What is the Roost Tribe?

the roost tribe is a membership that welcomes you to a family of creatives for just $5 a month. by joining, you'll become a part of an incredibly inspirational community. upon signing up, members will receive a welcome packet with several informational e-books covering blog growth, pitching your products, writing product descriptions, going home to roost's creative story and a list of top industry resources. additionally, each month members receive printables, patterns, illustrations & clipart, a vegan recipe, adobe illustrator tutorial, iphone & desktop background, special guest articles on creative topics and more all delivered right to their inbox! click here to see more about what all's included.

How do i sign up?

ready to join? woohoo! just click on the image above to sign up. afterwards, you’ll receive an e-mail at your paypal e-mail address within 24 hours. included will be your password to the member's only page where you’ll be able to update your e-mail/address preferences, find the welcome video, your e-book downloads, badges to share on your blog or website (if you want) and other useful information. :)

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