sweater wraps tutorial

December 20, 2013

sweater wrap tutorial (5)

today i’m sharing the last gifty idea i have before christmas (you can also see tutorials for soy candles, painted wooden spoons and reversible ribbon cuffs!). this one is so easy, you can easily make a whole bundle in just a few hours! because they’re repurposed from old sweaters, they don’t require many supplies and are definitely easy on the wallet. i always hold on to to wool sweaters i’ve ruined in the wash (which means i had plenty!), but if you don’t have any woolies you’re ready to part with, i’m sure your local thrift store will have plenty to choose from.

sweater wrap tutorial (4)

i wear a wrap nearly every day. they’re perfect for top knots, messy hair days, cool weather and quick runs to town. i also love that these come with two looks! wear the tie in the back or on top (off centered looks best!).


- 1 (or more) wool sweaters
- printable template (click to download)
- serger or sewing machine
- scissors
- matching thread
- iron

sweater wrap tutorial (2)


step 1: download and print the template twice (choose ‘do not scale when printing’). cut out the large and small templates (if desired) and tape together along the edges. most sweaters will make 5 wraps- if you use the sleeves and the small template where the neckline is.

step 2: fold the template in half and lay it on your sweater (see image above for guidelines). cut along the edges.

step 3: if your wrap is in two pieces, place them right sides together and serge or stitch along the widest edge to make it one piece.

step 4: serge along all four edges. if you don’t have a serger, you can turn down the edges 1/4″ and press, then turn them down another 1/4″ and press again. then, straight stitch along the turned down edges to finish.

step 5: tie the ends to make the wrap- you can either wear it with tie in the back or on top (i like to wear it with the tie off centered in the front!).

sweater wrap tags

for the labels:

- printable tags (click to download)
- sticker paper (i used full page sticker paper from world label)
- tissue paper and baker’s twine (if you want)


download the printable tags and print on full page sticker paper. cut out along faint dotted lines. tie up with tissue paper and twine. gift!

sweater wrap tutorial (3)

p.s. i know you love my mama bear sweatshirt! (obviously, i couldn’t resist it.)

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my paper arts holiday showcase

December 20, 2013

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my paper arts
candy wooding is the artist and maker behind my paper arts, a blog all about pretty paper creations and projects. along with diy projects and downloadable templates, you’ll also find her sharing about the things that inspire her and the art of other paper artists. candy’s beautiful handmade paste papers show up in many of her photos, turned into boxes, books, cards, jewelry, lotus flowers and more.

candy was kind enough to offer a downloadable template for you today on how to make these pretty folded triangle boxes. i think they would be perfect for wrapping small christmas gifts in, don’t you?

if you enjoy paper crafts, subscribe to candy’s blog to receive lots of creations and paper inspirations delivered right to your inbox.


diy reversible ribbon cuffs

December 19, 2013

diy reversible ribbon cuffs (2)

next up on the list of diy gifts are these pretty reversible ribbon cuffs. once you gather the supplies, they’re so easy to make! i whipped up about 20 of them in just a few hours. since they’re reversible, i made each side with a different ribbon which really makes them stand out and fun to wear!

diy reversible ribbon cuffs (4)


- ribbon*
- jump rings**
- lobster clasps**
- ribbon end clamps (make sure to get a size that matches your ribbon widths)**
- fray check
- flat nose pliers
- bent nose pliers
- sewing machine***

*i used designer ribbons from renaissance ribbons. pictured here are some from amy butler, tula pink, anna maria horner and philip jacobs. you can search for them around the web or order them directly from my mom’s quilting shop, a stitch in time (just e-mail her!).

