diy mug rugs with matching mugs!

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honeycomb mug home + matching mugs! (1)

honeycomb mug home + matching mugs! (5)     

i have such a fun idea to share with you today! every morning, i use a mug rug (or as we call it, a honeycomb mug home) for my coffee. i keep it next to my desk and it’s the perfect place for my rug to rest in between sips. it makes a soft landing spot which helps keep my napping baby asleep, absorbs drips (no more coffee rings!) and makes my whole work area look fresh and happy.

since i have several of my fabric designs available as mugs over in my society6 shop, we thought it would be a great idea to make matching honeycomb mug homes! this is a quick and easy project that would make a great gift set, too!

diy mug rugs with matching mugs!

to help you with this project, my mom, maxie makes, has made a wonderful video tutorial! click on the image above to view the video over on her (brand new!) website.

>> to accompany the video, you can also view the free printable pattern here (if you’d like to print the pattern, you can download the PDF from issuu by cliking on ‘share’ below the publication and then select ‘download’).

*a note on maxie makes: i’m so excited to share with you my mom’s new website (designed by yours truly)! in addition to running her quilt shop, she has started a new online venture where she shares video tutorials and kits to accompany them. she is just getting started but i hope you’ll join her in this new adventure! she has two new videos in the works right now and will be debuting in the next few weeks. in the meantime, you can follow her at the links below!

maxie makes (my mom!) elsewhere: blog | instagram | facebook | twitter | pinterest
honeycomb mug home + matching mugs! (4)

bonnie christine mugs
to make this project:
1) hop on over to my society6 shop and pick out one of the mugs above.

2) then find the coordinating fabric from my collections – sweet as honey or winged. both are available for sale from our quilt shop, a stitch in time (free shipping!).

3) follow the video tutorial via the link above and with the written pattern.

4) be sure to read maxie make’s coordinating post for details on supplies and yardage required.

be sure to share your results with us over on instagram! you can tag us with the handles @goinghometoroost and @maxiemakes. have fun!

honeycomb mug home + matching mugs! (2)

honeycomb mug home + matching mugs! (3)

diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags

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diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (2) diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (7)

one of my favorite things to do each year is choose a gift wrapping theme. one year it was recycled newspaper tied with yarn, the next was huge glittered initials for each package. the last two years i used black kraft paper to create ‘chalkboard gift wrapping(you can see them here and here). this year i decided to make speckled paper and wood burned gift tags! with some brown kraft paper and a little paint, i think they’ve turned out really cute.

here’s how i did it:

diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (3)


- brown kraft paper – beware, this is a huge roll!
white, gold or silver paint – i love the liquid metal series!
paintbrush – any old brush will do
wood edging – see notes below
wood burner pen – a must have!
alphabet branding set – oh, the possibilities!

diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (5)

to make the splatter paper:

step 1: roll out the kraft paper. i rolled mine out on a long narrow stretch we have in the woods which worked out really well! i could splatter a large amount at a time and didn’t have to worry about ‘over splatter’. outside is best, but if you protect the area well, you could also do this in smaller batches inside.

step 2: dip the ends of a paintbrush in paint and start slingin’! splatter as much or as little as you like. i did a mixture of white and metallics and fell in love with result.

step 3. let dry thoroughly and roll up. it’s now ready to use as gift wrap!

things i learned:

* be sure the paint is really dry before you roll up the paper. i had some larger paint globs that weren’t quite dry when i rolled mine up, so things got a little sticky (but it still works fine!).

* consider adding a few weights or rocks to the edges of your paper if you’re outside to keep any wind from blowing up the edges.

* consider splattering paint on the outside (instead of the inside like i did), so that when you roll out the paper to wrap with, the paint is on the correct side (i currently have to flip it over, which makes the ‘curl’ go in the wrong direction.

* this kraft paper is a bit thicker than standard wrapping paper, so it helps to use a stirdy tape (i recommend scotch gift wrap tape).

diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (6) diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (4)

to make the wood burned gift tags:

the wood edging i used (and linked to above) comes pre-glued on the back so all you have to do is iron it down. at first, i wasn’t sure if that’s what i wanted, but in the end it worked really well! it also makes stacking gifts for traveling really easy (no damaged bowes!). if you’d rather not have a sticky back, you could always purchase plain wood veneer and cut them out yourself, and even add a hole in the top with hole punch for stringing through twine or ribbon!

step 1:  begin by cutting 2 – 3″ strips of the veneer. unscrew the standard tip on the wood burning pen and screw on the first letter you wish to use. plug the pen in to let it heat up.

step 2: in a smooth motion, press the pen straight down on the wood making sure to apply even pressure. it only takes a split second to brand the wood!

