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August 3, 2010

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make a wish

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hello lovelies! after all this time- going home to roost finally has a newsletter!  sign up to receive occasional news about ghtr, upcoming events, sales, discounts and more.  many will be exclusive to subscribers only, so you won’t want to miss out (no spamming and no worries- i’ll never sell or distribute your info)!  there’s a new sign up box over in the right hand column (see it?), or you can sign up below.  i promise not to bombard your inbox – this will only be for exciting or pressing news!

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i’m (sort of) signing off for the rest of the day- i have some very exciting news to share with you tomorrow, and i must get busy on the final touches! wink wink- see you then! xo, bonnie

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the maiden vintage

August 3, 2010

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the maiden vintage | vintage apparel

welcome to the maiden vintage! i think lindsay riddell has done an amazing job of capturing the essences of long ago.  yes, pictures are everything because she has completely made me want all these dresses that i probably would have passed up on the rack!  that shows my lack of imagination- as she’s turned each of these once-loved treasures into something truly desirable. best of all? she’s having a sale! visit her blog for all the details.

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hi lovelies! did you have a good weekend?  i spent most of mine prepping and canning green beans with my grandma!  oh if only i could download all of her knowledge into my wee brain… i think she knows everything there is to know about everything- it’s so fun to spend time with her!

today i want to introduce to you a very special guest poster, amanda joy! she sent me the most delectable looking garden salsa recipe and i was so eager to share it with you.  with seasonal veggies this catch-all salsa recipe is the perfect addition to our summer recipe collection. make sure to stop by amanda’s blog joy ever after for inspiration, handmade goodies and diy projects!

garden catch-all summer salsa recipe
Hello! My name is Amanda and I’m super excited to share my recipe with you. Bonnie has been so informative and such an inspiration to eating more local and seasonal foods. My personal strategy involves small, subtle baby steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, as the lifestyle does not come naturally for me. This recipe is one of my favorites and is perfect for summer produce.

garden catch-all summer salsa recipe

With gardening you suddenly have twenty tomatoes, right? Or in my case, my lovely neighbor has plenty of peppers, onions, and tomatoes so she gladly gives me a bag full. (Lucky, I know!) The great thing about this salsa is I like to think of it as a “catch all” recipe. Basically you can add more or less of any ingredient and it still comes out great. And every time I make it, I think of another meal that it can be used for. Below is the basic recipe, but remember, you can be creative!
garden catch-all summer salsa recipe


4 large tomatoes, chopped
2 medium peppers, chopped
1/2 onion, chopped
1 avocado, chopped
1 can corn, drained
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 tbsp fresh chopped cilantro
2 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp vinegar
2 tsp olive oil
1 tbsp sugar
1 1/2 tsp cumin
1 tbsp chili powder
dash of hot sauce

garden catch-all summer salsa recipe
garden catch-all summer salsa recipe
garden catch-all summer salsa recipe

I hope you make an opportunity to taste this versatile deliciousness! And I would love to hear what ingredients you added or meals you used it in. My most recent was an amazing taco pizza. Thanks to GHTR for letting me share with you!

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mable mae

named after three special ladies in her life, mable mae is the handiwork of a talented young lady named lenesha.  there you’ll find just about the cutest pocket mirrors, push pins, magnets and buttons i have ever seen!  though her adorable key chains may not help you find your keys, they sure will make you proud to sport them as an accessory- enjoy!

interested in advertising on going home to roost? click here to find out more!

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friday meets us once again! have you had a good week?  i have so enjoyed sharing, talking and getting to know you each of you more over the last few days.  today i leave you with some dreamy images from interior stylist, twig hutchinson:

interior stylist twig hutchinson

interior stylist twig hutchinson

interior stylist twig hutchinson

interior stylist twig hutchinson

interior stylist twig hutchinson

interior stylist twig hutchinson

i bet you can tell why i like these, huh?  what a beautiful job she does at depicting a slower, simpler way of life. the muted colors, comfortable settings and vintage touches take me to an easier time where all that matters is family and good food.  visit twig hutchinson to flip through the pages of her portfolio and see more of her interior styling first hand.

have a lovely, relaxing weekend- i’ll see you back here on monday!

