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pinterest is not a source. someone, somewhere is. find them!

i don’t want to ruffle any feathers today, but i do want to discuss a topic that has a huge impact on me and my livelihood as a creative (as well as all other bloggers, artists and photographers): sourcing your images.

let’s start with the basics. some of you may or may not know that it’s absolutely (as in 100%) necessary to give sources to any and all images you use on your blog, website, facebook page, etc. without properly sourcing your images, you will lose credibility as a reliable source, damage the image’s owner’s livelihood and may open yourself up to legal action taken from the image’s owner. kapeesh?

the topic that i want to talk about today though, is the importance of finding the original source to an image and using that on your blogs and websites. lately, i’ve noticed that so many bloggers have started to link to pinterest as the source of an image, however pinterest is never a source. as my good friend jessica nichols put it: a person somewhere is the source. so i say, find them!

my philosphy is simple. if i can’t find the original source to an image, i simply won’t use it on my blog. yes, it’s frustrating. yes, it takes a lot of time to find the original source sometimes. and yes, sometimes i don’t get to use beautiful images because i can’t figure out where they came from. however, i feel that my integrity and the livelihood of the person who does own the image is more important than using it on my blog (no matter how perfect the image is!).

so just how to i go about hunting down a source? i like to use the google image search feature.

how to use google image search to find an original source.

if you follow the link to an image on pinterest (or from anywhere for that matter) and don’t end up at the original source, search for it using google’s image search. in this example, i’ll be showing you how to search for this pretty flower image from suzanne & johns wedding by the nichols (originally found on pinterest which linked it to a tumblr site).

step 1: right click on the image and select ‘copy image location’. this will copy the image url.


how to use google image search to find an original source. (1)

step 2: paste the image url into google and hit search. then, select ‘search by image’.


how to use google image search to find an original source. (2)

step 3: start opening what looks to be the most legitimate sites (tip: automatically open them each in new separate tabs by holding down the command button (control button on a pc) as you click each link). skip the links that send you to pages like pinterst, tumblr, indulgy and we heart it. go to the 2nd (or 3rd!) pages if necessary. in this example, i opened the first two links. the first one was a dud and the second one took me to this blog:


how to use google image search to find an original source. (3)

step 4: once you find what looks like to be a pretty legitimate source (like this pretty blog above), read the text and look for links to an even more original source (sometimes people call this ‘going down the rabbit hole’). in this case, wed loft has done a very nice job of clearly linking to the original source. following that link led me to this page:

how to use google image search to find an original source. (3)

step 5: ta da! the original source! here, elizabeth anne designs featured several original images from suzanne & john’s wedding and linked to all of the vendors at the bottom (we could possibly assume that suzanne and john submitted their photos and info to this blog to be featured). use the link to this blog post as the source on your own blog if you choose to use any of the photos for any reason. in this case, you should go a step further and link to the actual photographer (the nichols) as well (since it’s clearly listed).

clearly labeling the original sources to all the images you use on your blog/website will help build your trust within the creative community, make your readers come to you as a reliable source and help support the careers of other artists and creatives in the community. it’s a win-win-win!

thoughts? advice, tips or tricks? i’ll meet you in the comment section. xox, bonnie

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another feather (4)

when i was first introduced to another feather (via sfgirlbybay) i instantly fell in love with hannah ferrara’s jewelry designs. when i learned that their studio is just across town from me in asheville, i knew i had to share it with you! in addition to being in awe of hannah’s beautiful jewelry, i’ve also been so inspired by her lifestyle posts and simple living inspirations. visit her world by heading on over to another feather’s blog, website and etsy shop.

from another feather: inspired by her travels, the mountains, and an appreciation for well made objects and heirlooms, hannah’s line includes one of a kind metal made jewelry, found object assemblages, and simple everyday adornments. she uses traditional metal smithing techniques and tools to craft each item, using recycled metals from sustainable sources, combined with the occasional natural object or repurposed vintage parts. each piece of jewelry is made with care and given special attention to detail, embracing natural imperfections of the hand at work.

another feather (2)

another feather (3)

another feather (6)

another feather (7)

