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new website inspiration

1 – wild and free print // 2 – unknown, please share if you know the source! // 3 – mara zepeda // 4 – winter landscape mug // 5 –  invitation by feast // 6 – momentary escape hand cream // 7 – simplexity // 8 – powder coated desk clips

if you’ve been reading lately, you know that going home to roost is getting a new design! jo klima from the darling tree (stay tuned, her new website is launching TODAY!) is working her magic again for us. since she designed this very blog for 6 years ago, i knew i wanted her to do it again!

i’ve seen the first glimpses of the site and they are jaw-droppingly gorgeous (i shared a tiny sneak peek over on instagram today!). i just want to curl up and live there forever. which is good, since this is pretty much my second home, anyways! above are a few of the things we used as inspiration for the design (all linked above).

i’m possibly most excited about a brand new page we’ll be launching for the roost tribe, as well! it’s about time this special membership has a special home. :) we plan to launch the new design on monday, january 5th. i can hardly wait!!

a vegan festive menu

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a festive vegan menu for the holidays! (8)

hi everyone! as promised, i’m sharing with you my favorite vegan menu for the holidays! this is the menu i used for our feast in the forest, and also what i plan to make for our family’s thanksgiving later this month. who knows, maybe i’ll make it again come christmas! 

interested in more? i’ve talked about why you might go turkeyless for thanksgiving here and shared lots of plant based thanksgiving recipes here and here.

a festive vegan menu for the holidays! (7)

this meal is so delicious and encompasses the feelings and flavors of fall perfectly. though it may seem light, i can assure you’ll be stuffed! especially with the apple sage ‘sausage’ stuffing. it rounds out the meal and makes it hearty and full of flavor.

it’s flavorful, filling and festive.

as you can see, it’s easy to make for any amount of people – from 4 to 24! the soup and pies can be made several days in advance (even frozen) and the green bean bundles can be made 1-2 days in advance. i suggest putting the stuffing and kale salad together day-of, but you can prepare all the individual ingredients ahead of time for that, as well.

a festive vegan menu for the holidays! (5)

winter pumpkin soup

– 1 medium pumpkin
– 1 tbs coconut or olive oil
– 1 butternut squash
– 1 onion
– 3 cloves of garlic
– 1-1/2 cups apple juice
– 1 can coconut milk (full fat!)
– veggie stalk*
– 2 tsp salt
– 1 tsp each of cinnamon, cloves, cumin & ginger

step 1: preheat oven to 425°F. wash the pumpkin + squash thoroughly and place in the oven on a pan (using a piece of parchment paper will make clean up easier!).

step 2: roast the pumpkin until it’s easily pierced with a knife, about 45 minutes (the skin will begin to brown).

step 3: remove from oven and let cool long enough so you can easily handle it. remove the stem (it will just pop right off!) and begin to peel back the skin- it will easily slide right off.

step 4: cut the pumpkin in half and scoop out the seeds.

step 5: heat oil in a large stock pot over medium heat. add onions and saute until translucent ~ 5-7 minutes. add pumpkin, squash, spices, juice and coconut milk. *if needed, add just enough vegetable stock in order to nearly cover the pumpkin.

step 6: let simmer on medium heat for 20 minutes. puree either using a handheld blender or by transferring the mixture to a blender and back in batches.

a festive vegan menu for the holidays! (6)

the best kale salad

lemon juice, cranberries and pecan ‘parmesan’ make this kale salad truly the best. seriously! i made it exactly according to angela’s recipe over at oh she glows.

a festive vegan menu for the holidays! (4)

homemade rustic bread. it’s even easier if you own a bread machine!

