Decorating with Vintage Maps

September 28, 2010

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As you know from Bonnie’s previous posts she’s been busy packing up to move to Colorado Springs! So I’m stopping by today with an easy decorating idea that I’ve noticed popping up here and there in the blogosphere over the last few years. In honor of Bonnie’s move, the idea centers around vintage maps. With a little research I found some examples that I’ve shown below.

{making it pretty and functional}

Having maps and globes around the home are particularly great if you have small kids – this can be the start of some early geography lessons and will likely get them interested in learning what life is like in the rest of the world. I know when I was little I always loved looking at maps and imagining the trips I might take and the people I might meet some day.

{New York Times with photos by Tom Cenicol}


If this decorating idea is right up your alley, Ebay is a great place to find vintage maps. And of course you’ll find some great ones on Etsy too, including this one below from Etsy shop Banana Strudel.

I’ve moved around a fair bit over the years, so I know it can be really exciting but also tough as you settle in from place to place. Bonnie, I hope your travels over the next while are enjoyable and that you meet many lovely new people!

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Lovely Clusters

September 28, 2010

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Hello Lovely Readers! My name is Rachel and I blog over at Lovely Clusters. Its great to be here today to guest post on Bonnie’s gorgeous blog. :)

I am so happy for Bonnie and her husband taking the big move to Colorado! Since they will have to redecorate their new place I decided to post some lovely home decor. Most of us know how much of a pain it is to move but there are some fun parts too! For example hanging artwork and rearranging furniture is always exciting for me. Another great thing about unpacking is that I always end up going through old books and photo albums that I haven’t looked at in awhile. It’s nice to go down memory lane once in awhile.

Often times when I move into a new place I like to peruse the local thrift shop for some affordable finds or make/sew something to fill the empty spots. If I was moving into a new place I would probabbly be picking up some of these goodies.

Lovely Clusters

Row 1: carlossantiago, mooseandbird
Row 2: tftvintagehome, hulagypsyvintage
Row 3: FQMercantile, lottahelleberg
(all etsy shops)

All items + more can also be found on the Lovely Clusters Gallery HERE>>

What are some of your favorite parts about moving?

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and we’re off!

September 27, 2010

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colorado trip and we’re off! after a looong weekend of packing, sorting, and yardsaling we’re finally all packed up and on our way! we ate a delicious breakfast with our families this morning and after a few tears, headed off on our adventure. we should be in colorado tomorrow night and starting our house hunt on wednesday.  since this week will be utterly hectic, i’ve scheduled an amazing line up of guest posters to present to you this week (thank you to all of them!).  i’ll be popping in here and there but these lovelies will provide you with some beautiful posts and eye candy.  ghtr will resume it’s normal schedule on monday, october 4th, i promise!

see you soon!


Hello!  Since Bonnie is in the midst of moving mayhem (big supportive hug to her)  I’m going to step up the gardening posts for a few weeks.  This is a great time to get out in the garden and play (and work…today is a fun post, but soon there will be the fall garden chores post…). Over the next week I’m going to share a series of posts on how I improve gardens, from a design point of view.  Today I am going to focus on adding color and texture to the garden.

This is the time of year when I step back and take a look at the gardens in my life.  As a landscape designer this is my favorite time of year.  Usually projects I began working on last year or in the Spring have begun to manifest, and I can take a cold look at my ideas and make some tweaks here and there.  Here is a comforting fact:  Most garden designs undergo some tweaking once they are in the ground.  My favorite way to design a garden is to pick the plants, bring them to the site  and then play with grouping them together before planting. Obviously this is not conducive to most client’s garden, but it works wonderfully for friends and family. It drives some people bonkers, but it’s a major part of my process…and one of the ways I tap into my creativity.

My professional focus right now is on improving established gardens.  Fall is a great time of year to plant perennials, trees and shrubs.  The weather is cooler, the plants are cheaper and I’ve seen the garden for at least a season so I know what is working and what is missing.  I step back and question the garden…with the first question being:

1. Was there enough color and texture in the garden?

I always look to see if I can use a plants with good foliage color instead of relying on flowers alone. My favorite manifestation of this idea comes from the garden of  Margaret Roach.  This underplanting is just remarkable.  Who needs flowers when foliage does such a great job! Her story on how the planting came together is a great read…I really cannot wait for her new book to come out!

