december gift guide

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december gift guide

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a handmade gift guide for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays… or for no reason at all!

fun facts for december:

>> december 7th is pearl harbor day
>> december 14th is monkey day
>> december 21st is the first day of winter
>> decmber 25th is christmas (!!)
>> decmber 26th is goodwill day
>> december’s  birth flower is the narcissus
>> december’s birthstones are the turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite

printable christmas gift list

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printable christmas gift list (4)

ho ho ho! one of my favorite things to do each december is to make a christmas gift list (you can find the last two year’s here and here). i find great joy in giving gifts, and making a list of all of them helps me keep organized and focused. it’s also a huge help in keeping all the gift-giving straight. plus, it’s fun to check off those tiny boxes!

printable christmas gift list (2)

i begin each year by jotting down the ideas i have for everyone (in pencil). then, as i purchase (or make) each item, i put a check mark in the box labeled ‘bought’. then, i check them off one more time as i wrap them just to make sure everything arrives and gets put under the tree. i also usually jot down the price next to each item, so i can keep track of what i spend each year!

>> to download & print: click here (or on the image above) to download the pdf. print and have fun, santa!

printable christmas gift list (3)

and because there’s nothing worse than having a loved one find your list, i’ve added an optional ‘side 2’ to the printable. just turn your list over and print page 2 on the back. then, when you fold your list, you’ll have a ‘no peeking’ label on both sides! no more spoiled gifts. no more excuses. :)

i hope this helps keeps your holidays organized! love, bonnie

p.s. if you find your name on this list, don’t worry. it isn’t actually what i’m getting you! wahaha.

fat quarter shop holiday showcase

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fat quarter shop jolly bar

the fat quarter shop has recently launch an exclusive precut from moda fabrics called the jolly bar! jolly bars are collections of 5″ x 10″ cuts of fabric and each come with a fat quarter shop coordinating pattern. if you’ve ever used precuts before, you know how fast and easy they make a project come together! (check out this post for ideas.) and since each jolly bar comes with it’s own pattern, these sweet bars would make a great gift idea for the seamstress in your family!

fat quarter shop elsewhere: website | blog | facebook | twitter | pinterest | youtube

interested in advertising on ghtr? find out more about the holiday showcase and other sponsor opportunities by checking out the press package.

giving back with epantry

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giving back with epantry (1)

you guys know how much i love ePantry, right? ever since i wrote this post back in march, i’ve been receiving regular shipments of eco-friendly cleaners to my home and have enjoyed using them so much!

so, what is ePantry? it’s a fresh new service that makes purchasing eco-friendly household products super convenient. in just three minutes, they create a customized, yet highly flexible, schedule for all your household products — with speedy delivery to your door for cheaper than the grocery store. based on your household needs, ePantry recommends the right amount of sustainable household products to keep you from ever running low. if you want to read more about why i love them, check out this post.

giving back with epantry (2)

when ePantry reached out to me with a special opportunity to give back to the community, i immediately said yes. this company’s mission and heart just keeps impressing me!

for each new reader that signs up for ePantry from today and until friday (12/5):

1) ePantry will automatic donate $15 to the charity of our choice, world vision.

world vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. they work in nearly 100 countries, serving all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. it’s an organization that david and i have personally invested in and believe in wholeheartedly. thank you for joining us in our support, ePantry!

2) you’ll get free shipping on your first order.


3) $10 off your 1st order (!!).


4) a free mrs. meyer’s dish soap in your first order (choose your scent at checkout).

i chose this product as your freebie because it’s our absolute favorite. it smells so good it almost makes doing the dishes fun!

ePantry’s generosity never ceases to amaze me. this is such a meaningful opportunity and i’m so grateful to be a part of it. head on over to ePantry now to help us give back!

my new shop! camera straps

| bonnie christine design

camera straps by bonnie christine (1) 

you guys! if you’ve been following along on instagram, you know i’ve been a busy bee making a small batch of camera straps to sell over in my brand new shop, bonnie christine. i was blown away by your response to my opening yesterday. thank you so much for your support!

i’ve done a little restocking (and changed my shop url!) so in celebration, i’ve extended the sale and am offering 20% OFF + free shipping on any order placed before 9pm EST tonight (12/2)! just use the coupon code ‘HELLODECEMBER‘ during checkout. the first 50 orders will also receive a beautiful 8×10 art print (it’s hang-worthy, i promise!).

these straps package beautifully and would make a perfect gift for the creative in your life. they are such a simple way to dress up a camera, and an outfit!

about the camera straps:

>> each strap is handmade using extra soft cotton fabric from the collections i’ve designed for art gallery fabrics.

>> straps are made with durable + washable vegan ‘leather’, hand tea-dyed strapping and brass slides. 

