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north carolina white christmas

my parent’s front yard, christmas day 2010

what is it about a new year that gets you thinking about changes? i like to think that my eagerness to make changes is not because of the resolutions hype, but because it’s only natural to feel like it’s a new beginning. a fresh slate. a natural time to reflect and what worked in the previous year, and what didn’t. so naturally, i’ve been giving much thought to this next year, the goals that i have and things that i want to do differently. i read just yesterday that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. so alas, i’m planning! there are several things i’ve been reflecting upon, here are just a few.

goals for 2011:

– get focused. because i find myself doing so many things that don’t directly pertain to my big picture. it’s time to dive head first into the dreams that i have, and see if i can accomplish them.

– start saying no. at least a bit more frequently to the things that consume my time but don’t feed my goals.  this will only be a way to feed and support my goal #1.

– get on top of our finances. make a plan and name every dollar before the month begins (as i’m ultra-motivated by my latest read, total money makeover).

– put God first. in my time, my day, our finances, and in every way.

– start painting more.

– learn adobe illustrator. just learn it, bonnie!

– be better at communication. it seems now that all of my dear friends are spread out across the states, from boston to bend. it’s my number one goal to stay on top of being there for each of them and growing our relationships.

– get my read on. that’s right, start going through the stack of books i’ve collected that i want to read.

and here are some BIG events coming up in 2011!

– we’ll be moving to santa ynez, california with my husband’s job come march/april!

david will be doing an iron man on may 9th in st. george utah (that’s my crazy amazing husband)!

– we hope (finger’s crossed) to get another doggie, so toaster has a friend. we have our sights set on getting a belgian tervuren, as that was my first dog!

now it’s your turn!

what are your goals for 2011? any big events coming up?

our white christmas

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hello friends! haphaphappy new year!  before we get to any resolutions, i must share with you our white christmas! it’s true, though we have had no snow yet in colorado, my hometown in north carolina got more than i’ve seen in years. it started snowing around 6 am christmas morning and didn’t stop for at least 48 hours. we got 16 inches! i couldn’t believe it, and though i wasn’t sure our christmas could get any better, the snow just made it magical.

we had so much fun with our families and feel so blessed to be so close with each of them. christmas morning started with a roaring fire and pumpkin waffles at david’s parent’s house and then ended up with homemade hot chocolate and yummy mac and cheese at my parent’s house- plus lots of gift giving at each. we return today feeling incredibly blessed and thankful.

how was your christmas? was it white?

merry christmas!

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hello lovelies, and merry christmas eve eve! we are going home to roost as we speak and are about 13 hours into our drive. i’m pretty sure i married a machine, as dear david has been driving the entire time and as we’re sitting here at startbucks, he says, ‘i think i’ll be good after a coffee and a pumpkin scone’. i am so thankful for him! he’s just as wide eyed and bushy tailed as ever..

as we’ll be spending time with family over the next week, i plan to take my annual blogging break, but will return to you monday, january 3rd! i wish each of you a very lovely christmas full of family, friends and good food. our hometown has a 70% chance of snow for both saturday and sunday, so i have my fingers crossed that we will have a white christmas. if we do, i’ll be sure to share!

until then, make sure to browse the pages of celebrate magazine and get a little crafty! if you find time for any of the projects, make sure to share you pictures with us in the celebrate flickr group. and though i’ll be taking a break from the blogosphere, i’ll always been tweeting away on twitter if you would like to follow the ghtr happenings there.