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amy butler's love

ya’ll are all most likely familiar with amy butler’s fabric design, right?  anytime i walk up to a new fabric that i love, i’m not surprised to see that it’s usually from amy.  my home, sewing room and etsy shop are all full of amy butler fabrics- and just having them around seems to inspire my space and my creativity!  my only problem is that i often have a tough time finding matching fabrics to use in my appliques.  often, if i put pattern on pattern it’s too busy for the eye, or it just doesn’t look right. so, you can only imagine how i was excited to see this:

amy butler's solid fabrics

amy butler solid fabrics!  my sweet momma brought me  a stack of her beautiful solids yesterday and boy did i swoon.

amy butler's solid fabrics

see what i mean?  now i can use solids on prints and they don’t get all lost in the mix.

amy butler's solid fabrics

you can find them online, or call my mom’s quilt shop, a stitch in time, to order them directly!  they’re by far the most beautiful solids i’ve ever seen- and she’s got just about any solid you would need to match any amy butler fabric!

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victoria klein 27 things to know about yoga

well, one of my favorite gals has done it again!  after being published in magazines such as yoga journal,CRAFT and ready made, victoria klein has written her first book!  27 things to know about yoga debuted yesterday, and is now available for purchase.  after practicing yoga herself for almost a decade, victoria’s new book is full of humor, facts and general know how about yoga.  with info regarding everything from proper equipment to the 7 limbs of yoga- there’s something for everyone.  it’s an easy read-in-a-day book that will help deepen your practice, clear up misconceptions and leave you ready for more.  visit victoria klein’s website for more info and to learn more about her incredible work!

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Fantastic rain barrel via Our Little Acre

To have an abundant garden you have to invest the time and energy to create a consistent and appropriate watering schedule for your plants. This will vary from garden to garden, but most plants will grow their best when provided with an average of an inch of water a week.  Sometimes the rain obliges, but most of us have to help our gardens along and supplement water.

The basic watering rule of thumb:

Water deeply, water slowly and water wisely.

When you water deeply and slowly you allow the water to permeate down to deeper layers of the soil, promoting deep root growth.  This creates a stronger, healthier plant with a greater resistance to stress and drought.

Watering wisely means knowing the water needs of your plants so you water enough for them to be healthy, but not so much that you are wasting water.  It also means treating water with respect and making certain that you are practicing responsible water conservation.  It means watering the roots of the plants, not the leaves. It usually means not using a sprinkler.

Fancy mini rain barrel by Bas van der Beer via Apartment Therapy

Watering your yard with a hose end sprinkler wastes water. Water is lost to evaporation, some parts of the garden are over watered, while others are under watered, and a large percentage of the water you use ends up running off the surface of the soil – doing your plants absolutely no good. A good test of how much water is actually reaching the soil is to place cups throughout your garden, underneath leaves and also in exposed areas.  Turn your sprinkler on as you normally would and then check the cups to see how much water is in them.  This is the same amount of water that is reaching the root zone of your plants.

Square rain barrel

My preferred method of watering a garden is through drip irrigation.  This is a system of small hoses that is wound through the garden, around plants and under the mulch.  When it turns on, it releases a slow, steady drip of water that travels deep into the soil.  There is very little waste from evaporation and the roots of my plants are watered, keeping fungi encouraging water off of my plant leaves.  Soaker hoses are another choice, although by the time you buy enough to take are of a large garden you have spent about as much as a DIY irrigation system.

I buy local for my irrigation supplies, but I highly recommend Irrigation Direct or The Drip Store. I have had many clients buy through both of these sites – they experienced friendly and knowledgeable customer service and great products.

Round rain barrel

I have my watering system on a timer.  If the weather has been very dry and hot I will supplement water, but mostly I just set the system up once and let it do its thing. I follow the manufacturers directions regarding winter preparation and spring wake up, check the lines regularly, am careful where I dig…(learned that the hard way)…and call for help and advice when I need it.

I cannot recommend rain barrels highly enough -aren’t these ones pictured gorgeous! I use my rain barrel to water my containers and house plants as well as to supplement water the gardens when needed.  I absolutely love them and encourage you to try them out.

Rain barrels can be a bit pricey – here are some links for tutorials to make your own:

Here is a great idea from Michelle Kaufman – creating attractive screening for inexpensive rain barrels!

Have you tried rain barrels yet?  How do you water your garden?  Any tips or tricks to share – I would love to hear them!

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