>> straps are incredibly comfy to wear and measure 32″ in length with an additional 7″ of adjustability via the strapping.

visit the new shop now! >> <<

camera straps by bonnie christine (2)

for a limited time only, i’m also offering a special ordering opportunity. grab this custom listing to choose your own fabric from over 60 options! there are only 25 custom orders available, so be sure to snag one early if you’re interested.

thank you again for all your support for my small crafty endeavor! i’m off to start filling orders and working on another batch of straps! xox, bonnie

december desktop + smartphone backgrounds

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december tech backgrounds (2)december tech backgrounds (1)

goodbye november, hello december! can you believe it’s here? it’s really, really here! for me, december is a time for reflection, rest and rejuvenation. of course, it also means making gifts, planning gatherings and lots of time spent with family. it’s truly my favorite month of the year! what will december bring for you? xox, bonnie

to download december’s backgrounds: click on the coordinating image above, then right click on the image and select ‘set as desktop background’ or save and download to your phone.


to download the printable version: click on the image above to download the PDF calendar. print on heavy card stock (my favorite is premium presentation paper by epson). punch a whole at the top to hang or simply stack.

please note: all images, patterns and designs © bonnie christine | going home to roost. you may not reproduce, re-create or sell in any way, but please feel free to download for your own personal use. if you share on your own blog (i’d be delighted!) please direct your readers to this post to download the file. thank you!

november roost tribe recap

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november roost tribe recap

hi everyone! i’m here to share this month’s recap of the roost tribe, which gives you a sneak peek of what roost tribe members received during the month of november. if you’re interested in receiving, it’s not too late to get it all! i’ll be sending out a recap on wednesday, december 3rd,  to the roost tribe with all of the content in it from november so no one will have missed anything, regardless of when you might have joined during this month.

that means, that if you join before wednesday, december 3rd, you’ll still get all of november’s content + december’s content as well- that’s two months for the price of one!

whew. got it? :)

join the roost tribe! (1)

a video tutorial on how to create social media icons + add texture in adobe illustrator!

join the roost tribe! (2)

harvest garland pattern collection. you can print patterns, frame them, make cards from them, use them on your blog, social media sites, use them as wrapping paper, etc! 

join the roost tribe! (3)

inspirational tech backgrounds. following your dreams will be hard, taking risks isn’t easy, creating a life you love is a lot of work – but is all SO worth it!!

join the roost tribe! (4)

customizable postcards. you can print them ‘as is’ or open the .eps file in illustrator or photoshop to add your own images + text.

join the roost tribe! (5)

how to go turkeyless for the holidays! photo by raceytay.

join the roost tribe! (6)

 a delicious recipe for green bean bundles. yum!

join the roost tribe! (7)

printable grateful cards. for gatherings of all kinds around this time of year, i always like to remember the reason for celebrating: thankfulness and gratitude. use these grateful cards to place on your table for friends and family to fill out during dinner. then, get creative!


a list of favorite & useful links and resources from around the web.

plus more! being a member is tons of fun and we would love to have you join the family!  want to learn more? head on over to read this post or check out the FAQs.

want to learn more? head on over to read this post or check out the FAQs.

a new way to be grateful

| handmade

today, i want to talk about gratitude. here in the united states, we’re about to celebrate thanksgiving, which means we’re all reflecting on what we’re grateful for and why we’re thankful.

yesterday, marie forleo shared on this very topic and i loved what she had to say. did you know practicing gratitude will increase our happiness, improve our relationships, strengthen our emotions and improve our careers?! in short, studies show that if we’re very specific about what we’re grateful for, we’ll get the most return on our investment.

for example >>

instead of simply saying i’m thankful for:

– david
– going home to roost readers (you!)
– my job
– my family

i want to be more specific >>

– i’m thankful for david because of the small things he does each day, like making me coffee in the morning and sending me sweet texts throughout the day. he takes bear when he gets home from work and plays with him while i make dinner. he prays for our family every night and he makes a mean batch of cookies.

– i’m thankful for my readers (that’s you!) because of how incredibly supportive you are. i feel safe in this space. the creative community you’ve made feeds my soul and fuels my passions. i love to see how you help and encourage each other and i’m honored to be a part of it.

– i’m thankful for my job because it doesn’t feel like a job at all. i get so excited to begin ‘working’ each morning that it gets me out of bed before the sun comes up. i’m blessed to enjoy what i do for a living so immensely. it charges my creativity, makes me feel alive and gets me excited to share things every day.

– i’m thankful for my family because they are always present, always listening and always supporting. they are my rock and my sounding board. they are full of wisdom, love, grace and compassion.

one my favorite ways of staying mindful about gratitude is by using the gratitude journal. it’s a sweet little app that subtly reminds me to keep a journal of the things i’m thankful for. it has a beautiful interface and is filled with pearls of wisdom. i simply rate my day, write down 5 things i’m thankful for attach a photo (usually of bear). then, i can reflect on all the things i’ve been thankful for over time and even export it as a pdf to make a printed copy of my journal.

now it’s your turn.

hop down to the comments area and share with us one thing you’re thankful for. don’t forget to be specific! i’ll meet you there and see you again here on monday. :) xox, bonnie