**i got all my supplies from twilights fancy. she was wonderful to work with and shipped very quickly!

***if you don’t have a sewing machine, you could also make these by fusing the two sides together with an iron using a fusible like heat n bond.

diy reversible ribbon cuffs (1)

diy reversible ribbon cuffs


step 1: begin by cutting your ribbon. i made each of mine 7″ long, but you can measure your own wrist and adjust if necessary.

step 2: place two pieces of coordinating ribbon wrong sides (messy sides) together. straight stitch down each side, staying as close to the edges as possible. (see picture above supplies.)

step 3: apply fray check to the cut ends to prevent raveling (you can skip this step if you want, but let me warn you- ribbons fray like crazy!).

step 4: insert each end of the ribbon into a ribbon clamp and clamp each end tightly down using flat nose pliers.

step 5: using curved nose pliers, open a jump ring and place it in the loop at the end of one of the ribbon clamps. close the jump ring.

step 6: open another jump ring, place a lobster claw on it and attach it the other ribbon clamp just like you did in the previous step.

diy reversible ribbon cuffs (3)

oh yeah, and did i mention? i got a tattoo!

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winter essentials

December 19, 2013

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cold weather, warm fireplaces and winter celebrations make this time of year truly joyful. to keep us all warm and jolly, here are a few of my favorite winter essentials. head on over to my latest houzz ideabook to see more and grab the sources!


hand painted wooden spoons

December 18, 2013

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (6)

hello, lovelies! this week i’m going to try my best to share several tutorials with you for handmade gifts. making presents for my friends and family each year has always been one of my favorite things! it all started last week with this soy candle tutorial, and today i’m sharing with you how to make these beautiful hand painted spoons.

i am by no means claiming this as an original diy! i know lots of people out there are painting spoons, but to be honest, i haven’t read any of the tutorials. i just went at this diy from what i knew and am here to share my experience with you. let’s get started!

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (1)

first, you’ll need to gather several supplies, though none of them are very expensive (yeah!).


- wooden spoons (i grabbed mine right here)
- desired colors of martha stewart craft paints in satin finish (available at michaels)*
- tape to use as a guide (i used washi tape)
- paint brush
- wood conditioner

*marth stewart’s craft paints are non-toxic and dishwasher safe. they are not considered ‘food safe’ though, so be sure not to paint the entire spoon!

for the labels:

- printable tags (click to download)
- sticker paper (i used full page sticker paper from world label)
- printer
- bakers twine for tying

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (3)

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (5)

step 1: tape. first start by placing a piece of tape around the spoon to use as a guide. i used washi tape because it was easy to apply and remove. i also tried regular scotch tape, but found it super hard to remove! also, do yourself a favor and make a ‘pull tab’ (shown in picture 1) by folding the tape over at the end as you wrap it around. this will make it really easy to remove!

step 2: paint. paint paint paint! apply two coats if necessary and don’t forget to paint the round end of the spoon. you’ll also need to figure out a way to let them dry without anything touching the painted handles. my ikea plant stand worked perfectly, but since i know you all don’t have one, you can also hang them from the spoon side with string, or wedge them in cuts from a cardboard box (follow me?).

step 3: cure the paint. let the spoons air dry for 1 hour, then place them in a cool oven. set the temperature to 350°f. once oven reaches 350°, bake them for 30 minutes. then, turn the oven off and let them cool completely in the oven. wait 72 hours before using or washing.

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!)

step 4: condition the wood. you guys, i can’t believe what a difference this made! i really urge you not to skip this step (especially if you buy cheap spoons like i did!). as you can see above, the wood conditioner works wonders. simply apply the wax warm, let sit for 20 minutes and then wipe the excess off. (click here to watch a video of me doing it- and hear my baby coo in the background! haha).

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (7)

step 5: tag. now it’s time to tag your gifts (if you want)! click here to download the printable tags. i  printed mine on full page sticker paper from world label and then cut them out along the faint dotted lines. then, fold them in half with a piece of baker’s twine in the middle, then tie around a set of three spoons

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (2)

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christmas 'chalkboard' packaging!

well, just like i predicted last year, we had so much black kraft paper left over that i’ve decided to once again have fun with a little christmas ‘chalkboard’ packaging! i usually like to switch things up each christmas, and though the packaging is generally the same as last year, i’ve been super excited to incorporate these instagram inspired gift tags into the designs.