>> to make the rosemary dipping sauce:

melt 2 tbs of earth balance butter over medium heat in a small stock pot. add 1 tsp of minced garlic and 1 tsp chopped fresh rosemary. serve alongside bread.

a festive vegan menu for the holidays! (3)

green bean bundles – making individual servings of green beans is easy and beautiful, and fun for guests!

a festive vegan menu for the holidays! (2)

apple sage ‘sausage’ stuffing.

this is my all time favorite recipe for stuffing. it’s hearty and delicious! i made this recipe for the roost tribe over a year ago, and am happy to share it all with you now. click the link above to download the pdf!

a festive vegan menu for the holidays! (1)

sweet potato pie – i used this recipe and replaced the eggs with ‘egg replacer’. i also added this delicious pecan topping. it was the first pie gone!

apple pie – i used this recipe for the filling, but added my own crust and lattice top using this wholly wholesome organic pie dough (available from whole foods) and this lattice top tutorial.

a feast in the forest

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a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (1)

this past weekend we hosted a friendsgiving at our home called the feast in the forest (did you know we lived in the forest?). i’ve been dreaming of this very gathering for several years, but never quite had the right spot to do it. this year, we finally had the right place. we used a piece of land right across from our home where our neighbors chop and store their wood. it was even complete with ‘stump chairs’ and fuel for the bonfire!

24 of us gathered together to give thanks and reminisce. even the farmers who grew most of the food for our dinner came. it was so special! we drank hot apple cider, broke bread and painted wooden coasters. i’ll plan to share the menu with you tomorrow!

all of these lovely photos were taken by my dear (and talented!) friend, callie lynch (she’s available if you ever need a photographer in western north carolina!).

pssst. see the bottom of this post for more detailed info!

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (4)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (2)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (18)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (11)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (6)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (5)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (12)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (13)

feast in the forest by going home to roost

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (15)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (16)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (17)

feast in the forest | going home to roost

feast in the forest | going home to roost

feast in the forest | going home to roost

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (22)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (23)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (24)

a feast in the forest - going home to roost

a feast in the forest - going home to roost

a feast in the forest - going home to roost


a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (7)

a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (10)

resources & more info:

invitations: designed by me and cut using the cameo silhouette
plates and silverware: by leafware
napkins: purchased here and hand dip dyed
paper tablecloth: purchased here and splattered with white and gold metallic paint
moss accents: by supermoss
paper straws: by sweet lulu

bobbie lou’s fabric factory

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bobbie lou's fabric factory

chelsea graham opened her online fabric shop in 2009 after having an excess of fabric from the makings of her etsy shop (don’t we all know the feeling!). the part i love most about chelsea’s story is that she named her business after her grandmother, bobbie lou. bobbie lou was an amazing seamstress who sewed clothes, dolls, blankets and whatever else her imaginations could conjure up for her three daughters and eight grandchildren. chelsea keeps the spirit of her grandmother as the inspiration for everything she does.

bobbie lou’s fabric factory is filled with fun, bright fabrics for endless beautiful creations. chelsea only sells fabrics she truly loves and would love to sew with herself. i’m sure her grandmother would approve!

bobbie lou’s fabric factory elsewhere: shop | instagram | facebook 

interested in advertising on ghtr? find out more about the holiday showcase and other sponsor opportunities by checking out the press package.

surface design blog tour recap

| bonnie christine design

design surface patterns from scratch blog tourthe design surface patterns from scratch blog tour (whew!) ended a few weeks ago, and i wanted to give a special shout out to everyone who participated. each of you are so talented and i ended up learning A TON from your tips, tricks and tutorials! i loved getting a glimpse into how everyone worked and shared their stories and collections. it was all very inspiring!

below, i’m highlighting a few of the posts i think you might enjoy reading and learning from. you can also see the entire line up from the tour with everyone’s posts here. have fun!

design surface patterns from scratch! (11)

learn how to turn watercolor artwork into repeating patterns with sofia’s post. it’s so beautiful!

design surface patterns from scratch! (3)

take a look into emily’s process from inspiration and sketch to color and pattern!

design surface patterns from scratch! (4)

grab this free art download from the cloth parcel, and see their beautiful collection called facets!

design surface patterns from scratch!

learn (my new favorite) trick for using the rotate tool from designnest. no more math!

