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to get or gift | produce candles | $24

next on my list of items to get or gift are these beautiful produce candles. joining scent and soil by crafting a line of candles inspired by the harvest, beau burdette is one talented candle farmer! with scents like carrot, honey and kale, each seasonally represented candle brings the farmer’s market fragrances right into your home. coming in at just $24, they are the perfect item to get or gift!

well that’s it for me this week-we’re headed to our hometown today to enjoy the long weekend. i’ve got 3 new babies to meet, family to see and some serious sketching to do! i’ll be back on tuesday with a blog schedule jam packed full of goodness. (so sorry things have been a little light here lately, things were incredibly hectic surrounding quilt market, but i think i’ve finally recuperated!) :) i’ll see you each on tuesday! xox, bonnie

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csa season is here!

May 23, 2014

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csa season is here!

guys, i’m so excited. csa season is here and ours began this week! buying in to our local farm has always been one of our most favorite things to do. it ends up saves money in the long run, but if you’re familiar with CSA’s you know it can call for a pretty big chunk of change up front. which for us, means we have to plan ahead and squirrel away our dimes.  it’s part of how we live intentionally and put our priorities first.

for those of you who are unfamiliar with how a CSA (community supported agriculture) works, they are all pretty much the same. a farm allows you to buy a share of their produce early in the year and then you get a big box of local organic veggies each week. depending on your community, it’ll either be delivered to your doorstep, or you’ll have a designated place and time to pick it up each week. it’s a great way to support your local farmers, eat well and save money! our farm will be delivering a box each week from now until thanksgiving, which averages out to about $30 a week. it will supply us with all of our vegetables for the week which means all i have to grab at the store are staple items like rice, almond milk and beans.

one of my favorite things about getting our CSA share is that it easily allows us to eat what’s in season. it’s also (of course) local and organic. it introduces us to new vegetables and shapes the meals i cook each week. for a foodie like me, nothing is more exciting than opening up our box each week!

check out local harvest to find a csa near you!

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a little bit of life lately. :)

bonnie christine + going home to roost (1)

bear’s first trip to the beach!

bonnie christine + going home to roost (2)

a successful hunt for shark’s teeth.

bonnie christine + going home to roost (3)

purple bits.

bonnie christine + going home to roost (4)

the wonder!

sweet toaster.

pretty pittsburgh.

my schoolhouse presentation at quilt market.

i stir my paint with golden spoons. :)



bear baby. <3

love, bonnie

do you have a favorite photo from your life this week? post a link to it in the comment section so we can see!

this post was made possible by the lovely iphone app, instagram. you can follow me here or find me by searching for @goinghometoroost. all photos by yours truly. :)

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hello, lovelies! today we’re hearing from kristen over at create kids couture. she’s been kind enough to put together this post for you and offer you a free downloadble pattern for the paisley’s patchwork skirt. thanks, kristen!


Tiffany's Sweetheart Patchwork Dress Pattern (1)

I am so excited to be here on Going Home to Roost! At Create Kids Couture we have adorable PDF sewing patterns for babies, children, tweens, and women – and today we are going to share a FREE pattern with you to download! But first, we want to show you an amazing women’s dress that we just released, highlighting the Sweet as Honey fabric line.

Introducing Tiffany’s Sweetheart Patchwork Dress for Women! Isn’t it gorgeous?! Our Tiffany’s dress features a sweetheart bodice, a double layer skirt with patchwork on the top, a shirred back bodice, and straps that also tie in back. The pattern is sized for Women’s XS to XL and looks flattering on any body type. We have measurements for different cup sizes as well, so you can make it fit just right for you! With our step-by-step photo instructions you will love how easy it is to sew. And if you want to make a matching dress for your daughter, we also have Tiffany’s Patchwork Dress in girl sizes. Above you can see more views of the women’s Tiffany dress. So pretty! We love how it looks in the Sweet as Honey fabrics.

