can’t wait to begin this course!

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hexagon shelves

March 10, 2014

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hexagon wall shelves

hexagon shelves (clockwise): haase handcraft | handmade riot | forma living

i’ve got the perfect spot above my workspace where i’d like to install a few hexagon wall shelves. it’s an angled space due to a staircase above it, so a cluster of hexagons would be perfect (plus, you know i’m obsessed with all things sweet as honey!). i’ve just been waiting to find the right ones, but i think i’ve narrowed it down to the sets above. do you have any favorite honeycomb shelves? i’ve also seen some darling house bookshelves lately, too!

**update! haase handcraft has been so kind enough to offer each of you an exclusive discount to their shop! enter code ‘ROOST1′ during checkout to receive 10% off. expires march 31st. thank you, hasse handcraft!

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