An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. Luke 2:9-12

merry christmas! love, bonnie

printables, projects, patterns

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last minute handmade gifts

row 1: printable christmas gift bag, holiday deer card kit

row 2: the mibo 2011 printable calendar, printable eat more veg calendar

row 3: reversible tote bag pattern, the wild bunch (printable project)

row 4: 2011 printable calendar, printable colour pages

friends, how are you? how is the christmas season going? are all of the gifts wrapped and under the tree? we finished wrapping the very last one last night, just to find another one that i had forgotten this morning. there’s always one more, isn’t there? we will be driving some 24 hours back to our home state of n.c. tomorrow, and i think we’ll need a christmas miracle just to get all the gifts, our luggage and toaster in the car!

we have a few gifts that will surely not arrive in the mail on time, we’re somewhat worried about the weather for the trip home and are a bit stressed over getting our things together for the trip.

but you know what?

i am intentionally going to love every bit of this holiday season. after all, it is the most wonderful time of the year! i giggle at the bustling malls and laughed as i used newspaper to wrap the last few gifts last night after we ran out of wrapping paper. this season, i will enjoy every bit of christmas and everything that comes along with it. i intend to enjoy the 24 hour car ride home with my mister and soak in every ounce of time i can with our families while we’re home. i will savor every bite of scrumptious food we eat and plan to remember the look on my loved ones faces as they open my gifts for them. though there is much still to do before saturday comes, this is my way of promising myself that i will be present and filled with joy for every moment of it.

what has your week been like? how are you avoiding the natural holiday stresses?

blogging your passion (with a discount!)

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hello, friends! are you wanting to start a blog soon? have big intentions for the one you already have? whether you’re a newbie to the blogosphere or a seasoned pro, tara gentile’s blogging your passion e-books are here to help!

52 MORE weeks of blogging your passion

tara is the editor of scoutie girl blog (a must read if you don’t already) and is celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of her first e-book, 52 weeks of blogging with passion! can you believe it’s been a year?! 9 months later she released the sequel, 52 MORE weeks of blogging your passion, and as i’ve discussed both of these helpful e-zines before (here and here) i highly recommend them. tara is a motivator unlike any other i’ve met, and in each of her books she supplies you with 12 fresh intentions and 52 incredible writing prompts to keep you blogging year in and year out.

52 weeks of blogging with passion concentrates on giving you permission to blog about yourself and your business in an interesting way to your readers. it helps you beat writer’s block and gives you prompt after prompt to help keep you writing all year long.

52 MORE weeks of blogging with passion is all about blogging with intention. it focuses on helping you reach your goals and create a community. it teaches you how to engage your readers and keep them interested.

blogging your passion

that’s right! get 40% either 52 weeks of blogging with passion or 52 MORE weeks of blogging with passion by using the coupon code ‘ANNIVERSARY’ at checkout. but only until tonight! sale ends wednesday, december 22 at 11:59pm EST.

last minute gifts {part I}

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last minute gifts printable art

red bird art; $7.50

smile printable; $7.00

eggs in a blue bowl; $5.00

brown owl; $7.00

home makes my heart oh so very happy; $5.00

peace love cupcakes; $5.00

last minute gift shopping? try these art printables for a quick fix!

sponsor welcome- natural kids

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natural kids on etsy

{rooster pull toy, felted wool owl toy, montessori baby toys, owl friends peg rack}

with questionable materials being used in so many toys today, many moms are choosing to go all au naturel. if your looking to make the switch, NaturalKids etsy street team is here to help! they are a group of sellers dedicated to creating natural products for children, and they make everything from toys to utensils to clothing (and more)!  they work with natural materials from the earth, such as wool, cotton, silk and wood. visit the NaturalKids etsy street team site to learn more about their mission, or start browsing their selection on etsy!

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woodland belle jewelry

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woodland belle jewelry

{tiny woodlan terrarium golden stag ring}

woodland belle jewelry

i feel as though this post hardly needs any words, as the photos speak for themselves! this most perfectly woodsy, feminine and detailed jewelry comes to you from woodland belle. the artist, mai mckemy, lives in asheville, nc (our home grounds) and if you knew anything about the city, you wouldn’t be surprised. it’s filled with the most eco-aware, mindful people that honor both the earth and the arts. i love the intricate detail in all of her work, the moss on these twig hair pins and the tiny succulents on this garden necklace.

visit woodland belle’s site to learn more, and shop the collection either on etsy or big cartel.