From Pattern to Portfolio: Build Your Own Pattern Collection in One Month!

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From Pattern to Portfolio: Build Your Own Pattern Collection in One Month! (4)

From Pattern to Portfolio: Build Your Own Pattern Collection in One Month! (2)

Are you ready to learn surface pattern design and create a portfolio in just 4 weeks? Along with the release of my brand new skillshare class, design & bind your own creative portfolio, i’m happy to also announce a skillshare session!

What is a skillshare session? It’s an easy way to tackle several classes at once! You’ll watch lessons and complete project steps through a series of due dates, receive email reminders to keep you on track and connect with other students in your session to share tips and feedback.

Challenge Description

From July 28th – August 25th join surface pattern designer and blogger, Bonnie Christine, as she takes you through her 3 skillshare classes, one-by-one. During the month, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Adobe Illustrator, how to gather inspiration, sketch and illustrate. Then, you’ll learn how to create a repeating pattern, design an entire pattern collection and finish the challenge by making your very own portfolio. At the end of this series, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with a professional presence and portfolio in hand.

>> View the full syllabus & FAQs here! <<

Challenge Prizes

The winner for this challenge will receive:

2nd & 3rd place winners will receive:

From Pattern to Portfolio: Build Your Own Pattern Collection in One Month! (3)

How It Works

  • Every week, you will receive an email outlining your upcoming project assignment.
  • Watch each class’s video lessons to learn the skills you need to complete the project assignment.
  • Post your project progress in the class’s project gallery to get feedback from your classmates. The best learning experience on Skillshare is collaborative so be sure to offer feedback to your classmates regularly as well.
  • Questions? I’ll be hosting a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Thursday, August 13th from 3-4 pm EST. Tune in to the live Google Hangout to chat with me directly!
  • Post a completed class project in all three of the challenge classes by August 25th to successfully complete the challenge.

I can’t wait to see what you create!

From Pattern to Portfolio: Build Your Own Pattern Collection in One Month! (1)

A NEW Skillshare Class: Design & Bind your Own Creative Portfolio!

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hey everyone! i’m so happy to announce my brand new skillshare class: design & bind your own creative portfolio!

this is a great follow up course to my first two classes, intro to surface pattern design and surface pattern design 2.0. BUT, i’m really excited to share this course with you, because it has a little something for everyone in it. and it’s NOT just for surface pattern designers! photographers, illustrators, painters, artists, writers and creatives of all kinds will learn how to present their work.

learn how to design and bind your very own portfolio!


– why having a portfolio is essential for your creative career
– what to include in your book and how to make it a reflection of your brand and work
– how to design (and print) the pages of your portfolio in Adobe Illustrator
– how to actually build and bind your very own handmade portfolio
– tips on getting in touch with your target people and advice on shipping your book

i’ll also be sharing with you several examples of portfolios from creatives of all kinds! you’ll leave the course feeling inspired, motivated and prepared to hit the ground running with your beautiful portfolio.

we’re going to have so much fun- come join us over on skillshare now!


So inspirational, very informative, this is the best class I have taken on Skillshare to date. I am a seasoned illustrator user but I still learned so much. Thank you Bonnie Christine. Cavell Ferguson

I have taken illustrator classes in the past and I have to admit I have always struggled to crack the in’s and outs of it all and especially when in a classroom setting having to keep up with others. I feel that Bonnie has raised the bar with her teaching, open heart and honest approach to tackling and de-mistifying illustrator for me. We all learn in different ways and the online platform of skillhare has given me the opportunity to learn the programme and create surface patterns at my place, to pause and to go back over various elements of the course has been of huge benefit. I’m sure I’m not done refreshing on these videos yet either. Thank you skillshare and Bonnie! Adrienne K.

Intro to Surface Pattern Design + Learn Adobe Illustrator does exactly that. It’s a great in-depth course on the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator and how it pertains to the world of creating surface/repeating patterns. Bonnie speaks clearly and slowly throughout the videos and she expertly takes you through the various tool bars and menus of Illustrator. I think it’s one of the best comprehensive classes I’ve ever taken on the subject of pattern design and Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for taking the time to make these series of videos, Bonnie! Adriana Bergstrom

The illustrator tips and shortcuts alone were worth the price of admission (and I thought I knew illustrator!) I learned SO much before we even got into the designing. Once we got into designing it was like a whole ‘nother class. I highly recommend this class. It’s a two-fer. Kara Garrett

Bonnie Christine is a complete delight. Articulate, intelligent, well versed in the sensitivities and considerations of others and well aware of what is required to become sustainable and successful as a repeat pattern design artist. She has edited her presentation with thoughtful quotes that keep the story going. So grateful she offered this here! Thank you! Ashley Aliko

learn how to design and bind your very own portfolio!

