in order for our back porch makeover to be affordable, i had to get a little crafty (not to mention thrifty)!  here’s how i made all those yellow vases (super easy peasy).

diy flower vases

i paid less than $2 for these three vases- all plastic and all thrifted!  with a little high gloss spray paint…

japanese washi tape

{peach japanese masking tape and red and white washi masking tape}

and a little japanese washi tape…

diy vases with paint and tape

you can have brand new, beautiful vases!  the three of these were finished within about 15 minutes.

i’m not sure which stars aligned that allowed me to find this yellow lace at a thrift store one day, but i bought a realm of about 200 yards for $2.  woot woot!

diy vases

i still need to find a little plant to go in this one, but she’s waiting patiently here until i do.

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good morning monday!  how was your weekend?  mine was a great one full of sunshine and house cleaning (how fun!).  today is the mister’s birthday, so i’ve got a bit of planning and wrapping presents to do today- he’s turning 25!

do you remember the baby robin’s eggs i had in my garden?  well, they hatched and i’ve been able to take pictures of them as they’ve grown and i’m a little sad to say that they’ve flown the coop!  i guess i should have known that was coming.  i couldn’t believe my eyes of how much they had grown every day! here’s a summary of their progression:

robin's eggs to birds

aren’t they darling? all four hatched and survived, due to the mother’s highly protective care (and i mean highly!).

bird nest

these little birdies (not sure what kind?) were in a bird house i have, and i love this ‘surprised’ pic i got of them!  i peeked in on them one day when they were little and found a nest of fire ants all over them , so with a little diatomaceous earth (food grade, very safe) i dusted around the nest and like to think that i saved their little lives!  they’ve flown the coop as well, so it’s all empty nest syndrome here!

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happy friday lovelies!  i spent most of last weekend making over our last-on-the-to-do-list back porch, and i’m to share with you the before and after’s!  with some serious thriftiness and diy projects, i was able to do the entire makeover for under $300.  there are lots of little projects that i’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks, but here is the big picture of our back porch makeover:

backporch before


backporch after


backporch before


backporch after


diy flower pot

side table

this table, fan, tic tac toe game and vase were all thrifted, for under $20!

hanging lanterns and candles

thrifty centerpiece

fabric scraps picture frame

diy flower vase

back porch makeover after

so, this is pretty much where you’ll find me this weekend! do you have any plans for the weekend?

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vintage home and garden

there’s nothing like walking into a vintage store, and upon first glance realizing you struck gold.  it seems that they either have everything you’ve ever been looking for or they just ain’t got it. when i took a virtual stroll through bird in hand, i realized that i had struck gold.  things i didn’t even know i had been looking for were there, staring back at me.  like this old school b-ball  hoop? yes, please!  plus, i love the sweet name ‘bird in hand’, that she partly derived from psalm 145, verse 16: “you open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.”

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i’ve been thinking a lot lately about where the bulk of our money goes, and it’s caused me to think about priorities.  the things that aren’t so important, and the things that we’ve deemed most important, or ‘worthy’ of spending money on, without looking for the cheapest way out.  here’s what i came up with!

1. due to some injuries, not only do i need good, supportive running shoes, but i have to remind myself to replace them when i they’re worn out.  generally, you’re supposed to replace your shoes after about 400 miles, so for me that’s about every 6 months. don’t let me forget!

2. if i’m going to attempt to do the things ‘the right way’ by starting my own seedlings, i don’t want to skimp out at the gardening store (even though those cheapo seeds are tempting!).

3. i don’t want to spend 1/3 of my life on scratchy sheets, so i’ll buy the softest ones i can find.  not very expensive, my favorites are 100% bamboo and about $30.

4. i became a vegetarian largely to avoid the antibiotics and hormones found in meat, so i constantly remind myself that they’re present in non-organic dairy as well.  at all costs, i skip out on hormones and pesticides by buying organic dairy and veggies.

5. all those ingredients on generic makeup that i can’t pronounce just scare me! so i pay the price for ingredients that i can read and feel good about putting on my face.  i’ll often buy origins makeup or head to the health food store.

6. organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee- yum.

7. i’m not exactly sure why, but i just can’t skimp out on food for little toastie.  he’s like my son, so we feed him california naturals.

8. ok, i admit it. i’ve fallen for the ‘expensive’ jeans.  sure, it means that i can only buy 1 pair a year, but boy is it worth it!

9. i ain’t rasin’ my own chickens to eat the same nasties found in the non-organics at the grocery store.  i pay a pretty penny for organic chicken feed ($25/bag rather than $7), but i’ve never had a more delicious egg in my life!

10. a good camera can turn a bad photographer (like me!) into a somewhat decent one.  i have a nikon d40 and a canon s90 and they are so very dear to me.

so that’s it! what about you? what do you deem most worthy of your paycheck?

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Hello!  I hope you are doing well and enjoying your gardening season.  This past weekend was a fun one here at Ladybug HQ – we built up some raised garden beds and painted them pink!  It was certainly a conversation starter, and I can’t wait to show you the results in a few weeks.

This week I wanted to share some great gift ideas for the organic gardener in your life.  We are right in the midst of wedding season and I am busy preparing gift certificates and gift ideas for clients who want to gift organic gardening.  The majority of people who gift Ladybug sessions to a loved one also buy them a tree, shrub or a selection of goodies to go with it…here are some of my favorites:

Clockwise from top left to right:

Rosa Carefree Wonder

Rosa Pink Double Knock Out

Rosa Burgundy Iceberg

Rosa Blushing Knock Out

Betula nigra ‘Heritage’

Acer palmatum Orange Dream

Stewartia pseudocamelia

Magnolia Butterflies

I use this clumping bamboo quite a bit in my garden designs….Fargesia sp. ‘Scabrida‘ is wonderfully hardy in the zones I garden in, makes a stunning container plant in colder zones and the colors lend themselves to a broad palette and many different uses.  I’ve actually used this in a cottage garden setting to magnificent effect.

Other great non-invasive bamboos include:

Fargesia robusta

Fargesia sp ‘Rufa’ Green Panda

I wish that clean air gardening had better pictures for me to share with you.  I find their prices reasonable, the stool and garden knife are indispensable and, well, they have a Mr. Fancypants gnome….

Japanese weeding knife

Ergonomic Garden Stool

Mr. Fancypants Gnome

Lawn Aerating Shoes

And now for my almost mandatory Brit love….I swoon over the products at Garden Boutique.

Floral Linen Pruning Gauntlets

Zinc Drop Labels

Veggie Labels

Seed Ruler

Paper Potter

Squirrel Topiary Frame

Aged Ceramic Label

Zinc Heart Tags

Those heart plant labels are similar to ones Ladybug uses…..I’ll share a tutorial next week!

Until then, my dears, I hope you have a lovely week and enjoy yourself in the garden.

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etsy shop help

inspiration board

today’s post is going to take you on a little trip!  i’m guest posting for tara over at scoutie girl on how to nourish your creativity, and that’s where i’m going to send you for today’s etsy shop help article! it’s all about the things i do to nourish, embrace and support my creativity, and i encourage you to share the ways that you feed your creative side as well.  head over to scoutie girl to read nourish your creativity and share with us all the things you do that keep your creative side inspired!

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alexandra grecco lingerie and apparel

i would like you to meet a recently found favorite of mine, alexandra grecco. her handmade apparel including some 100% organic lingerie make me feel beautiful just looking at them!  you can certainly tell that she understands and loves the female figure, because every piece seems to hug, drape and flow in all the right places.  the creamy colors and cuts that do the body right made me fall in love with her shop at first glance.

elsewhere :: {shop} {blog} {facebook}

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