*to change letters either turn the pen off and let completely cool between each letter, or use an oven mitt to unscrew and screw on each letter. please be careful! this thing is so hot it nearly burned through my oven mitt!

step 3: once your initials are finished, cut a ‘v’ notch out of the end of either one or both sides of the strip to make a flag or banner.

step 4: place the finished wooden strip on the package and set with a hot iron. *of course, make sure you package can handle a little heat!

things i learned:

* this wood burner tool gets HOT. i mean HOT.

* when you place the branding letters down on the wood, it heats up the glue on the backside and causes it to stick down (just where the letter hits). so, just be sure to put something underneath your work area you don’t mind tossing later.

* write down the initials or words you want to make first and be sure to brand each letter all at once. i tried to rely on my brain and ended up having to go back and reattach a few letters to finish up.

that’s it! i hope you enjoy wrapping your gifts this year. if you use this tutorial, be sure to share your results with us over on instagram using hashtag #ghtrspecklepaper!

a few of my favorite things

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a few of my favorite things // going home to roost

i’ve been thinking about all the simple things i enjoy lately, and wanted to share them with you! some are personal care items, others aid in my creative endeavors. most are very affordable, but a few i’ve included i believe are worth the investment. if you’re looking for a small gift for the women or creative in your life, i think these items might be great options!

1: palomino blackwing pencils: my favorite pencils to sketch with. they are perfectly soft and give a nice rich line, with erasers that actually work! bonus: they look great, too!

2: mineral fusion nail polish and remover: this has been my favorite nail polish and remover for years now (my favorite color is slate)! it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and butyl phthalate. it goes on thick and smooth and stays on better than any other polish i’ve tried. and, the acetone-free remover takes it off quickly and easily!

3: bass wooden hair brush: this hair brush feels great, works wonderfully and is beautiful to boot.

4: flyaway petalums camera strap: this is the camera strap i chose to use myself. i love it! it’s comfy to wear and makes my camera look and feel so special (see it here).

5: merchant & mills studio scissors: these studio scissors feel like butter! their 9″ length make cutting in a straight line easy and the vintage style looks great in my studio!

6: large moleskin journals: this is my favorite style of journal to sketch in. i usually cover them with fabric and take them with me wherever i go!

7: gold bobby pins: as simple as this is, i love these champagne colored bobby pins. they look classy and most importantly – hold really well! it’s the small things, right?

8: arch ring by another feather: david bought me this ring last year and it’s my favorite accessory! it’s really comfortable to wear and suits any outfit.

9: cameo cutting machine: i started using a cameo cutting machine a few months ago and i can’t believe i ever lived without it. i’ve been using it to cut vinyl decals, cards, gift tags and so much more!

10: winsor & newton drawing ink: this is my favorite drawing ink to dip my brush in for hand lettering projects. it’s rich, smooth and gives a really nice brushed look.

11: uni pens: i have found uni pens the best for going over my pencil sketches and for scanning in with. they give a rich black line and have an incredibly smooth feel to them!

i wish this is where i could say i was giving all of the items away to you (thanks, oprah!), but sadly not this time. maybe next year! xox, bonnie

2015 printable instagram calendars

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2015 printable instagram calendars (3)

hey, everyone! back by popular demand (whew!), i’m happy to share the 2015 version of my favorite customizable calendars! this easy to print (or edit) instagram calendar is such a great gift idea. you can either print mine (see below) or download the template to make your own. they were inspired by my instagram photos, but of course, any photo cropped to a square will work!

*want a great gift idea? find your recipient on instagram by going to’recipient’s instagram name’ (like this:, download a few photos and make a calendar for them using their very own instagram photos. they’ll be so surprised!

  2015 printable instagram calendars (1)

the calendar above is made from some of my very own favorite instagram photos from this past year. you can either print mine, or use the included template to customize it by inserting your own photos.

to download: click here (or on the image above) to download the .zip file. inside you’ll find:

– printable PDF 2014 calendar.
– PDF blank template for you to add your own photos to.
– .PNG template with a transparent background for you to add your own photos to.
– .EPS file that you can open in photoshop or illustrator to edit.
(i tried to make something for everyone!)

instructions: print on heavy cardstock and cut in half (my favorite is epson premium presentation paper). punch a hole at the top of each to hang, or simply stack neatly.

