a garden

April 16, 2014

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tood mclellan garden stills

oh how i love this photo by todd mclellan. it captures the simplicity and beauty of gardening so perfectly, don’t you think? todd’s work is amazing, i know you’ll love his art prints as well!

spring dirt

kinfolk magazine: image via restored

we’re picking up some cedar this afternoon for a few raised garden beds david will be building this week. i can’t wait to get my hands in this warm spring dirt! i have always planted vegetables, but this year i’m really excited to plant half of my garden with flowers! i fell in love with having fresh blooms when we lived in california, and i can’t wait to have flower garden here as well. nothing makes me happier than having freshly cut flowers in my home!

so i need your advice, what is your favorite flower to grow?



sweet as honey grand giveaway! (4)

hello, lovelies! i’m so excited to personally offer you a grand giveaway today! i’ve bundled up a big stack of my latest fabric collection, sweet as honey, and i’m ready to send it to one of you creative ladies (or gents!). enter to win 1 yard of each piece of sweet as honey in your choice of colorways (see below). that’s 10 yards total- valued at over $120!

before we get to the fun part, i wanted to share with you a little about the inspiration behind the collection. i happily designed sweet as honey while we were living in this sunny cottage on the central coast of california (we’re now snuggled up in the mountains of north carolina!). the days were always sunny and the weather was always perfect. in fact, it was like a little slice of heaven! i gardened year round and always had fresh flowers ready to pick. i spent most of my time outdoors, soaking up nature in all it’s glory. our tiny town also just happened to have the sweetest honey i’ve ever tasted in my life. i purchased it from a local farmer and could eat it by the spoonfulls! in fact, i love it so much that i still have my friends mail me a jar every now and again. it rarely rained, but when it did i soaked up every drop. birds could be seen flying over the vineyard in front of our cottage at any given moment. it was the perfect place to dream up this fabric line and i’m so happy to share it with you. i hope it brings a little sunshine to home!

sweet as honey grand giveaway! (1)


enter to win: 10 yards of sweet as honey (1 yard of each 10 pieces of fabric in the colorway of your choice).

deadline: giveaway will end monday, april 21st at 12am, eastern standard time. the winner will be drawn using a random number generator and announced on this post shortly after.

to enter: comment on this post letting us know what aspect of your life is sweet as honey?

additional ways to enter:

>> like going home to roost on facebook.

>> share giveaway on twitter and include the handle @gohometoroost and hashtag #sweetashoney

>> share either giveaway image on pinterest and include hashtags #goinghometoroost & #bonniechristine

be sure to leave a new comment for each additional entry so it counts (limit of 4 comments per person)!

good luck! xox, bonnie

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The Key to Creative Business Success

I have coached hundreds of creative businesses, and I can tell you that we all have one thing in common: we want success already

I was on a call last week with a creative business owner who said something that sounded very familiar to me, and if you’ve ever started a blog, Etsy shop or website, I’m sure you’ll recognize her desire too.  She wanted to build her online presence and increase traffic to her Etsy shop, so I asked her to start a blog. Her response:

“I tried that, but nobody visited the blog. I barely even have any interaction on Facebook! I might get like, 10 people to engage.”

She went on to further explain why my advice to build an online presence was a waste of time, because if she wrote a blog post, who would read it? I said to her:

“So, what you’re saying to me is that you want instant gratification, and you’re not getting enough of it.”

Because I get it! I want instant gratification too.

However, that’s not what a successful business is built on. A successful business is built one brick at a time. It’s built with a blueprint of your dream job, and a solid foundation consisting of commitment to work hard even when there is no recognition or reward. Each blog post is a building brick. Each Facebook engagement is a building brick. Each new e-mail on your list is a building brick. With out these bricks in place, you cannot build your empire.

To say you want the customers and traffic without the online presence is like expecting the palace of your dreams to appear in your backyard without providing any plans or materials!

The key to a creative business’ success is understanding the long-term build. Social media accounts, Etsy shops, blogs, and websites are part of an online web you create to funnel like-minded visitors to the hub of your business.

The hub is where you have products or services for sale. It’s where all of the relationships you’ve built on the web by giving your time, energy and attention can give back to you. The long-term build is always about relationships.

In the comments below, leave a few links to the web you’re building online for your creative business’ success so that we can support each other!

Image credit: lovefromginger.com

marketing creativity (1)
Lisa Jacobs is creative biz wiz who teaches online sellers how to get more sales and professional recognition. She owns the Energy Shop on Etsy and writes the blog, Marketing Creativity.


dinner ideas 4.11.14

April 11, 2014

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plant based recipes

this week’s meals were a mix of comforting (can you say mac and cheese anyone?) and healthful (yummy zucchini soup!) and both were deeply satisfying. i took a few days off from cooking over the weekend and it made me realize just how much i love being in the kitchen. ingredients, smells and tastes make me come alive and i love to serve up something tasty and nourishing to my loved ones.

monday: curried egg toast (breakfast for dinner!)
tuesday: mung yoga bowl
wednesday: vegetarian chicky parm
thursday: cauliflower mac and cheese yummy!
friday: herbed zucchini soup served with leftover mac and cheese

what was on your plate this week? any favorite recipes you’d like to share?

we follow a whole foods, plant based diet. the dinner ideas posts are a way for me to log our dinners, how we make eating this way easy, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things as well. they are always meat free, dairy free and often gluten free. you can follow the posts here, and i encourage you to share your favorite recipes with us as well!

