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hi everyone! today i’m sharing with you this month’s recap of the roost tribe, which gives you a sneak peek of what roost tribe members received during the month of january. if you’re interested in receiving it, it’s not too late! i’ll be sending out a recap on wednesday, february 3rd,  to members with all of the content in it from january so no one will have missed anything, regardless of when you might have joined during this month.

that means, that if you join before wednesday, february 3rd, you’ll still get all of january’s content + february’s content as well- that’s two months for the price of one!

whew. got it? :)

what january brought to the roost tribe (3)

a 2015 goals printable to keep track of our goals for the year and mark them off as they get accomplished.

what january brought to the roost tribe (7)

an adobe illustrator tutorial on how to use the variable width tool to give your illustrations a more hand drawn look.

what january brought to the roost tribe (1)

what january brought to the roost tribe (8)

a set of illustrated plant domes and terrariums to fill with your own creations!

what january brought to the roost tribe (4)

an oh-so-yummy recipe for meatless meatballs with garlic mashed potatoes an mushroom gravy.

what january brought to the roost tribe (5)

bebspeckle pattern collection. you can print patterns, frame them, make cards from them, use them on your blog, social media sites, use them as wrapping paper, etc! 

what january brought to the roost tribe (6)

an inspirational set of tech backgrounds.

what january brought to the roost tribe (2) why i love elderberry syrup + my favorite recipe to make it from scratch. photo by God’s beautiful earth.

a list of favorite & useful links and resources from around the web.

plus more! being a member is tons of fun and we would love to have you join the family!

want to learn more? head on over to read this post or check out the FAQs.

a printable! wordpress keyboard shortcuts

| free downloads

i’m a huge fan of using keyboard shortcuts. they save me tons of time and help me stay hyper focused and productive while i work. i first started falling in love with shortcuts when i learned adobe illustrator. knowing them reduces my ‘clicking’ time and helps turn my design time into a seamless and productive process. i’m sure from someone looking on, it looks like a bit of a dance – watching my left hand work the keyboard while my right hand draws on a wacom, all the while keeping my eyes focused on the screen.

p.s. i also illustrated a keyboard shortcut guide for illustrator a while back, you can find it here!

that’s why when i realized there were keyboard shortcuts for wordpress (duh!), i was all in. i am huge fan of wordpress for blogging and using shortcuts has dramatically decreased the time it takes me to write and publish posts. my personal favorites are the ‘insert link’ and ‘save draft post’ shortcuts (pssst. CTL + K works to insert links in several other places on the web too, like gmail and mailchimp!).

it’s hard to learn them all at once, so i made us all an illustrated guide to wordpress’s shortcuts. you can print it and keep it near your workspace as a reminder until you learn!

to download & print: click here to download the PDF version. print using the high quality setting on heavy card stock (my favorite is epson premium presentation paper).

*please note! in order to use the keyboard shortcuts for the comments section, you’ll need to enable them in wordpress (it’s easy!). to turn this feature on, go to users > your profile and click “enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation.”

the hexagon situpon sewing pattern

| bonnie christine design

hexagon situpon pattern by bonnie christine

the next pattern on my list to share with you is called the hexagon situpon, and it’s my all time favorite project! mom and i had so much fun making this pattern and sewing the samples (for more on our collaboration, you can read this post). i keep the two shown above stacked in our living room, and they are so useful! they provide extra seating for guests, or a comfy foot rest for us while we lounge (especially useful if you’re short, like me!). after stuffing them pretty tightly, they are comfy and cushy, but still keep their shape. of course, bear loves to jump on them, too!

another reason i love the hexagon situpon is because it’s an easy way to add a pop of color to a room, and it’s a great way to show off your favorite fabrics! this sewing pattern is beginner friendly, though a little sewing experience would be beneficial. we chose to do straight line quilting for ours (we include an easy tip for this in the pattern), but you could choose to do any quilting you like, or none at all! it can be easily made in a full day of sewing, or in two afternoons. we used both winged and sweet as honey for the ones shown here, but of course you can use any fabric you like!

which reminds me, do you use spotify? they have a music station called ‘the perfect crafternoon‘. it’s great for all those crafty afternoons!

hexagon situpon sewing pattern by bonnie christine (1)

hexagon situpon sewing pattern by bonnie christine (2)

hexagon situpon sewing pattern by bonnie christine (3)

hexagon situpon sewing pattern by bonnie christine (4)

the slouchy backpack sewing pattern (1)

though i’ll be sharing more about each of them in detail over the next few weeks, you can see all of our patterns here (they are available in both PDF and hard copy formats).