Tiffany's Sweetheart Patchwork Dress Pattern (2)
In fact, we loved it so much that we couldn’t stop there! And that’s where our FREE pattern comes in. On the Create Kids Couture Blog we have many free patterns and sewing tutorials. One of our favorites is Paisey’s Patchwork Skirt for both girls and 18″ dolls, which have been on the blog for quite some time. They’re so sweet. You can grab the pattern for the Paisley’s Patchwork Skirt for Girls here and the Paisley’s Patchwork Skirt for 18″ Dolls here. What little girl wouldn’t LOVE to match her doll?

Tiffany's Sweetheart Patchwork Dress Pattern (3)

The mother shown here is Nikki, the designer of our women’s and tween patterns at CKC. She does an amazing job, and what a beautiful family she has!

And now, just for Going Home to Roost, we have decided to up-size the Paisley’s Patchwork Skirt! It is now available for Tweens, Women, and Women’s Plus! And all of these Paisley’s patterns are completely free to download!

You and your girls will be delighted with your new matching skirts! And because this is a PDF pattern, you can download and get started on it today! Paisley’s does not require any printed pieces because our cutting chart tells you the dimensions you need to cut. It is so quick and easy and you will love the results!

Download Paisley’s Patchwork Skirt for Tweens, Women, and Women’s Plus here. 

We hope you have enjoyed what we shared with you today! We would love to have you come join us on the Create Kids Couture blog. If you noticed the beautiful matching headbands in the photos above, you’ll be happy to know that we will be giving the tutorial for those fabric headbands on our blog very soon!  We provide new tutorials every week so be sure to come join us if you like what you see.

Thank you so much to Bonnie for inviting us to the blog today! We love your work and are delighted that our collaboration has turned out so beautifully. Let’s Create! ~ Kristen


alkaline water

May 21, 2014

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our body’s crave an alkaline pH. i first learned this when i read thrive, a book i highly recommend! in a nutshell, keeping your body in an alkaline pH zone is one component of long-term optimal health. disease, viruses and bacteria can thrive in a more acidic environment but struggle to survive in an alkaline environment. adding more alkaline-forming foods with a clean, plant-based diet can help you combat inflammation, reduce stress, and protect bone health.

unfortunately, the typical american diet is acid-forming, consisting usually of animal-based meals and processed, or refined foods. generally, the more processed the food is, the more acid-forming it is. adding alkaline-forming foods is easy though and it can help keep your body at a healthy pH!

here’s a short list of alkaline and acidic foods:

acid forming foods:

processed foods, artificial sweeteners, sodas, all meat, seafood and chicken, dairy, milk, cheese, eggs, coffee, candy, chocolate, sugar, tobacco, wine

alkaline forming foods:

most fruits , most vegetables, almonds, chestnuts, ginger, honey, kelp, tofu, nutritional yeast, brown rice, olive oil

see a more complete list here.

alkaline water for tea and coffee

water generally has a pH of 7.0 (which is neutral), but essentia water has an alkaline pH of 9.5! since coffee and some kinds of tea are just about the only thing i consume on the acidic side, i’ve started to make both of them using alkaline water. i love it! it really seems to make them both taste a little brighter, and my coffee less bitter. reducing the acidity of coffee will also make it easier on your stomach!

so in a nutshell, consuming an alkaline high-pH water helps neutralize the body’s ongoing acidic contaminants. keeping your body on the alkaline side of things will help you maintain bone health and bone mineral density, fight inflammation, reduce uncomplimentary stress, improve your sleep, combat fatigue, support cellular regeneration and improve your overall body composition.  you can read more on all that here!

so, it’s a no brainer right?! eat less acidic foods and more alkaline foods. drink alkaline water to help optimize your body’s pH and offset the acidity that you do consume.

this post was kindly sponsored by essentia water. however, all views and ideas here are my own.