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (7)

to make your own chalkboard packaging, the first thing you’ll need is some black craft paper. i got mine right here and it works great, but just like i warned you last year- it’s a HUGE roll! (

next you’ll need a white paint marker that will show up well on black paper. after some trial and error and visiting my local scrapbooking store, this is what i came home with:

1. tim holtz distress marker in ‘picket fence’. this one looks very ‘chalky’. it goes on clear, but quickly dries in white.

2. sakura pen-touch white. this one is easy to work with and shows up really well.

3. crayola white colored pencil. not the greatest option, but it does show up if it’s all you have.

4. painters opaque paint marker. this is another good option. the point is a bit finer so it’s great for more detailed work.

i used the sakura pen-touch last year, but since i couldn’t find it this year (haha) i used the painters opaque paint marker. i enjoyed using it and i think the end result turned out to look really nice!

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (3)

this year, i also tried to come up with some more fun doodle ideas. if you like, you can click on the image above to download this as a printable pdf (without the black) to print and use as a reference. sometimes coming up with ideas to doodle can be the hardest part!

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (4)

christmas chalkboard packaging!

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (1)

i know many of you have done a version of this yourselves from last year. what advice do you have to share? pen types? doodle ideas? best tape to use on black? let’s chat about your projects in the comments area- i’ll meet you there!

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printable instagram gift tags

December 13, 2013

printable instagram gift tags + template

i love looking back through all of my instagram photos, so this year i wanted to give them a little special attention. as i was pondering how to do so, the idea for gift tags popped in my head. voila! now each of our gifts will have a little snippet of our lives documented on the front. it’s a great way to personalize each gift!

printable instagram gift tags (8)

to help you do the same, i’ve created a download for you! you can either download and print the one i’ve created using some of my favorite christmas-themed snapshots, or use the template to make your own!

to download: click on the image above to download the .zip file. inside you’ll find:

- printable PDF with 12 gift tags.
- PDF blank template for you to add your own photos to.
- .PNG template with a transparent background for you to add your own photos to.
- .EPS file that you can open in photoshop and illustrator to edit.

whew! (i tried to make something for everyone!)

printable instagram gift tags (6)

a note on printing: i’ve printed mine on full page sticker paper from world label and then cut them out along the faint dotted lines. the day i was planning to print them, my printer decided to not cooperate, so i took the sticker paper to my local UPS store and had them print them there. they even cut them out for me! it’s a great, hassle-free option for you! if you don’t have sticker paper, you could also print them on heavy card stock and either tape them on, or punch a hole in the top to loop them on.

printable instagram gift tags (1)

printable instagram gift tags (2)

printable instagram gift tags (4)

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gift the roost tribe

December 13, 2013

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gift the roost tribe!

hey guys! if you’ve been enjoying the roost tribe or know someone who would, you might be looking for a way to share it with them. so just like last year, i’ve created a way for you to give anyone a membership to the roost tribe! it would be a great gift for a blogger, crafter, seller or creative of any type (or even yourself!).

give the gift of inspiration for months to come, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

gift the roost tribe!

there are two ways to give the membership:

1) purchase a 6 month membership to the roost tribe for $30
2) purchase a 1 year membership to the roost tribe for $60

included in each packet will be a personalized membership certificate showing everything that’s included, an 8×10 bonnie christine bouquet print and a ‘how to get started’ kit. 6 month memberships will get the packet in a neat pdf presentation that’s ready to print and give. 1 year memberships will have the choice of either receiving the packet via ready-to-print pdf OR opt to have it mailed to you on premium presentation paper (free shipping to continental united states residents included!). if you choose to get a kit mailed to you, be sure to order by december 15th for delivery by christmas.

the ‘not so’ fine print:) after you complete your purchase through paypal via the links above, i will get in touch with you via your paypal e-mail address. included in this e-mail will be an easy form for you to fill out sharing with me your information, preferences and the recipient’s information. in order to not spoil any surprises, all of the recipients roost tribe material will start on january 1st, 2013. just let me know if you have any questions!

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