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free sewing patterns from bonnie christine

i’m excited to share a free sewing pattern i made for you today! have you ever used mug rug? i use one every day! it’s one of those things that you don’t think you need until you finally have one and then you think, ‘how did i ever live without this?!’. i keep mine right next to my workspace and that’s where my coffee and tea lives every day. not only does it have it’s very own space on my desk, but it also gives my mug a silent landing spot. since bear is usually napping nearby, this is so helpful! i’ve too many times woke him by slamming my mug down on the table. not any more!

honeycomb mug home
every mug needs place of rest, a designated spot to call its own!

the details:

* patterns are a collaboration between fabric designer bonnie christine and pattern maker maxine ramey,      also known as maxie makes – a creative mother-daughter team!
* pdf pattern is a free instant download, ready to print on regular 8.5 x 11″ paper
* includes printable pattern pieces. no scaling necessary, just tape and go!
* fabrics used in this pattern are from my fabric line, sweet as honey.

COPYRIGHT: pattern is copyright bonnie christine | maxie makes 2014. all rights reserved. for personal use only. you may not reproduce without written permission. however, we would love for you to sell any items you make using this pattern. please convo if you have any questions. thank you!

for more patterns, visit sweet bonnie christine.

to download:

click HERE to view the pattern on issuu. to download the PDF + printable pattern pieces, click on ‘share’ below the publication and then select ‘download’. print on regular 8.5 x 11″ paper. have fun!

free sewing pattern - honeycomb mug home! (2)   free sewing pattern - honeycomb mug home! (4) free sewing pattern - honeycomb mug home! (5)

free sewing pattern - honeycomb mug home! (1)


free sewing pattern - honeycomb mug home! (6)


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thought provoking

April 9, 2014

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jennet hand lettering (3) i fell in love with jennet liaw’s work for several reasons this week. most obviously, her hand lettering is stellar and seems to be an endless source of inspiration. i also absolutely love how much thought has gone in to each one of her illustrations. they are clever, witty and thought provoking. some are funny and cute while others are motivating and encouraging.

i especially love the one above. many of you know my story, but for those of you who don’t i’ll tell you one of my secrets to living my dream (hint: it’s illustrated above!). several years ago i decided that i wanted to be a surface pattern designer. about 6 months went by and i still had the same dream, but i was still sitting at my same job doing the same thing every day. it wasn’t until i realized that someday had to be TODAY that i began making progress. i decided to start doing just one thing every single day in the direction of my dreams. some days it was simply writing an email, other days it was learning a new skill. i did this every single day and after 18 months landed my first job as a surface pattern designer. oh my goodness, it worked! i still use the same philosophy today (in fact, i just started towards another goal yesterday with this same concept). dreams just don’t come true unless you start making things happen. they’re big and scary when you look at the big picture, but if you break them down into daily bite sized chunks you’ll accomplish so much. call one person, write one email, sketch one drawing, look at one video lesson, do one page in your portfolio. how many ever months or years it takes you doesn’t matter, the point is that you’ll accomplish BIG things if you start doing small things!

so that’s why jennet’s illustration meant so much to me when i saw it. be sure to follow her on instagram for more goodness as well!

jennet hand lettering (1) jennet hand lettering (2)   jennet hand lettering (4) jennet hand lettering (5)

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to the sea

April 9, 2014

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to the sea

shown above clockwise: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

a good book recommendation and a the slightest of warmer days and my bones are aching to visit the sea.

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vegan southern biscuits

April 8, 2014

vegan souther biscuits (3)

biscuits. they’re one of my all time favorite sides. i love that they can be made savory or sweet. sometimes we eat them with honey, jam and jelly while other times we eat them with vegan gravy, tofu scramble and soysage. one of our favorite meals to make for guests is a ‘biscuit bar’ served with all the fixin’s!

it’s no secret that tofutti is one of my favorite go-to brands for vegan substitutions. you just can’t beat their vegan sour cream, ricotta and cream cheese! so when they recently asked me if i’d like to make a recipe for their website, i of course said yes! i decided to make these delicious, fluffy and moist southern style biscuits, and i’m so happy with how they turned out! they didn’t last long (less than 24 hours, in fact) and my husband said they were hands down the best biscuits he’d ever had. (!!)

vegan souther biscuits (2)

if you make these biscuit, i know you’ll love them! head on over to tofutti to get the recipe!

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