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winged at quilt market

May 20, 2014

hello love birds! i’m back from spring quilt market and just wanted to pop in with a little recap. i fell in love with pittsburgh and had a fabulous show!

winged by bonnie christine (2)

above is my booth for winged, my new fabric collection with art gallery fabrics (available july 2014). i envisioned a dreamy little camping site so it’s outfitted with a butterfly ‘tent’, luscious sleeping bag (pattern coming soon!), a slouchy backpack, a roll and go, a few hexagon situpons and a sweet little campfire.

winged by bonnie christine (3)

the butterfly quilt is called alation: the state of being winged and will be the free quilt pattern released when the line begins to ship this july. stay tuned, it’s such a fun quilt to make!

winged by bonnie christine (1)

i’ll be sharing more about the show with you soon. i met some wonderful people and will have some very exciting news to share with you in the months to come (!!!). for now, i’m heading off to unpack and unwind. i’ll be back to our regular blogging schedule tomorrow! love, bonnie

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winged | bonnie christine | quilt market 2014

hello lovelies! i’m putting all the finishing touches today on several projects before heading up to pittsburgh tomorrow for international quilt market! i’ll be debuting my brand new fabric collection, winged, for art gallery fabrics. i have several gorgeous projects to show off + a free 5×7 print for anyone who stops by my booth. look out for a beautiful camping site with a glorious butterfly quilt tent, billowy sleeping bag, lace camp fire and more! you can find me (and bear!) at the art gallery fabrics booth, #2135.

i’ll aslo be presenting winged during a schoolhouse presentation on thursday, may 15th in room 327 at 2:55pm and announcing my brand new thread collection with aurifil in room 305 at 1:20pm (more on that soon!!!).

i hope to see you there!

winged | bonnie christine | quilt market 2014


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the master series: tara gentile

this friday, the roost tribe will be welcoming THE tara gentile to the master series as she joins us to discuss “the power of positioning“. tara and i go way back (almost 6 years!) and though i’m not sure if she knows it, she was one of the primary people who helped me get my creative biz off the ground. over the years, her business insight has knocked my socks off. she’s total rock star and marketing GENIUS and i’m honored to have her contribute to the roost tribe this week.

tara is the creator of kick start labs, a microbusiness community and resource library where over 200 members support each other in navigating the new economy. she’s also the founder of CoCommercial in astoria, oregon–a coworking and education space for independent works and thinkers. her work has been featured in fast company, forbes, dailyworth, design*sponge, creativeLIVE, sxsw, etsy, and the new york times bestselling book, $100 startup by chris guillebeau. just to name a few!

LIVE THE FUTURE/the show tara’s latest endeavor is one you won’t want to miss. LIVE THE FUTURE/the show is an an 8-part audio miniseries, aimed at understanding how we’ll live in the future and how that future is now. it aims to bring leads across all aspects of life together to discuss what’s already changed, what’s shifting now, and what we can expect in the future. the goal is to bring you new ideas, inspire you to make fresh changes, and open your eyes to emerging possibilities.

tara will be interviewing over 20 thought leaders and pioneers on our rapidly changing culture and what we can expect in the years to come. you can see the full guest line up and sign up to receive every episode (for free!) here.

tara elsewhere: web | twitter | instagram | facebook

so come join the roost tribe and get your learn on! don’t forget, tara’s article on “the power of positioning” will go out this friday, may 16th.

join the roost tribe! >>

what is the roost tribe? the roost tribe is a membership that welcomes you to a family of creatives for just $5 a month. by joining, you’ll become a part of an incredibly inspirational community. members receive a welcome packet with several informational e-books covering blog growth, pitching your products, writing product descriptions, going home to roost’s creative story and a list of top industry resources. additionally, each month members receive printables, patterns, illustrations & clipart, a plant based recipe, adobe illustrator tutorial, iphone & desktop background, special guest articles on creative topics and more all delivered right to their inbox!

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