design surface patterns from scratch! (5)

learn how to make a repeating pattern in photoshop with this tutorial.

design surface patterns from scratch! (10)

giggle your way through this post on the perks of being a surface pattern designer!

design surface patterns from scratch! (9)

learn how to bind a book (perfect for a portfolio!) with heidi ahmed’s tutorial.

design surface patterns from scratch! (8)

learn how to make patterned washi tape in adobe illustrator with andi’s video tutorial from beets and okra!

design surface patterns from scratch! (7)

have fun naming your collections with honizukle’s post!

design surface patterns from scratch! (6)

learn the popular afghan, blanket and comforter sizes with this darling infographic from carolyn clark.


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happy monday, friends! i always bookmark links and resources that i find interesting / helpful / fun and thought it was time i share some of them with you. below is a list of the things i’ve been loving lately. i hope you’ll grab a cup of jo and enjoying hopping down this rabbit hole with me!

i would love to make this DIY baby swing for bear and hang it from the beams in our living room. how fun!
something about this copper trowel just makes me want to dig in the dirt.
a beautifully illustrated article on the 10 things a blog should definitely have.
a generous and informative guide to art supplies.
i love making overlays for my photos with the studio app.
have you heard of task rabbit? now, all the things are possible!
the perfect DIY terrarium gift.
learn how to propogate succulents– it’s easy!
drawnimal (for kids!) is such a simple and fun app.
5 lovely uses for a latte bowl.
beautiful wedding font ideas, i especially love mina.
the snap seedapp allows for very detailed adjustments when editing photos.
loved this article on the dos and don’ts of bringing home baby 2.0+ (nope, i’m not hinting!)
recently, i’ve been listening to the most bless’ed man.
battery powered and beautiful are these stargazer lights.
turn your ideas into books with blurb.
use squarespace to build websites of all kinds!
more pretty fall fonts.
why not have a beautiful moth smoke alarm?
learn 6 different ways to finish a hem.
learn three tips for faster blogging– i needed this!
obsessing over this house. and that screen door!
plan out all your long trips using roadtrippers.
texture goodness with this retro supply photoshop kit.
learn how to make custom vector textures with this tutorial.
free printables to give to those who make the world go round.
if you have one, follow these tips on keeping your fiddle leaf fig tree healthy.
more lovely free fonts round up one and two.

now, it’s your turn! what favorite websites, products or apps have you been loving lately?

winged blog tour – the roll ‘n go

| DIY projects

winged fabric blog tour (1)winged fabric blog tour (6)

today is my day to join in the winged blog tour! i’m sharing one of my favorite projects with you, the roll ‘n go. it’s a catch-all strap that can be used to tote a blanket, yoga mat, small stack of wood or anything else that can be rolled!

it only takes 1/4 yard of fabric and goes together in just about an hour, so it’s a great beginner project to undertake. the pattern uses a technique that i’ve never seen done before. in short, it makes finishing all the edges of the straps a cinch! no turning tubes or folding over bulky edges. it’s a technique that you’ll be able to use anytime you need to finish the edges of a strap (think leashes, collars, camera straps and more!).

winged fabric blog tour (2)

it’s truly a lovely (and quick!) way to carry your yoga mat as well. throw it over your shoulder, head off to class in style and forget having a large bag to deal with. BONUS – it can even be used as a strap during class to help you stretch! the loops at the end are perfect ‘handles’ for your feet and hands.

winged fabric blog tour (4)

be sure to check out erica’s single herringbone pillow tutorial from yesterday, and visit michelle wooderson’s blog tomorrow for her project. you can follow the entire tour by watching for the daily links HERE.

4 creative questions

| bonnie christine design

bonnie christine | going home to roost (2)

i’m so happy that sasha from paper plane blog nominated me to join in this creative blog hop a few weeks ago. i’ve had so much fun diving into everyone’s posts and learning more about their creativity. now, it’s my turn!

