6 Months of Savvy Rest – an Update on our Mattress!

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Savvy Rest Non-Toxic Mattress (4)

it’s been 6 months since we decided to upgrade to our non-toxic mattress by savvy rest, and i know many of you have wanted an update on how we’ve been liking it. i’m happy to say that we’ve slept better and felt more rested over the past 6 months than we have for years (our entire life?)!

Savvy Rest Non-Toxic Mattress (1)

in order to give you the best update, i think i can summarize our thoughts into four categories:

why we chose it:

choosing the right non-toxic mattress was incredibly important to us, especially since we co-sleep with our two littles. you can read detailed info on why we chose savvy rest here, but in summary, it was all about one thing: CHEMICALS. the amount of harmful chemicals used in commercial mattresses is astonishing. since many of these very common mattress chemicals have long-term effects, particularly on the developing brains of children, we decided enough was enough. since we spend over 1/3 of our life in our beds, we felt that investing in a safe and healthy place to rest for our family would be totally worth it.

after lots and lots of research, we decided to purchase savvy rest’s natural latex mattress. natural latex is pure, incredibly durable (20 years +!), comfortable and sustainable.

how we like:

we couldn’t be more satisfied (and elated!) over our purchase. moving to a king size mattress has made a huge difference for our family. everyone has enough room to spread out and we feel like we’re staying in a 5 start resort each night. since we like to feel like we’re sleeping on clouds, we chose one of the softest set ups they offer (i chose medium dunlop, soft dunlop and soft talalay on top for me and since david is heavier, we chose firm dunlop, soft dunlop and soft talalay on top for him). savvy rest has amazing phone support, and they helped us choose and customize each side of the bed for our individual needs. the three layers of dunlop and talalay latex were so easy to customize!

how we’ve been sleeping:

it’s a wonder we even get out of bed in the morning (maybe that’s why our kids sleep till 10 every morning!). the mattress feels like it’s giving us a big fluffy hug every night. i can tell our quality of sleep is excellent because we wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated. we’ve been sleeping through the night with no problem and wake up with no aches or pains. yay!

how the mattress is holding up:

honestly, i can’t tell we’ve been sleeping on it for six months at all. there’s been absolutely no drooping or tilting of the mattress and the organic cotton casing looks the same as the day we put it on.

the only note i’ll make is that we wanted a soft mattress and soft is definitely what we got! this setup would most likely be too soft for most people, but since we have healthy backs, we relish in its comfort. and if you’re unsure of what you’ll want, savvy rest will let you exchange any of your layers for the first 90 days to ensure that you get your setup just right.

p.s. we’re also loving our organic comforter and sheets. visit my original post for a full list of resources from the room!

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Hello, Bear for Mixbook + A Giveaway!

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hello bear by bonnie chrisitne for mixbook (2)

are you familiar with mixbook? they print beautiful baby books, thank you cards, invitations, address labels and more! i recently had the wonderful opportunity to design a collection for them inspired by my children’s fabric collection, hello, bear. it was so much fun to see them come to life!

in the collection, you’ll find two baby books, shower invitations, thank you cards and several address labels (see below). at the bottom of this post, you’ll see a few pages from the books i got printed for my own littles, bear and ollie. they hold memories that we will cherish forever!

hello bear by bonnie chrisitne for mixbook (3)

to celebrate the launch of the new hello, bear collection, mixbook has generously offered to host a giveaway. just enter the form below to enter to win a $50 gift certificate to use at mixbook! (as always, feel free to write your own unique tweet!)

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. congratulations #294!

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Timber Mini Quilt Free Pattern + I’m Aurifil’s Designer of the Month!

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Timber Mini Quilt Free Pattern + I'm Aurifil's Designer of the Month! (1)

i’m so excited to be featured as this month’s aurifil’s designer of the month! aurifil has featured a different designer each month this year and we have all designed a free mini quilt (or quilt block) pattern for you. for my free quilt pattern, i designed the timber mini quilt (more details on that below!).

aurifil has partnered with the lovely pat sloan to bring this wonderful challenge to you! they are hosting a giveaway for a large aurifil spool collection ($120 value) each month. make the timber mini quilt (or block) and then link a photo of it to the aurifil’s flickr group for your chance to win!

head on over to aurifil’s blog to read my interview, listen to our podcast and download the free quilt pattern! be sure to also visit pat sloan’s blog to see her (even minier!) version of my block and the large quilt she’s working on. i can’t wait to see it all come together!

Timber Mini Quilt Free Pattern + I'm Aurifil's Designer of the Month! (4)

the inspiration for my mini quilt came from where we live: the blue ridge mountains! it’s so beautiful here. the leaves are changing and the views are breathtaking! the forest where we live is also what inspired my upcoming fabric line, forest floor for art gallery fabrics. i hope you enjoy it!

download the mini pattern at the end of my interview on aurifil’s blog!