Portfolio Design Challenge Winner

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hi everyone! i’m popping in today to announce the winner for the design challenge i hosted along with my creativelive course, design print and build you’re own portfolio. to enter, students were to enter images of their portfolio design process and finalized book. everyone’s entries were wonderful, and it was so difficult to choose a winner!

without further ado…

Portfolio Design Challenge Winner

the winner is sue lynn! sue’s portfolio is well thought out in both design and layout, and it’s filled with her beautiful patterns and work. you can see sue’s entire process here, as well as her digital portfolio here.

for winning: sue will receive a 45 minute review with me and a 1 year subscription to the roost tribe. great job, sue!

inspirations no. 3

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inspirational art print no. 3

inspirational art print no. 3

today i’m sharing with you the next print from my new line of inspirational art prints. each of them portray a quote that has meant something very special to me over the course of my creative career, and i keep them all close to my heart. (you can see no. 1 & no. 2 here, as well as browse the full collection here!)

No. 3: it always seems impossible until it’s done. – nelson mandela

i have a bad habit of looking at an end goal or dream and getting overwhelmed. sometimes, they seem so impossible! that is until i remember my favorite philosophy: do one small thing every single day. once i begin working on a project, before i know it, things are getting done. they really do seem impossible when i look at the big picture, but bit by bit they get accomplished. and that feels so good!

i hope this quote will help you in working towards your own goals and accomplishments.

psst. want this print?: browse through the inspirational art prints and select your preferred size during checkout (8×10, 11×14 or 13×19).

staples of my plant based pantry

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staples of my vegan pantry

as a vegan momma of (almost) two who loves to cook, keeping a well stocked plant based pantry is a must. there are just a few ingredients that i have to have on hand at all times! they make dinners easy to throw together and textures like ‘creamy, cheesy and meaty’ oh-so-possible.

>> not sure what we eat? check out the plant based recipes library and years of ‘dinner ideas’ posts that share what we eat each week. want to dive in a little deeper? you can read more about my vegan pregnancy, why becoming vegan is the best thing i ever did, how i make it easy, my tips for traveling vegan, and advice on grocery shopping.

my top 10 vegan pantry must haves:

raw cashews. raw cashews are a vegan’s best friend. i use them to make everything creamy – from pasta sauce to soup! they have a very mild flavor (not very nutty at all), and are really easy to use.

>> to make cashew cream: soak the cashews overnight, then drain and rinse. add enough fresh water to just barely cover the nuts and blend in a food processor. now, let all the things be creamy!

nutritional yeast. we use this every day, and if you haven’t yet, you must try it! nutritional yeast is packed with nutrition, particularly B-vitamins (like B12), folic acid, selenium, zinc, and protein. we primarily use it for it’s rich flavor though, which can be described as cheesy, nutty and savory. we add it to grits, soups, sauces, gravies, and just about any other dish we want to amp of the flavor of!

chickpeas. chickpeas in particular are another ‘bean’ staple in our pantry. i make homemade hummus several times a week, and this is by far the most delicious (and affordable!) way to do it. my staple recipe is: 1 can chickpeas, 2 tbs tahini, 2 tbs olive oil, 1 tbs lemon juice, 2 garlic cloves and salt to taste. from there, you can start experimenting with fresh herbs, olives, sriracha and more!

coconut milk. another great way to make things creamy is by using coconut milk. i love to use them in both deserts and savory dishes like curries and soups. i have to admit, i indulge in the full fat variety for the ultimate creamy experience!

flax seeds. flax seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, so we add them anywhere we can. but our favorite way to use them is as an egg replacer for cookies and baked goods (here’s the recipe)!

plant based proteins: of course, we keep a stock of plant based proteins. we try to limit the amount of soy we eat, so we only stick to whole food soy sources like tempeh and tofu. we also love to occasional indulge in some specialty items like field roast apple sage sausage and no evil foods prepper seitan.

