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the kitchen roost aprons

just a quick announcement to say that the going home to roost etsy shops are back in business {yeah}!  the boxes are all finally unpacked and after a few months hiatus, you can now visit the kitchen roost to see bunches and bunches of new aprons, including a brand new design that i’m really excited about- the new reversible half apron!

home to roost pillows

the home to roost shop is also back open with lots of love and new pillow designs. i think my favorite is the new bunting design. :)

thanks for letting me have a ‘show and tell’ moment! xox, bonnie

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going home to roost’s booth!

September 13, 2010

happy monday lovelies! after a long weekend, i’m back from the indie craft parade! the show was wonderful, successful and full of amazing artists.  i was so thrilled to meet some of you in person, as well as meet and greet with some of my favorite artists.  i’m so thankful for my mom who went with me and helped so much, i couldn’t have done it without you!

going home to roost craft booth
going home to roost craft booth
going home to roost craft booth
going home to roost craft booth

for indie craft parade’s first year (and my first craft show), everything went perfectly.  they put on the show brilliantly, had a beautiful historic location and advertised the show to the limit.  there was a 30 minute waiting line down the sidewalk all day, both days! a big thank you to everyone who helped and all the artists who made the show unforgettable!

coming up next? all the fun things i got!

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hi love birds!  i’ve been doing a little house cleaning, and thought i would share the news!  i’ve moved some things around as well as added tons of new things to my etsy shops, so here’s a recap!

the kitchen roost etsy shop

first off, aprons and tea towels have made the big move! you can now find all kitchen related goodies in the kitchen roost etsy shop.  here you’ll find aprons, tea towels, and organic shopping bags.

old renewed etsy shop

i’ve done quite a lot of work to my long neglected vintage shop, old renewed! here you’ll find vintage goodies to spruce up your your home decor, organization style and retro kitchen.

home to roost etsy shop

lastly, you’ll now find only eco-friendly wool felt pillows in the home to roost etsy shop! i’ve added lots of new designs and have a few more in the design stage, so stay tuned!

xox! bonnie

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apron collage

i always feel a bit funny posting about myself, ha!  but, i just finished my latest batch of aprons, and i’m too excited not to share them with you!  they are all reversible and full of spring goodness.  i just love the color palette of them all together.

i had tons of fun making them, i love picking out the fabrics and deciding what to put on each of them.  this time, i was racing against the sunset to get my photos taken.  at 4:45 both of my cameras had died, and yes, somehow i couldn’t find either charger! what?!  so, i ran to my mom’s house, grabbed her camera and got the last of them taken, just before it got too dark.  ah!

oh, and here’s a valentine’s day apron that i just couldn’t fit into the collage!


on a slightly different note, have i mentioned how much i love to go antiquing? i couldn’t think of anything more fun to do on a day off! but, i usually come across these lovely finds and never know what to do with them.  so, in addition to my vintage frames at old renewed, i’ve decided to add vintage finds as well!

this little guy came to me this week, and i thought he was perfect for valentines day! he’s a little mouse-y bank! i’ll be adding more vintage finds as i can, so stay tuned if your a vintage junkie like me!

i hope you enjoy! xoxo, bonnie


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i am dorkas

February 1, 2010

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i am dorkas jewelry lately, i’ve been completely loving i am dorkas! marianna dorkas jamadi is a “finnish, indonesian, california born, brooklyn based, world bound, creative creature of anything but habit.”  that, i’ll agree with! her collaborative work with her mother on textiles and portuguese beau on jewelry have brought out influences from all over the world and into her stunning creations.

i am dorkas napkins and aprons

working with her mom on kitchen textiles has resulted in these stunning napkins, aprons and tea towels.  i love to see a family come together to create, and this collaborative, cultural adventure is a definite must see!

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