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diy wax resist dip dyed wall hangings (8)

after falling in love with this batik dye wall hanging, i decided to try my own hand at a little wax resist dip-dyeing. so far, i’ve made two wall hangings and several onesies (more on those coming soon!), and i absolutely love how they’ve turned out.

diy wax resist dip dyed wall hangings (9)

i first wanted to make a little hanging for bear’s nursery door. it was just so bland and white before, and i wanted everyone to know they were about to enter a very special place. :)

diy wax resist dip dyed wall hangings (4)

i then decided that the wall behind his crib needed a little somethin’ somethin’. so, i made this giant antler hanging! (i also made his tassel mobile, another diy coming soon!) here’s the how to:

diy wax resist dip dyed wall hangings (1)


– plain piece of linen or cotton fabric, cut to desired size
– soy wax (or beeswax)
– an old paintbrush
– pencil for marking
– a hot plate (or way to heat the wax and keep it hot)
– dye (i used cushing’s perfect dyes, but you could use any type, like rit)
– salt
– paper towels
– iron

step 1: melt your wax. i used soy wax (it’s eco friendly and super easy to clean up after!). i also used a tin container and hot plate, however feel free to get creative. keep it on the stove, or even possibly dip right out of a burning candle (?). just be careful not to burn yourself! the most important thing is to make sure the wax stays hot enough (but below it’s flash point) to soak into the fabric itself. it won’t work if it just lays on top of the fabric (you’ll be able to tell the difference).

diy wax resist dip dyed wall hangings (2)

step 2: next, sketch your design onto the fabric using a pencil.

diy wax resist dip dyed wall hangings (3)

step 3: beging ‘painting’ on your design using the wax and paint brush. this is the fun part!

step 4: once the wax is dry to the touch, submerge your fabric into cool water to soak it (will make the dye more even). then, dye your fabric according according to package instructions (this probably calls for adding salt to the water). here’s where you can get creative! dip dye, totally submerge, or leave parts in longer than other areas to give it more of an ombre look. important: the most important thing i learned is that you need to dye your fabric in cool-warm water. if the water is too hot, it’ll melt the wax and ruin all your hard work!

diy wax resist dip dyed wall hangings (6)

step 5: let your hanging completely air dry.

step 6: to remove the wax: place a paper towel on both the top and bottom of your fabric where the wax is. iron on top of the paper towels until all the wax has heated and lifted from the fabric (the paper towels will absorb it).

diy wax resist dip dyed wall hangings (7)

you can then wash and dry your hanging as usual. i’ve left the edges of mine raw on purpose, but the possibilities are endless. make pillows, tea towels, t-shirts and more!

diy wax resist dip dyed wall hangings (5)

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doe a deer

July 30, 2012

Posted by in home decor

one of the things i love most about decorating is mixing styles. i love to mix really old pieces with new ones and especially like throwing in some rustic touches on top of it all. whether it’s a cabin-in-the-woods feel or a more aztec vibe you’re going for, i think rustic pieces can really give your space extra depth.

faux mounted deer

column one: 1 | 2 | 3  column two: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

one way to accomplish this look would be with this modern twist on the ol’ mounted deer head- faux taxidermy. it can give your space a modern-yet-rustic look- not to mention it’s a much kinder way to decorate. above are some of my favorites!

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July 5, 2011

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i love the organic feel to lumafina’s beautiful jewelry. with hand cut pieces of metal, patina colors and the use of naturally shed deer antlers i think her pieces look feminine, natural and easy to wear. i especially love these dotted hoops and sweet chevron necklace.

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June 15, 2011

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intertwined deer antlers

i think this mixed media print by lucia johnson is so sweet. is that a little fawn i see snuggled in there? to me, nothing says love like eternally intertwined antlers.

you can also see more of her work at noveltiques, i especially love this bed frame she painted. :)

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studio m.m.e.

June 14, 2011

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studio m.m.e

studio m.m.e

studio m.m.e

studio m.m.e

are you ready to let your imagination run wild? at studio m.m.e. you’ll find antlered girls, magical fish and little boys with fox tails. megan eckman is the pen and ink illustrator behind these quirky imaginings and i find each of them making me smile and wonder. i love the small bursts of colored ink and extreme detail of her pen strokes. just like megan asks, why shouldn’t the art in your home make your smile (and be affordable)?


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charmaine olivia

November 30, 2010

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charmain olivia

charmain oliva

charmain olivia

charmaine olivia is a self-taught san franciscan artist, and the way she perfectly portrays these painted ladies speaks to me deeply.  showing emotions that can’t be put into words, i love the face she gives to each of them.

charmain olivia

in addition to her more colorful work, she draws the most beautiful and feminine silhouettes, and you can buy the originals right in her shop. with obvious nautical, woodland and native themes, i can’t even begin to pick my favorite!

make sure to visit her website where you can explore more of her work and along with her lovely blog.

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before and after book shelf

November 8, 2010

before and after book shelf

i found this odd book shelf at the thrift store, and quickly saw the potential.  after a little wood glue and lots of paint, it turned out to be one of my favorite pieces!

before and after book shelf

ta da! there’s a lot going on here, so let’s break it down:

– mirror: thrifted and painted
– antlers: found
– cork: sticky on the back; from the hardware store

    i found deer antlers!

    yup, I FOUND THESE!! yes, i was that excited, they’re huge!  david and i went on a long trail run this weekend and at the top of this heinous hill, i looked down to find these deer antlers.  it make the whole run worth it!  i made dave carry them back the whole way, so glad he didn’t trip and poke his eye out!

    added cork board for notes

    at first, i couldn’t figure out what to do with the blank slate on front that was screaming for attention.  then i remembered i had a roll of sticky cork board!  perfect for little notes, inspiration pieces or orders to fill- it’s my favorite part of this makeover.

    framed from our nature walk

    remember all the little things i found on our nature walk? i finally figured out what to do with them!  i found this shadow box while out thrifting and gave it a coat of grey spray paint- then pinned all my little foundlings to it.

    before and after book shelf

    it even has shelves on the side, which make it the perfect craft organizer for my sewing room. everything’s neatly organized (for now) and easy to get to.

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    every eskimo

    October 12, 2010

    Posted by in vintage finds

    every eskimo

    i liken looking around every eskimo to stumbling across the most unique and perfect little antique shop, in some quaint little town right beside a river.  as i browse,  there’s one of just about everything that i’ve been on the scout out for, a typewriter, dress from and a pair of antlers to hang on the wall.  with a beautiful setup and a surprise around ever corner, the shop inspires me to give my home that rich-story-telling depth.

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