hung! color cord pendant lights

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hung! color cord pendant lights (1)

i’ve been looking for just the right lighting fixture to hang above our counter space for months now. to avoid hefty electrical work, i needed something that would plug in, provide plenty of light and match the space’s modern-eclectic feel. when i stumbled across color cord, i knew their pendant lights would be the perfect addition!

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color cord allows you to purchase either ready-made pendant lights or all the fixin’s for a do-it-yourself version. since the ready-made pendant lights were exactly what i needed, that’s what we chose. i ordered  two of porcelain the mint green (because it’s my favorite color!) and one zig-zag. i love how they came together!

hung! color cord pendant lights (4)

and because i knew what i wanted to hang them from but couldn’t find it anywhere, i just decided to make it myself. after a quick visit to my local hardware store, i had everything i needed to hang a copper bar from the ledge above our counter. it turned out perfect! here’s what i used:

- 1/2″ 2 foot long copper pipe (website only lists a 1 ft pipe, but i found a 2 ft pipe in the store)

- two 1/2″ copper milford hangers

- two 1/2″ copper slip cap fittings

i just assembled the pieces by sliding the pipe through the hanger and placing a cap on each end. i attached them by using a simple screw on each side.

hung! color cord pendant lights (6)

i wish i could go into detail about how we tied all those knots, but we had our rock-climbing friend do them all for us (he’s a knot tying genius!). if you need ideas or help though, i have found animated knots to be very helpful (plus, they have an iphone app!).

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get or gift: stuff done mug

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time to get stuff done mug

happy monday, lovelies! i hope you all had a wonderful 4th of july! we spent the weekend hiking, swimming and laughing with family. a little break always feels nice!

next on my list of items to get or gift is this beautiful (and inspirational!) time to get stuff done mug by click and blossom. in fact, i love all of their photography inspired mugs, totes and art prints. check them out here! coming in at just $16, this mug is the perfect item to get or gift!

point and shoot 7.3.14

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a little bit of life lately!

bonnie christine | going home to roost (1)

bonnie christine | going home to roost (7)

a beautiful luna moth brightening my door.

bonnie christine | going home to roost (8)


bonnie christine | going home to roost (5)

bonnie christine | going home to roost (4)

bonnie christine | going home to roost (2)

bonnie christine | going home to roost (3)

winged has arrived and so has the time to do a little photography! that’s my beautiful sister modeling for us.

bonnie christine | going home to roost (6)

my sweet boys.

love, bonnie

do you have a favorite photo from your life this week? post a link to it in the comment section so we can see!

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july’s gift guide

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july's gift guide

product links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 

a handmade gift guide for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays… or for no reason at all!

fun facts for july:

>> july 4th is independence day
>> july 21st is marine day in japan
>> july 24th is pioneer day in utah
>> july 27th is national tree day in austrailia
>> july’s birthstone is the ruby
>> july’s birth flower is the larkspur and water lily

july desktop + iphone calendars

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july desktop & iphone calendars (5)

goodbye june, hello july! this month’s desktop calendar was inspired by my freshly planted flower garden. i hope it will brighten your space! xox, bonnie

july desktop & iphone calendars (2) july desktop & iphone calendars (3)

to download july’s backgrounds: click on the coordinating image above, then right click on the image and select ‘set as desktop background’ or save and download to your phone.

to download the printable version: click on the image above to download the PDF calendar. print on heavy card stock (my favorite is premium presentation paper by epson). punch a whole at the top to hang or simply stack.

please note: all images, patterns and designs © bonnie christine | going home to roost. you may not reproduce, re-create or sell in any way, but please feel free to download for your own personal use. if you share on your own blog (i’d be delighted!) please direct your readers to this post to download the file. thank you!

summer gallery advertising

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summer gallery advertising

hello lovelies! it’s time for the summer gallery advertising opportunity! if you glance over in the right hand sidebar, you’ll see a special place with the summer gallery emblem in it. below it, i’ll be opening up 10 large spots for anyone who would like to join the gallery to promote their shop, blog or website for the summer buying season!

i’m also excited to begin ‘a day in the life’ creative series. i always think it’s so inspiring to hear about how other creatives structure their day, so by participating in the summer gallery, you’ll have the unique opportunity to share with us how you plan your day, as well as your favorite tip on staying productive.

why only 10 spots? i’ve reduced the number of spots available in the summer gallery this season to give those of you who participate better placement on the website. with fewer ads to clutter the space, you’ll get more ‘bang for your buck’ in this prime real estate area.

these spots will go on a first come first serve basis and are available to book for july, august and september only. offer is not valid with any other deals. just e-mail me if you’re interested!

*roost tribe members get 20% off the original pricing, making this deal even sweeter!

** to see all of going home to roost’s advertising options, click here.

june roost tribe recap

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june roost tribe recap

hi friends! today i’m excited to share this month’s recap of the roost tribe, which gives you a sneak peek of what june brought to the roost tribe. the good news is, it’s not too late to get all of june’s content! i’ll be sending out a recap on wednesday, july 2nd to the roost tribe with all of the content in it from june so no one will have missed anything, regardless of when you might have joined during this month.

that means, that if you join before wednesday, july 2nd you’ll still get all of june’s content + july’s content as well- that’s two months for the price of one!

whew. got it? :)


a set of ‘feathered fronds’ illustrations.

after watching this brilliant video, i got to thinking about labels and marketing and how they affect our lives. they are everywhere, yet there still needs to be more of them. they can be overwhelming, confusing and downright deceiving. this article introduces several labels that you should keep an eye out for – some to avoid and others to support.

photo: paper geek

this may be the best dish i’ve ever made. a most delicious spin on traditional mashed potatoes.

walk in the woods pattern collection inspired by living in the forest and planting pretty flowers. :)  you can print them, frame them, make cards from them, use them on your blog, social media sites, use them as wrapping paper, etc! i

this month’s inspiration is one i believe in wholeheartedly. i truly believe that we can all follow our dreams and be successful at what we love. all we have to do is get started! 

  master series with rachael taylor

rachael taylor’s brilliant article on taking risks and designing your way. this month’s article for the master series!

this video will teach you how to use the offset path and simplify tools in adobe illustrator. so fun!

i love to garden, so of course i wanted to do a little garden project! use this printable to make your own custom plant markers.

a list of favorite & useful links and resources from around the web.

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plant based dinner ideas 6.27.14

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plant based dinner ideas

oh, friday friday. what a busy week! mixed in to hectic week of work, secret projects (!!), a wedding shower, a bike race and lots of baby snuggles were these delicious meals. this week’s csa box brought us cauliflower, squash, lettuce, kale, rainbow chard, onions and broccoli. yum yum!

monday: vegetarian barbecue ‘pulled pork‘ served with potato salad and watermelon.
tuesday: mexican quinoa tacos
wednesday: baked sweet tater tots with veggie burgers and squash
thursday: simple grilled vegetables
friday: cauliflower mac and cheese (followed the vegan option). yum!

what was on your plate this week? any favorite recipes you’d like to share?

we follow a whole foods, plant based diet. the dinner ideas posts are a way for me to log our dinners, how we make eating this way easy, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things as well. they are always meat free, dairy free and often gluten free. you can follow the posts here, and i encourage you to share your favorite recipes with us as well!