Seasonal Recipes


good for the soul veggie soup

butternut squash and apple winter soup

oven roasted home fries

baked pears with cinnamon

homemade hummus

mock chicken salad

butternut squash and red onion pasta


pumpkin pizza wreath with apples and sage

roasted pumpkin with sage

butternut squash and walnut pasta

pan fried brussel sprouts

brussel sprout, apples and cheddar cheese omelet

how to roast a pumpkin

how to roast a butternut squash

how to toast pumpkin seeds

kale and potato soup

roasted veggies with herbs


curried tofu with radish chips

strawberry and avocado salad

rhubarb soda

garden mint and lemon balm refresher


– grilled artichoke hearts

corn chowder

apple jam

corn medallions with herb butter

eggs in a pepper ring

eggplant rolls with mini potatoes

grape jam

roasted fennel

garden catch all salsa

almond green beans

blackberry cobbler

the best berry crumble

thai green curry

year round:

knekkebrød (crisp crackers)

peanut butter granola

flaxseed muffins with walnuts

homemade granola

ginger chip molasses cookies

whole wheat  chocolate chip cookies

other goodies:

all natural doggie treats

salted caramel latte

– vanilla frapuccino

chai latte

vanilla bean latte

peppermint mocha latte

autumn spiced latte

cinnamon almond iced coffee

green tea frappe

hot cocoa mix