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1. is it really only $5/month?!
yes, it really is! but it won’t be forever, so lock your price in now!

2. what is the roost tribe?
in a nutshell, it’s a membership that gives you exclusive access to all things going home to roost! the tribe is a community for hand making, home growing birds of a feather. each new member will receive a welcome packet jam packed with insider info and tips from e-books detailing everything from how to grow your blog to my very own list of industry resources and supplies. additionally members receive exclusive premium content every single month, delivered right to your inbox. read on to see what will be included each month!

3. what will we receive each month?
a lot! you can find out all that’s included right here.

4.  what happens after i sign up?
after you sign up, you’ll receive an e-mail to your paypal e-mail address (within 24 hours). included will be a password to a protected page where you can update your email preferences, watch the welcome video, download the e-books and grab badges to share on your blog or website (if you want).

5. how is the content delivered?
each month’s premium content will be divided up in to 2-4 emails per month, those of which will be delivered to your inbox on fridays.

6. what if i want to cancel my subscription?
no problem! it’s easy- just unsubscribe through your paypal account at any time (here’s instructions!).

7. what if i sign up in the middle of the month?
no problem! you’ll still receive all the membership bonuses and pick up right where everyone else is with their premium content.

8. what if i don’t need everything that’s included?
everyone won’t need everything all the time, but all of the content is so juicy (and cheap!) that it will still totally be worth it.

9. how do i sign up?
you can sign up right here.

10. when will paypal debit my account?
paypal will charge your account on the same day that you signed up each month for as long as you continue your membership.

11. can i give a subscription as a gift?
yes! subscriptions are available in 1 year increments. just e-mail me for details!

did i miss something? just e-mail me with any questions and i’ll get right back to you! :)

join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.comjoin the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com