wholesale info: we are also happy to set up wholesale accounts for shops and resellers! if you’re interested, please email me for more info. we look forward to working with you!

hexagon situpon sewing pattern by bonnie christine (6)


NEW! bonnie christine ribbons

| handmade

bonnie christine for renaissance ribbons! (2)

when edith minne of renaissance ribbons approached me about possible working with them on a ribbon collection, i nearly fainted, right there on the red carpeted isle of quilt market. they are an absolute dream company of mine, and i’ve enjoyed using their ribbons for several projects over the last few years (like this one and this one!). today, i am beyond happy to announce my very first line of woven jacquard ribbons with them based on my last two fabric collections winged and sweet as honey! i know you’ll fall in love with renaissance ribbons and enjoy perusing other collections by some of my favorite designers, amy butler, tula pink, dena designs, anna maria horner, sue spargo and more! the ribbons are available both on renaissance ribbon’s retail website and on my mom’s quilt shop website, a stitch in time.

bonnie christine for renaissance ribbons! (6)

most of the ribbons coordinate with my last few springy fabric lines (all of which are still available!). above you’ll see the ones that correlate with sweet as honey, and below you’ll see the ones that best match winged.

bonnie christine for renaissance ribbons! (5)

bonnie christine for renaissance ribbons! (1)

above you’ll also see a lovely fabric box renaissance ribbons made during the winged blog tour. this is such a sweet project, don’t you think? you can visit their blog for more info on the pattern and process.

bonnie christine for renaissance ribbons! (8)

my mom, maxie makes, and i are counterparts today, as she’s posting about ribbons too! be sure to visit her blog to see several projects made with renaissance ribbons and even see a surprise she hid for me in the post. very sneaky, mom (and i love it!!!).

metalwork fox embroidery

| getting to know

metalwork fox embroidery by becky hogg

wow. just WOW! those were my thoughts exactly when i stumbled across becky hogg’s metalwork fox embroidery. upon further investigation, i discovered that she offers a kit for this project and is also teaching a course on it through royal school of needlework! this particular course begins may 30th, 2015 and she’s also teaching a course for a gorgeous goldlwork squirrel on april 18th. both are so striking!

though i’m definitely a beginner, i’m considering taking the course. i always love learning a new craft, you know? becky lives in southeast london, where she’s currently working on combining metal thread work with wood to make a range of jewelery, swapping her fabric sheers for a saw! becky is a true artisan and master of embroidery working on one exciting project after another (she recently worked on The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress!). i think you’ll really enjoy exploring her world via her website, shop and twitter. now go, and be inspired!

the slouchy backpack sewing pattern

| bonnie christine design

the slouchy backpack sewing pattern (7)

though i’ve peppered their names throughout several blog posts over the last few months, it dawned on me this morning that i’ve never really taken the time to introduce to you my new pattern line! the bonnie christine pattern line consists of 6 patterns that my mom, maxie makes, and i have collaborated on creating for sewist’s and creatives of all kinds. over the next several weeks, i want to introduce each pattern so that i can tell you more about the inspirations behind them and share with you the photos and samples we’ve made of them.

working with my mom on this project has been so fun and exciting! maxie has been sewing for over 50 years and has owned a beautiful quilt shop for the past 10 years called A Stitch in Time. She has written hundreds of patterns and has had several published and distributed around the world. when i have an idea for a pattern, i toss the idea to her and she begins working on a concept and pattern. once we’re happy with it, we make several samples and i begin illustrating the pattern. then comes the fun part – photographing the projects and debuting the pattern!

the first pattern i want to share with you today is called the slouchy backpack. it’s a beginner-to-intermediate friendly project that can easily be made in an afternoon. the slouchy straps make this  back-hugging backpack super comfy to wear or throw over your shoulder. you can mix and match fabrics for the straps, flap, lining and pocket, or keep them all the same for a stream-lined look (we used both winged and sweet as honey for the ones shown here). with a cinch pull and pocket inside, it makes a great hands-free purse for school or a run to town.  

we created the slouchy backpack because i love having a hands free bag to do all my errand running with. it’s especially helpful while juggling a baby!