beans. beans are always on hand (both canned and dried) so i can add them to just about any dish we’re making. they’re a great way to add protein and one of bear’s personal favorites! some of our favorites are adzuki beans, white canneli beans, garbanzo beans, black beans and kidney beans.

grains. we love to experiment with different grains. i use them for stir fries, sides and additions to meals like soup and burritos. our favorites are quinoa, kamut, pearled barley, amaranth and millet.

nuts. in addition to cashews, we sprinkle nuts on just about everything. i love to top our meals with pecan parmesan, taosted almonds and chopped walnuts.

almond milk. finally, almond milk is our go-to dairy free milk. it’s delicious, nutritious and works well for both savory and sweet cooking.

what are are a few of your favorite plant based pantry staples?

5 fonts to fall in love with

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5 fonts to fall in love with (6)

rivea upright by madpie paper works

i believe i’ll always be in love with the wonderful world of fonts. the market today is abounding with quality, handmade fonts. i could look at them forever!

i go through spells of discovering new fonts, usually tipped off by a design project. most recently, i was working on an invitation to my upcoming baby shower and wanted something sweet and simple for the title. the one’s i’m sharing with you today are just a few that i fell in love with along the way!

speaking of, what are your thoughts on having a shower for baby 2.0? i know the topic is a little controversial, but i err on the side of getting together and celebrating new life! i know mommas usually have most of the things they need by the time a second (or third!) child comes along, but there are always things we need (especially if baby 2.0 is of a different gender). diapers, a double stroller, another car seat, etc. plus, i think it’s fun to celebrate with friends and family around the larger events in our life. do you agree?

do you have any favorite handmade fonts right now? be sure to share them with us in the comments section so we can check them out, too!

5 fonts to fall in love with (1)

pillowbook by lisa glanz

5 fonts to fall in love with (2)

loveton by irwanwismoyo

5 fonts to fall in love with (3)

westcoast by cultivated mind

5 fonts to fall in love with (4)

helena by noe araujo



spoonchallenge 2015: creating a fabric collection

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spoonchallenge 2015: creating a fabric collection with bonnie christine (3)

hey everyone! i’m so happy to team up with spoonflower for this year’s spoonchallenge – creating a fabric collection! for four weeks (starting july 6th) we’ll be sharing everything you need to know to design the most beautiful fabric collection.

HOW: all you have to do is follow along each week to learn a new skill or technique! sign up for a weekly email full of everything you need to know to get started, or simply follow along on spoonflower’s blog. snap a picture of your progress and use the #SpoonChallenge hashtag each week to share what you’re learning! 

so, are you ready? if you’re a budding textile designer looking for tips and tricks for creating a fabric collection, or perhaps you’ve mastered the art of surface design, but still struggle with crafting a cohesive set of patterns – this series is for YOU!

week #1 is already here!

spoonchallenge 2015: creating a fabric collection with bonnie christine (2)

for week #1, i’m sharing with you everything i know about how to gather inspiration for a pattern collection. it includes all the little tips and tricks that i use myself before i begin designing a collection! we’ll talk about brainstorming ideas, writing 20 words, building a story, using photography and inspiration boards and how to source your own inspiration. i’ve also made an adobe illustrator video tutorial on my favorite way to build custom color palettes!

>> visit spoonflower’s blog for the full article. be sure to tune in all week as well as they share more info and interviews (like this one from elizabeth olwen!). we can’t wait to see what you create!

spoonchallenge 2015: creating a fabric collection with bonnie christine (1)

diy fabric covered keds

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diy fabric covered keds! (3)

for my current garden inspired fabric line, cultivate, i just had to make some fabric covered keds! since my mom, maxie makes, is the queen of all crafts, i turned to her for help. after only a few minutes of brainstorming and pattern piece-building, she had a plan!

we used one of my favorite prints from the line, thrive passiflora, but of course, you could use any cotton fabric. with just a handful of supplies (that you probably already have in your craft closet), we had these kicks covered in a single afternoon.

>> head on over to maxie makes for the step-by-step tutorial!


diy fabric covered keds! (1)

if you’re interested in seeing more projects made from cultivate, be sure to check out the cultivate lookbook and learn more about the line and the inspirations behind it here.

looking to purchase this fabric? see if your nearest independent quilt or fabric shop is currently stocked with cultivate, shop online from my mom’s quilt shop – a stitch in time, or view a full list of online shops here.

diy fabric covered keds! (2)