1. what am i working on?

oh, so many things!

a feast in the forest: this weekend, i’m hosting a friendsgiving which i’m affectionately calling a ‘feast in the forest’. we have friends coming together to celebrate all the things we’re thankful for. complete with a bonfire social and diy hour! join us over on instagram to see the evening unfold. :)

a new website: probably most exciting, going home to roost is getting a new look! the amazing jo klima (who also did this design over 6 years ago) is doing a complete redesign for us. i saw the first glimpse of it just this week, and let me tell you it’s amazing!! you’re going to love it. i just want to curl up and live in it forever. we’re aiming to release the new site right around the new year, so stay tuned!

skillshare: i’ve been hinting at it, but want to officially let you know that i’ve started recording for a two-part skillshare series on surface pattern design! i’ll unfold details as we  go along, but the course is set to launch mid-january. be sure to ask for adobe illustrator and wacom tablet for christmas! ;)

fabric: though my next two lines of fabric haven’t even started shipping yet (hello, bear will ship in january and cultivate will ship in april), it’s already time for me to dive in to designing my next collection. i’m in the early stages so i’ve been gathering inspiration, creating a moodboard, picking colors and doing a few preliminary sketches. it’s going to be simply luscious!

2. how does my work differ from others of its genre?

i think my work is unique by the way it tells a story. each pattern collection i create is based on something in my personal life and each piece has a very special meaning to me. i like to let the entire collection tell a story, but not a very obvious one. i want the viewer to dive in to each piece, read the story behind them and each pattern’s name to really allow the story unfold.

i also love to work with color and detail. my color palettes are sometimes bold, but retain a sweetness about them. i also like to mix the simplicity of geometrics and hand drawn lines with more delicate, intricate work. i love big florals and organic repeats!

3. why do i write/create what i do?

i’ll answer this question from a blogging + roost tribe perspective. i started going home to roost as a way to share the creative things i was doing in my life with the world. though i still do that, my mission has changed over the years. many of you know my journey to becoming a surface pattern designer. it was a long one, and when i started trying to learn the industry and adobe illustrator, no one was sharing or teaching about it (that was about 4 years ago). since then, i’ve set out to teach what i know. learn >> teach >> learn >> teach >> learn >> teach. you know?! so, i created the roost tribe as a place to share all my secrets. i share them there because i believe in valuing what you know and what you do. though being a member is incredibly affordable ($5/a month!), i believe in investing in your future and discussing the finer details of creativity with those who know it’s value. i don’t want to keep what i learn to myself. instead, i want to share it and in doing so, support and encourage other creatives to follow their dream. it’s a beautiful thing!

4. how does my writing/illustration/creative process work?

(and i’ll answer this one from a design perspective!) i am absolutely in love with each step in the design process. i usually begin by choosing a theme to work around and gathering bits of inspiration. i like to make a moodboard and collect things that will inspire the collection. my favorite way to do this is to take my own photos. if i want to draw a horse, i visit a farm. if i want to illustrate bits of the forest, i go for a hike. then, i can design off of my own photographs and pull colors from the for the collection as well. after i have lots of inspiration pieces, i like to roughly plan out on paper the ideas i have for about 12 pattern pieces – knowing all along that a few won’t make it and a few will be created by accident along the way. then, i start to draw. this step can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, but i draw and draw until all my ideas are on paper. next, i import all of my sketches into the computer (either by scanner or iphone snapshot) and begin illustrating them. once i have all of the motifs finished, i begin building patterns (FUN!). finalizing patterns and their colors can take a while, but it’s the most fun part! then, i send them off to art gallery fabrics and we wait for strikes offs from the mill to arrive so that we can do color corrections. once the colors are perfect, they go to production and my heart sings.

who’s next?!

though it’s not mandatory, i would love to hear these questions answered by elizabeth olwen, leah duncan and sharon holland. if you’d like to join in, please do so! just answer these questions and tag a few other creatives to join the fun. be sure to leave a link to your post in the comments section here so we can join along!

photo by the laura b.