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today dear ones, i have big news for you..

flying the coop

{cotton washclothes, robin’s egg necklace, silver pillow necklace, beaded bracelet, peacock feather, crocheted hat}

what do all these things have in common? they are handmade right in colorado springs, co.

flying the coop

{ journey, textile art, colorado and utah, soar with your own wings, the path we take, birdcage necklace}

what do all these things have in common? they all have to do with flying the coop.

{colorado adventure}

so what does that mean? we’re moving to colorado!!

say what? during our trip to colorado springs, my dear david met with cycling company, carmichael training systems.  they called last week and offered him a full time job! cycling is his passion and to be a coach has been a long life dream for him, so there’s no way we could turn it down.  though it’s so very sad to leave friends and family, i feel so blessed that my job is mobile! i can keep right on blogging and etsying anywhere we go, an that’s exciting!  we’ll be living in colorado springs for 7 months (until next april) and then will be relocating to santa ynez, california to help them open a new facility (deep breathing).  having only ever lived in north carolina, you can imagine what this feels like! excited, nervous, sad, happy, thrilled, anxious.. that about sums it up.

even more nerve racking exciting, is that he starts on october 1st.  yes, october first! sooo, we’ll be massively busy packing up our house and having yard sales over the next few weekends.  anyone looking to buy a home? i know a great one!

so what does this mean for ghtr? well first off, things may be a little light around blogland over the next 3 weeks.  we’ll be settled and resume normal scheduling by monday, october 4th, i promise!  as you can imagine, i’ll be having a little less yard and will be pawning off giving my hens to friends and family.  the good news is, that all of you city slickers and apartment livers may have a little more in common with ghtr now! you know i’ll still be roosting wherever i am though, so still expect recipes, gardening posts and general ‘simple living’ goodness.  that will never change! so i hope you’ll buckle up and join the ride, let’s see what the world has in store for us!

love, bonnie

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handmade feminine accessories

ruffles and bows make up the feminine accessories over at no. 144, each to doll up your look.  colleen lemons is an interior designer with a heart for crafting, and women all over are looking better because of it!  visit her shop, blog and beautiful flickr page to see more.

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i had so much fun meeting some of my favorite artisans, and of course, i had to come away with some goodies of my own!  some were bartered some were bought, and all of them are my new favorites!


a beautiful new shoulder bag and wrap skirt from the sweetest gal ever, paige! her lightnest booth was just as pretty as her handmade bags and apparel, all made from vintage fabrics.  make sure to visit her beautiful blog, we three pilgrims as well!


oh how i love my new necklace from hawleywood! a bunch of fun girls and beautifully made jewelry made this booth a treat for the eyes.


i was so excited to meet the girls from sew few!  they make the prettiest handbags and clutches using upholstery fabric samples. eco friendly, lovely and so classy- they’re saving the earth one fantastic handbag at a time.


i’m certain that i was surrounded by the best neighbors (sorry everyone else) and on my right was one of my favorite shops, foundling.  my sneaky mom snagged me one of her gorgeous bracelets and it is absolutely my new favorite piece to wear.  clever, beautiful and oh so sweet- it was a joy meeting betsy!


on my other side was the sweet kina from joretta natural knits! she helped me stuff pillows upon my arrival, and i’m certain that there’s no way i could have pulled off my booth without her.  thank you for being so sweet!

three bad seeds

finally, i couldn’t resist this amazing (and oh so soft) fawn pillow from three bad seeds.  such a pleasure to meet the artist behind these fun pillows and produce bags, they are crafsters and farmers- a perfect match for ghtr! don’t miss the debut of their etsy shop coming up on wednesday!

p.s. sharing some big news on ghtr tomorrow! it’s one of my secrets, for all of you that have been patiently waiting. :)

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going home to roost’s booth!

September 13, 2010

happy monday lovelies! after a long weekend, i’m back from the indie craft parade! the show was wonderful, successful and full of amazing artists.  i was so thrilled to meet some of you in person, as well as meet and greet with some of my favorite artists.  i’m so thankful for my mom who went with me and helped so much, i couldn’t have done it without you!

going home to roost craft booth
going home to roost craft booth
going home to roost craft booth
going home to roost craft booth

for indie craft parade’s first year (and my first craft show), everything went perfectly.  they put on the show brilliantly, had a beautiful historic location and advertised the show to the limit.  there was a 30 minute waiting line down the sidewalk all day, both days! a big thank you to everyone who helped and all the artists who made the show unforgettable!

coming up next? all the fun things i got!

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right this minute…

September 10, 2010

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i’m off to the indie craft parade!

indie craft parade

i’ve got 43 pillows, 38 aprons, 40 tea towels and a mess of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, plus all my booth decor ready to go!

indie craft parade

i’ve even been spray painting. this morning. someone, please help me.


at least SOMEONE is excited!!!


ok, one more for good measure (he was being such a beeebie yesterday)!

hope to see you there!

indie craft parade

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Succulent Love

September 9, 2010

I was looking through the GHTR flicker stream a few days ago and was stopped in my tracks by airdrome’s gorgeous backyard.

I love her use of succulents and am so covetous of the Angel Trumpet (Brugmasia)!  I have long desired a succulent garden – not only are they wonderfully low maintenance, they are wonderful for the environment as well.  Succulents need very little human input to thrive – just the right sun and soil conditions. Usually those tough, sandy soiled and sunny areas of a garden are perfect for a succulent garden.

They also work wonderfully well in containers.

Blue Succulent from Moosey’s Country Garden

Wild Ginger Farm in Oregon has some lovely examples and instructions for creating different succulent/rock gardens – including a lovely parking strip garden they planted using a pocket planting method.  From their site:

Pocket planting is used when you are unable to rework the soil in an entire area.  Instead, a hole is dug and additional soil is worked in along with the plant.

Different gardening zones require different plants, but I know there are a great number of beautiful sedum and succulents that will thrive in your garden.

photo by davitydave

Succulent Resources:

Cactus and Succulent Society of America

And of course – Flora Grubb who created iconic succulent based vertical gardens.

I adore the vertical gardens, but am absolutely smitten with Susie Nadler’s work for The Cutting Garden at Flora Grubb. Love. Love. Love. Her combination of texture and color is superb. I look at her bouquets and see the garden the flowers came from.  What a fun design project that would be – to create a garden design based on one of these bouquets…which one would you pick??!!

You can see more of Susie’s work on her Flicker page…it is a lovely source of inspiration!

Much love to you all – next week the list of Fall garden chores is coming your way.  Let me know if you have any specific plant questions and I’ll be sure to address them!

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a little bit of wild

September 9, 2010

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wildlife photography
wildlife photography
well this is a new topic for gthr, but i couldn’t resist!  isn’t this wildlife photography stunning? i’m glad i’m not the one who had to capture them, but i’m glad someone did! hopefully he had a super zoomy camera.  hope you have a wild great day!

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bailey doesn’t bark

September 9, 2010

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bailey doesn't bark

mmm fresh clean whites, beige and browns. bailey doesn’t bark is full of contemporary home goods and refined designs.  based out of new york, this modern store makes me take a deep breath of fresh air!

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