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January 4, 2012

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hello, sweets! yesterday we completed our 36 hour cross country drive back to california from north carolina (whew!). as we pulled up in our drive, i found myself thankful for our little homestead and intoxicated by the warmth of the sunshine and light breeze that filled the air. we miss our family deeply in north carolina, but for the time being, i couldn’t ask for a more glorious place to live.

as i begin the daunting task of unpacking from our trip, i can’t help but still be giddy over the Christmas gifts everyone gave us. unpacking them from our suitcase is just as fun as unwrapping them was the first time.

a majority of the gifts that we both gave and received this year were handmade (my favorite!), but today i wanted to share with you a few of my favorite non-handmade gifts that i both gave and received. i’ll photograph the handmade ones as i unpack them today and make room for them in their new home, and will hopefully share those with you tomorrow. until then, here are a few of my new favorite items!

2011 christmas gifts

1. my new pantone color books- sigh. i love them!

2. a new manduka sticky mat- hopefully this will help #7 of my 2012 goals.

3. my favorite bluetooth device (i had lost one several months ago, not sure how i survived without!).

4. i received this tea botanical glass drinking vessel. it’s double walled, perfect for either water or hot drinks. it even comes with a tea strainer so you can use loose leafed tea!

5. though i never thought i would, i love my new kindle! for traveling, nothing beats this light weight alternative to lugging my several reads around while traveling.

6. print and pattern 2- so much inspiration are held within these pages.

2011 christmas gifts

1. organic mi-bras with cell phone pockets for everyone!

2. everyone got a pair of hand painted earrings from eleanor joseph.

3. i gave david this tranquil forest coffee mug, (actually two of them, since he broke the first one the day he got it). we love drinking coffee out of ceramic mugs!

4. my sister got this NLT study bible- it’s my favorite version and the front of it is so pretty.

5. i gave my sister in law this handmade mail organizer, it arrived in perfect condition and makes her entry way so darling!

6. everyone got glass straws this year, and i made a little wool pouch for each of them. i’ve used mine several times now, and i love taking it out at restaurants!

what is your favorite gift from this year?

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25 memories from 2011

January 2, 2012

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happy 2012 lovelies! 2011 was a beautiful year in my life. today i thought i would share some of my favorite memories from it with you.

2011 memories

1) moved to the most beautiful wine country in california.

2) found the perfect vine covered converted barn to live in.

2011 memories
3) joined a csa at our local organic farm.

4) started teaching yoga!

5) traveled cross country several times (35,000 miles worth to be exact).

2011 memories
6) hiked 18 miles and climbed 4500 feet in one day at yosemite to see the most breathtaking view, rainbow and waterfall.

2011 memories
7) designed my first repeating pattern.

8) received my first order from spoonflower!

knekkebrød recipe

9) became a vegan- and absolutely love it.

10) didn’t get sick once, woo hoo!

11) discovered that being vegan is not only healthy, but absolutely delicious and rewarding.

2011 memories

12) had a Christmas party on the beach.

13) received my favorite purchase of the year- a wacom pad.

14) got the best birthday present- the birth of a best friends baby!

15) soaked in a natural hot springs in the middle of the forest.

16) made new family memories on the opposite side of the country.

17) fell even deeper in love with my husband, and i didn’t think that was possible.

18) experienced God and his plan for us in a more evident way than ever.

19) missed my mom. alot.

20) learned how to brew my own kombucha.

how to make your own tea

21) fell in love with tea.

22) got a minivan and named her nutmeg.

23) got the best hair cut i’ve ever had.

24) quenched my thirst from a natural spring.

25) saw the prettiest sunset.

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happy friday, friends! today will be the last gift guide, as next week is dedicated to free downloads and christmas diy projects. have a beautiful weekend! xox

school supplies gift guide

if you’re not in school yourself, most all of us have a someone in our lives who is. whether it’s high school or college, here are some handmade gift ideas for the student- rock on education!

row 1: off to college embroidery pattern – $5 | square shaped leather backpack – $150 | yoga mat bag – $19.50

row 2: a.c. slater card – $3.50 | 2012 planner – $30 | bike pannier bags – $120

row 3: natural wood pencil holder – $10 | wood pencil holder – $59 | canvas messenger bag – $65

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2011 gift guide for guys

December 15, 2011

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gift guide for guys

i suppose the fellows feel pretty neglected around here, but today is dedicated to them. above is ghtr’s handmade gift guide for guys!

row 1: wool slipper socks – $54 | mustache glasses – $24.99 | snap skinny scarf – €56,00

row 2: grey felt macbook sleeve – $76 | brass and pau ferro wood iphone case – $165 |  bicycle frame bag – $190

row 3: vintage tool box – $30 | flat cap – $39.50 | leather wallet – $25

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diy gift guide 2011

got a do it yourselfer in the family? (don’t we all??) consider gifting them a pattern, crafting kit or do it yourself project!

row 1: book binding kit – $22 | feather earrings kit – $28 | crewel embroidery diy kit – $30

row 2: oh deer card kit – $10 | scarf knit pattern – $6 | needle felt fox kit – €15,00

row 3: droplets diy kit – $30 | jellyfish installation – $35 | messenger bag sewing pattern – $12.95

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gift guide

i’ve just been drooling over this gift guide all morning. i fell in love with chevrons a long time ago, and i still love the simple chicness that they add to everything from home decor to jewelry. buying for a trendspotter this year? chevrons are sure to be a big hit!

row 1: crochet pattern – $4 | chevron striped scarf – $42 | chevron art – $40

row 2: mini leather journal – $19 | pioneer chevron earrings – $28 | chevron bracelet – $28

row 3: brass chevron necklace – $42 | grey chevron pillow – $45 | luna clutch – $28

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our yosemite trip!

December 9, 2011

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happy friday, friends! i’ve finally gone through our 900 and some pictures from our yosemite trip, and wanted to share with you just a few of them today.

our trip was spectacular. we couldn’t have asked for better weather and more beautiful surroundings. during the 4 days we were there, we hiked about 40 miles and climbed an accumulative 15,000 feet (i think i just got my legs back!). for david and i, there’s just something about being in the back country. it makes us feel alive and it draws us back to the basics.

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

2011 trip to yosemite

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giveaway a day: day 4

December 8, 2011

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giveaway day 4

i’m starting to get used to this giveaway a day thing, it’s fun! todays comes from our very own lovely contributor, ashley pahl from indie pretty projects. she’s giving away a $20 gift card to either of her beautiful etsy shops: ashley pahl or nature party! i think you’ll find both to completely wow and dazzle you (she’s so my style!).

here’s how you enter!

comment here letting us know what your favorite item is from either ashley pahl or nature party. to enter twice, you may “like” indie pretty on facebook and leave another comment here letting us know you did so.

the nitty gritty:

giveaway ends wednesday, december 14th at midnight, pst. one winner will be drawn by a random number generator and announced here on thursday. good luck!

pssst! don’t miss the other giveaways going on this week:

monday: enter to win this beautiful skirt! (ends 12/11/12)

tuesday: enter to win this chic antler deer pillow! (ends 12/12/12)

wednesday: enter to win a set of these genevieve necklaces! (ends 12/13/12)

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