Timber Mini Quilt Free Pattern + I'm Aurifil's Designer of the Month! (2)

New Nursery Art from Minted

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nursery art from minted (3)

minted is truly a remarkable marketplace. if they’re new to you – get ready to be delighted by their website and mission!

as soon as i began browsing the pages of minted, i immediately noticed one thing: artists come first. with bits of designs, artist bios and beautiful artwork scattered all over, my eyes kept jumping from one gorgeous spot from another.

so how does it work? each month, minted hosts a design challenge for independent artists all over the world. the community votes on their favorites and minted sells the winner’s art in the form of prints, home wares and gifts. what a fun and engaging experience for everyone! brilliant.

nursery art from minted (2)

with two littles, i was naturally drawn to their gorgeous nursery art. minted definitely makes it easy to welcome our newborns into the world with beautifully decorated nurseries!

i chose four prints: 1) nighttime sky by shirley lin schneider 2) artic by becca thongkham 3) under the microscope by kayla king and 4) fleeting by betty hatchett.

i chose the doe and the bear for obvious reasons (my littles, bear and ollie doe) and thought that the two other prints offset them nicely and reflected our love for the mountains and great outdoors. i hung them right outside the nursery where the kids often play!

nursery art from minted (1)

i love how much they allow you to customize the products and prints that your purchase. i chose the whitewashed herringbone frames for these four prints, and they are so pretty!

head on over to minted to see more beautiful artwork, and check out their current design challenge as well!

*minted has a wonderful affiliate program of which i’m honored to take part in. this means that if you purchase something from minted after following a link from this post, i’ll receive a small compensation. as always, all of the opinions in this post (and every post!) are my own. :)

Into The Woods 2016 Calendar Giveaway!

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Into The Woods 2016 by Erin Beutel

i’ve been a fan of erin beutel’s photography for quite some time now – it’s always fresh and inspiring! when she recently wrote to tell me that her ‘into the woods’ 2016 calendar seemed like a good fit for going home to roost, i couldn’t agree more! filled with 13 stunning photographs from the forest, each month will have you inspired to explore the great outdoors.

erin suggests keeping this lovely woodland calendar on your desk for the days you wish you were wandering through wild woodland paths instead of stuck in the office. it’s perfect for your desk, inspiration board, fridge or frame. each calendar has 12 5×7 pages plus a cover page. *pro tip! at the end of each month, cut the calendar off the bottom for 13 5×5 photo prints to frame or display as you please (a $260 dollar value!).

and the best news of all? erin is offering one lucky reader a calendar for free! simply enter using the form below. good luck! p.s. feel free to write your own tweet if you use that additional entry!


My Ikea Skruvsta Chair – Recovered!

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My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (7)

hello, monday and hello, lovelies! i’ve been using the same chair at my desk for over 7 years now. it’s ikea’s skruvsta chair and it’s been through a lot with me. from north carolina to colorado to california and back to north carolina. it’s been the place where i sit to work every day through thick and thin. it’s so comfortable and let’s me easily sit with my legs crossed (which is a must!).

after all the travel, day to day sitting, coffee drinking and the addition of two littles, you can imagine how it was beginning to look. i found myself throwing a quilt over it when guests came over just so they wouldn’t notice the grime. eep!

though i was afraid of ruining my favorite chair for good, maxie makes (my mom!) came over last weekend and assured me we could recover it. so i grabbed the bolt of my new canvas ‘thrive’ from art gallery fabrics and began cutting away.

you can see the before and after below!

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (1)

i quickly did some googling and found that a few other people had successfully recovered their skruvsta’s as well. we loosely followed the same thing everyone else seemed to do:

  1. loosen the bolts and remove the top of the chair from the base.
  2. begin removing all of the staples (there are SO many staples!).
  3. carefully remove the cover and cut accurately along each seam. you’ll use these pieces as your pattern (be sure to LABEL them so you know how they go back together!). *also, it’s helpful to make numbered notches across each seam and match those notches back together when you assemble the pieces.
  4. lay your ‘pattern pieces’ out on the canvas and cut out each piece, adding back in a seam allowance.
  5. begin sewing the pieces back together. top stitch along the seams for reinforcement.
  6. make a cover for the seat cushion (i chose to do a simple envelope case for easy removal later on).
  7. begin fitting the new cover back on the frame.
  8. pull tightly and begin to staple the cover back in the same places you removed the staples from.
  9. staple, staple, staple, staple.
  10. attach the chair top back on the frame and you’re done!

the whole project took the two of us about 4 hours from start to finish. and i love the result so much!

*a note on canvas: i can’t say enough wonderful things about art gallery fabric’s canvas. it’s the softest, most vibrant and easy to work with canvas i’ve ever worked with. it makes me feel like i’m sitting wrapped up on a soft blanket all day!

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (3)

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (4)

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (5)

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (6)

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (2)

november’s gift guide

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a gift guide for november

product links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

a handmade gift guide for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays… or for no reason at all!

fun facts for november:

>> november is movember
>> november is sweet potato awareness month
>> november is national adoption month
>> november 1st is world vegan day
>> november’s birthstones are the topaz and the citrine
>> november’s birth flower is the chrysanthemum

november desktop & smartphone calendars

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november desktop & smartphone calendars (2)

bye bye beautiful october, hello november!  what i love most about this month: pumpkins, family, food, christmas tree hunting and apple cider. what’s your favorite part of november? xox, bonnie

november’s backgrounds: click on the image above to download the .zip file with both calendars inside – or – click here to download the desktop background and here to download the smartphone background. enjoy!

going home to roost on instagram

a little recap of our month. see more & follow along over on instagram!


november desktop & smartphone calendars (1)

to download the printable version: click on the image above to download the PDF calendar. print on heavy card stock (my favorite is epson premium presentation paper). punch a whole at the top to hang or simply stack.

please note: all images, patterns and designs © bonnie christine | going home to roost. you may not reproduce, re-create or sell in any way, but please feel free to download for your own personal use. if you share on your own blog (i’d be delighted!) please direct your readers to this post to download the file. thank you!