Do you see the texture in the plants?  The long draping, yellow blades of the Hakonechola macra ‘All Gold’ , the glossy round leaves of the European Ginger, the softer rounded leaves of the Hosta ‘June”(…notice the continuation of the yellow color on the interior stripes of the hosta), then the sharper and softly pointed purple fronds of the Japanese painted ferns. Do you see the way the ferns, hosta and Hakonechola all seem to be bursting out of the ground…creating movement and moving the eye around the garden?  And what about those two little yellow punctuation marks created by the “Lime Rickey” heuchera!  That’s pizzaz!

On a much larger scale, this garden designed by Piet Oudolf is another gorgeous example of color and texture working together to create a dynamic and interesting garden:

Here we have large drifts of plantings undulating and moving the eye through.  I look at this garden and can feel it.  Do you get what I mean by that? That’s what I want in my gardens…feeling and movement, color and texture, scent and tactile moments…..a full sensory experience.  I know those large pink echinaceas have spiky centers that are hard to the touch…but the oat grass to the left is a soft and fuzzy plant that dances in the breeze.  This is a garden that would never be still and would never become boring.

Here are two more Piet Oudolf gardens to take inspiration from:

Allium Gladiator (those large purple balls) are one of my favorite plants…but I can’t help but want to take a whack at them with a baseball bat….too much tee-ball in my youth perhaps??!!

Piet Oudolf creates rivers and ponds of plants...can you see these in the photos above?  What else do you notice about his design?  Do you see the similarities of structure, even though the plants are so different?  Could you see these gardens in a smaller space or do you think they need the large expanses of space to be successful?  What do you find appealing about these gardens?  How can you translate that into your own gardens?

Whenever I look at gardens, be it live or in photos, I ask myself a ton of questions…this is how I sharpen my own aesthetic and design skills.  A good garden design is something to be studied and examined and picked apart….and enjoyed!

Do you have favorite designers you take inspiration from?  Or favorite plants to add color or texture to your garden?

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Confections for your Correspondence just like visiting the fair, paper pastries will leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth and a pretty prize in your hand!  properly put, these ‘confections for your correspondence’ will dress up your snail mail and inspire you to get out your writing pen.  let’s have a revival for pen pal’s, sideways stamps and love letters!

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is it really thursday already?

September 23, 2010

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{filtered by rachel follett}

is it really thursday? …already?? this week is creeping by a little quicker than i thought it would! we still have so much to do, not to mention another yardsale this weekend!  the house is looking pretty disheveled, but room by room we’re getting there.  it’s so hard to figure out what we should take and what we should leave, sell, and give away.

my biggest efforts are still going to finding a place to live in colorado! what i really want is some old apartment that’s been painted white 100 times with drafty windows and hardwood floors (ok, maybe not drafty windows).  i need a little character, and everything i’m finding looks straight out of the 1980’s (or ’70’s).  is that too  much to ask for?   so the search continues… (unless any of you know the perfect place for us?).

so on to today’s to do list!

- finish up yesterday’s to do list

- move onto packing up the living room

- grab some bulk dog food for the toastie

- pay a few random bills

- use my gift certificate for my favorite local boutique (yeah!)

what’s on your agenda for the day?

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dulcet : paper, art, & design

September 22, 2010

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dulcet : paper, art, & design

“Imagine an attic filled with books, birdcages, costume jewelry and old linens. Antique trunks overflowing with dresses, photos, maps, advertisements. The delightful decadence of clawfoot bathtubs and love letters. The simple pleasures of dusty libraries and thrift stores.”

a quote from poet and shop owner, kristy bowen of dulcet, a vintage-inspired studio offering beautiful paper goods, accessories, and vintage finds.  with nearly 20 pages full of old world nostalgia, you’ll be indulging your vintage-chicness and taking a trip down memory lane!

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wednesday goals

September 22, 2010

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wednesday goals

{untitled by i.Anton}

happy first day of fall!!

this morning definitely feels like fall, it’s crisp, dewy and cool!  it’s supposed to be a beautiful season, and i’m ready for it.  every year i wish that fall would last just a little longer (or maybe a lot!).  yesterday was productive and we had a beautiful time with our families at dinner last night.  just a couple of tears, but mainly laughs and the telling of old stories.  my back felt really good all day yesterday, (yeah!) so i’m planning on it holding in there for today as well.  here’s what’s on the agenda!

– finish packing up the sewing room (dun dun duhh)

– finalize the list of possible living places in colorado and make appointments to see them

– start going through and packing up my clothes

- gather more items for the yardsale this weekend

- finalize getting a uhaul

whew! here we gooooo!

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