Fall Gardening Guides

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Wasted on the Wayside

Well here we are…October and still lots to do in the garden!  This week I’ve rounded up some guides on Fall gardening to get you going, no matter what zone you garden in!

General Guides:

October in the Garden

Monthly Guide to Gardening

Farmer’s Almanac

Backyard Biodynamics

Pumpkins and Cream Berry Wreath


A Way to Garden


Gardening With Confidence


Garden Calendar

UNL Extension


Fall Gardening

The Mountain West:

October Tips

Wool Acorns

Desert Southwest:

October Tips

Pacific Northwest:

Oregon State Extension Center

OSU Monthly Garden Calendar

Southern California:

Southern California Gardening Guide


Florida Gardener

Whatever you do, wherever you are, garden with joy in your heart!!!

Caroline Finnegan owns Ladybug Landscaping, a full service organic landscaping company. based in CT. She is a NOFA accredited landcare professional and when not designing gardens can be found rearranging her furniture or out at a flea market finding new goodies. She almost always has dirt under her nails.

lonny love

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lonny mag
lonny mag
lonny mag
lonny mag
lonny mag
lonny mag
lonny mag
with having a new place to decorate, i’ve been prowling design blogland even more than usual.  i try not to be such a sucker for trends, but sometimes i just can’t help it (like with my latest chevron fad).  yes, i even have an antler on order (where is it? .. should be here by now..).  in lieu of amy‘s decorating with maps post last week, i’m taking the hub to our local map store to pick out the biggest one they have that will fit over our recently thrifted desk.  at the same time, i like to make things my own, and put an unexpected twist on things.  through vintage finds, thrift store snags and diy projects (some of which i’ll start sharing with you next week), i like to think there’s a little bit of bonnie in every trend i follow.  i have planned lots of painting, a little stenciling, some cushion covers and quite a few spray paint projects. we’ll see how far i get before monday! what projects are you planning this weekend?

{all pictures are from lonny mag, a sure fire way to gather some inspiration if you’re in the mood to decorate!}

latest font finds

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font finds yes, i spent the better part of this morning totally consumed by finding fonts- isn’t it addicting?  i couldn’t help but share them you, maybe it will save you some time (or get you hooked, either one). best of all, they are all free downloads available from dafont.com!  i also got caught up on all of pugly pixel’s fabulous {free} downloads, see my vintage fabric deco tape?  hope you enjoy, and share some of you own favorite finds!

sweetie pieall hail julia | cursive | give you glory | halo handletter | jb jursive | hand writing mutlu | written on his hands | learning curve | little days | lullaby | shelter me | verchery

color inspiration

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as i ran across tiny white lights, her shop instantly drew me in, i think because of the beautiful color palette.  as i head to the paint store today to pick out colors for my furniture reno projects, this collage will be my inspiration.  strong, rich colors of teal, green, orange and yellow is what i plan to pick up- i even love the grey and white stripes!  plus, these colors only feel appropriate for the coming fall and winter.  who knows, maybe i’ll be able to spruce up this mauve carpet after all?

furniture reno

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with our latest near-cross-country move, i’ve been thrift shopping like a mad woman.  our trailer was so small that all we were able to bring was our mattress and one measly chest of drawers.  since we haven’t any money and the closest ikea is over 10 hours away, the local thrift stores have come to know me by name (plus, they’re more fun anyways).  basically, our home is full of a mish mosh of mismatching wooden pieces. a table with mixed matched chairs, an old veneer topped desk, plenty of side tables and a new little vanity that i’ll be using as a sewing table.  can i be happy with the clashing wood? of course not! so i have my eye set on a number of furniture reno projects. mainly they consist of painting, staining and a little reupholstering.  shall i share with you some of my inspiration thus far?

my latest obsession? chevron


before and after from knack studios- what a beautiful winter gray color this is

floral tray table- since the hub and i like to eat at the couch, i bought two of these the other day, can’t wait to get them painted- i’m thinking in geometric squares..

knack studios- need i say anything?

stencil tricks- so excited to try some stenciling, but instead of words i’m planning to do some floral patterns.

knack studios- painted patina, in love with this algae/ mossy green!

craigslist before and after- lately i’ve had a thing for bold contrasts and geometrics, this dresser will do!

painting the floor - (told ya)

so dear ones, i should (hopefully) have some pretty before and after pictures to share with you in the coming weeks.  but for now, here’s my ‘to get’ list:

– primer

– paint

– hand sander

– drop cloth

– painter’s tape

– wood fill

– pretty wall paper (for drawers)

anything else? what am i missing? i’m no pro, so any advice, tips or tricks are MORE than welcome (especially when it comes to painting on veneer- help!)!

andi mans photography

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andi mans photography

even though i’m ready for fall, this photo shoot gives me one last whisper of summer- laying in the grass, picking flowers and enjoying the simple pleasures that a warm day brings. isn’t it pretty? andi mans takes a fresh, boutique style approach to her design and photography and shoots occasions of all kinds, many of which you can see on her blog.  with special attention paid to staging and styling, her setups are honest, inspiring and thought provoking. enjoy!


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bold and beautiful, yellena’s work has accurately been described as “colorful arrangements of organic shapes and tangled lines (which) are at once floral and alien, organic and sci-fi, crafty and fantastic.”  i love the intricate detail, whimsy nature and satisfying colors that all of yellena’s art exemplifies.  some (especially the last one) remind me of a map, one that i would follow anywhere it led it me.  how would you describe her work?