**pro tip! use instaport to quickly download all of your instagram photos from the entire year!
  2015 printable instagram calendars (2)

all photos © bonnie christine. for personal use only.

the summery umbrella holiday showcase

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lz and her husband mike specialize in making handmade picture frames, signs, planter boxes and furniture for the summery umbrella. there shop is rustic and quaint, and takes me somewhere between an eclectic beach home and cozy cabin on a wintry night. they work hard to use reclaimed wood in their projects and hand paint every piece to the color of your choosing!

the summery umbrella elsewhere: website | etsy | facebook | twitter

interested in advertising on ghtr? find out more about the holiday showcase and other sponsor opportunities by checking out the press package.

announcing the movers and makers summit!

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The Movers & Makers Summit 2015: Charleston, SC (2) The Movers & Makers Summit 2015: Charleston, SC (3)
The Movers & Makers Summit: Charleston, SC
A creative women’s retreat
February 28-March 1, 2015

i have been eager to share this very post with you for months now! i am honored to be a part of an absolute dream team of creative-preneurs who will be hosting the movers and makers summit in charleston, south carolina! meet lisa jacobs, april bowleskerry burki and photographer paige french! the five of us have put our heads together to create a women’s retreat like no other. we’ve designed the entire weekend for artists, designers, shop owners and solopreneurs in the creative industry – in other words, YOU!

The Movers & Makers Summit 2015: Charleston, SC (4)

why a retreat?
we’ve created this retreat to connect with like-minded creatives. our hope is that it will help you escape the hustle, reset your focus and bring new life to your business. by attending, you’ll enjoy new ideas, gain a fresh perspective, and deepen your sense of connection. the home we’ll be gathering in is *to die for* (think ocean front, full of light and completely serene!) and charleston is a fabulous city full of history and culture. as we share our insights, explore the city and breathe in the ocean air, our hope is that you’ll gain clarity in your creative vision.
workshop offerings:
we’re excited to offer upfront, honest and transparent presentations surrounding the subject of creative business. we will be available to connect, discuss, exchange, interact and engage. we’ll be sharing our tips, tools and resources that will help you take your career to the next level. you’ll get direct feedback, your questions answered on the spot and leave with professional head shots and images that will enhance your blog or website – photographed by the talented paige french!
the details:
the workshop will be held february 28th – march 1st, 2015 in charleston, south carolina. attendees are invited to join us for a meet and greet as we explore downtown charleston the day before the retreat starts (friday, february 27th). the workshop will be held in a private, cozy oceanfront home (it’s spectacular!).
there are only 20 tickets available and we expect to sell out early! early-bird tickets go on sale monday, december 28 (save $200 off the ticket price!). you can see all the details right here.

>> get on the waiting list and be the first to know when tickets become available! sign up to receive updates here <<

The Movers & Makers Summit 2015: Charleston, SC (1)

shop restock today at 2pm!

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camera straps by bonnie christine (2)

thank you so much for your incredible support for my wee camera strap shop! i’ve been hard at work creating another batch of camera straps to launch this afternoon over at several straps + 6 new designs will go live at 2:00pm EST today!

about the camera straps:

>> each strap is handmade using extra soft cotton fabric i’ve designed myself for art gallery fabrics.

>> straps are made with durable + washable vegan ‘leather’, hand tea-dyed strapping and brass slides. 

>> straps are comfy to wear and measure 32″ in length with an additional 7″ of adjustability via the strapping.

visit the new shop now! >> <<

you can also use the code ‘GRATEFUL‘ during checkout to receive free USA shipping or a flat rate of $5 for international shipping!

ordering as a gift? be sure to order the dates below to ensure delivery by december 24th.

camera straps by bonnie christine

i also have a few custom listing orders still available which gives you the opportunity to choose your own fabric from over 60 options!

thank you again so much for your support of my small crafty endeavor! love, bonnie

camera straps by bonnie christine (3)

get to know lori danelle

| handmade

the moment i started learning about lori danelle, i knew we were kindred spirits. she’s passionate about life, creative in all things and precise with what she does. she’s a mother and an artist, and she’s driven.

lori creates art prints, greeting cards and cut paper art. i loved watching this time-lapse video of her latest cut paper project. the attention to detail, hours spent and meticulous cutting is unbelievable!

head on over to lori danelle’s website to see more of her beautiful and bold creations!