the slouchy backpack sewing pattern (3)

the slouchy backpack sewing pattern (4)

the slouchy backpack sewing pattern (5)

the slouchy backpack sewing pattern (1)

though i’ll be sharing more about each of them in detail over the next few weeks, you can see all of our patterns here (they are available in both PDF and hard copy formats).

wholesale info: we are also happy to set up wholesale accounts for shops and resellers! if you’re interested, please email me for more info. we look forward to working with you!

the slouchy backpack sewing pattern (6)

my future self

| handmade inspiration

do something today your future self will thank you for

this quote from natural life really resonated with me, plus the design is beautiful, don’t you think? it goes along with another favorite philosophy of mine: if it won’t matter in a year from now, it doesn’t really matter. thinking this way helps me focus on the most important things and helps me let the small things go. in the moment, it’s easy for me to get distressed about a little lost sleep, a disgruntled email or a missed blog post – but in a year from now – those things probably won’t really matter!

doing something each day with things that my future self will thank me for, means that each day, i’ll accomplish something with real meaning. that i’ll be working towards important goals and getting things done. that i’ll be making a difference in my life and the lives around me, and work towards perhaps even leaving a small legacy behind me.

i want to be remembered for the important things in life. for doing things with meaning and for making a difference. for always putting my family first and raising my children with integrity, strength and a heart for the Lord.

for instance, taking an extra 15 minutes of snuggle time with bear each day is something that i will always thank myself for. reading books to him, teaching him how to be creative and exploring the outdoors with him. soaking up these sweet moments with him is the most important thing in my life right now and i’ll cherish them forever!

i will also always thank myself for pouring extra energy into my art and business. for working really hard to to be the best artist that i can be and pushing myself to try new things and explore different ways of doing things. i am constantly learning new ways to design, and i love the ever-evolving nature of this industry. it allows me to follow my whims and try new things all the time!

i will always thank myself for being intentional in my marriage and putting my husband first. this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love and i will never take it for granted. letting him know just how much i love him and appreciate him will help me always keep our marriage on a pedestal.

TODAY, i will hold bear a little closer, start working on a new portfolio and send david an out-of-the-blue thank you text. it’s the small things, right?!

what will YOU do today that you’re future self will thank you for?

thoughts on the upcoming year

| lifestyle

live creatively by lindsday letters

live creatively mug by lindsay letters

it never fails. a new year always makes me stop to reflect on the past and dream on the future. i like pausing to appreciate the past and plan for the upcoming year. i believe in the power of being intentional and that my dreams won’t come true unless i set specific goals and take action. so, today i want to share with you some of my favorite memories form the past, as well as some hopes for the future.

favorite memories from 2014:

– the first snow in our mountain chalet.
– hopping on the road for the sweet as honey tour.
– family beach trips.
– attending the maker’s summit.
– planting a garden.
– exhibiting at quilt market in the spring and fall.
– watching bear fall in love with the outdoors.
– teaching at creativelive.
– boothin’ it up at the indie craft parade.
– date nights with david.
– hosting the feast in the forest.

thoughts on the upcoming year:

this year, i want to live an extraordinarily creative life. to focus on my art, explore new projects and (hopefully!) inspire you along the way. living creatively is what fuels my life and it’s important for me to recognize and honor this. some days are filled with creative tasks, while others may give me 10 minutes to create, but whether it’s a lot or a little doesn’t really matter, as long as i’m pushing myself in the right direction.

another goal i’d like to focus on this year is to be more intentional with my creativity and how i share it. specifically for this space, i want to blog less and write more (if that makes sense). my hope is to reduce (slightly) the number of posts that i create for going home to roost, but write longer, more heart felt and authentic entries to share with you. this will inevitably reduce the number of product posts i write and shift towards more writings from the heart about my life, work and experiences. i’m sure i will always post the occasional giveaway and gift guide (because i love them!), but i have felt a calling to be more open and more transparent with you in this space. personally, i like reading blogs where the authors are connecting deeply with me as a reader. less fluff more heart.

this will also help me focus on my family more intently. being a mother and wife is the single most important aspect of my life and i want my actions and time management to better align with it. being a full time designer, blogger, mom and wife means staying very busy, but i’m grateful for the opportunity to both do what i love and raise my family at the same time. 

as you might can tell, i’m feeling blessed, open and excited for the new year! i’m happy to have this space where i can share my thoughts and feeeeeelings with you. i hope you’ll stick around and let me get to know you better, too! love, bonnie