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watercolor with rebekka seale

September 18, 2012

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rebekka seale's watercolor art (2)

i love to see little snippets of life behind an artist’s work. when i discovered rebekka seale’s watercolor illustrations, i almost fainted from the southern sweetness dripping from them. they are light and airy, quiet and quaint.

rebekka seale's watercolor art (3)

rebekka seale's watercolor art (4)

rebekka seale's watercolor art (5)

rebekka seale's watercolor art (6)

rebekka seale's watercolor art (7)

i think you’ll really enjoy visiting her lovely world for a bit. it feels like a peaceful retreat. visit her website, blog and etsy shop to see more!

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when i stumbled across oana befort’s work and blog, my heart strings felt a big ‘ol tug. sometimes you can just tell when someone has a similar spirit, it’s like they see beauty in the same way that you do. i always love it when artists give a sneak peek into their sketchbooks, and i enjoyed oana’s so much that i thought you might as well!

oana befort's sketchbook (7)

oana befort's sketchbook (5)

oana befort's sketchbook

oana befort's sketchbook (6)

oana befort's sketchbook (1)

oana befort's sketchbook (2)

oana befort's sketchbook (3)

oana befort's sketchbook (4)

take some time to visit oana’s website and blog for more stunning work, and connect with her on twitter and facebook, too!

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richly landscaped

June 23, 2011

philip govedare landscapes

philip govedare landscapes

philip govedare landscapes

philip govedare landscapes

apparently, i was in the mood for rich hues today. philip govedare’s landscape paintings fit right in and i’m drawn in by the detail and depth to each of them. i see iceland, arizona and maybe even canada. what about you?

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Next time you find yourself sitting for long periods of time writing a story or standing in that awkward position at the easel…try these five yoga poses and see how they will ENHANCE your creativity.

Wrist relief. As we hold our pen, type across the keys of the keyboard, or practice notes on our instruments we forget about the tiny bunch of bones that make it all possible…our wrists. The next moment…Cramp! Before you cramp up take a few moments to bend your elbow so that your forearm comes in toward your chest. Flex the wrist so that your palm faces up toward to ceiling. Using the opposite hand, press down on your extended fingertips to open the wrist…hold for 10 breaths and then bend your wrist in the opposite direction, so that your fingertips almost rest on your shoulder. Hold for 10 breaths and then do the other side.

Seated cat/cow. If you’re confined to the desk this is a great move to try out, but I recommend getting on the floor and doing regular cat/cow if you can. Artists tend to find themselves with shoulders that are hunched over so this is great to open up the heart and increase mobility in the spine. Inhale and draw the shoulder blades onto the back, spread the collarbones, look up and allow the chest to expand. Exhale, round the spine like a Halloween cat, round the shoulders, draw the navel toward your spine, and tuck your chin. This pose is just as much about the breath as it is the fluid motion of the spine. Work it and it will work you!

Hello Hamstrings! Giving the ole’ hamstrings a good stretch with a forward fold, standing or seated, is a great, restorative pose for artists. As creative people we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves to always perform and put out “perfect” work. Try this pose and as you stand there hinging at the hips let all your insecurities and fears literally roll off your back. Anatomically this pose will release your lower back, lengthen the spine, and tone the hamstrings that we all love to shorten as we sit driving or creating for hours.

Healing Hip Opener. Here is another pose that you can do in the chair or supine on a yoga mat. Releasing tension in the hips opens up more space for creative breakthroughs so try it out! Scoot to the edge of your seat…both feet firmly planted on the ground. Place your right ankle on top of your left leg just above the knee. Breathing in, lengthen your spine by rooting through the sit bones and reaching the crown of your head toward the sky. Breathing out and keeping the spine long and straight begin folding the torso gently over the legs. You’ll feel this in your hip. Be kind to your hips and only fold to your edge. Hold this pose for a minute or so and then switch sides.

Breathe. That’s right! It’s that simple. Taking a moment to walk away from your work, get out of your mind, and back into your body can do wonders for your creative energy. Try sitting in a comfortable position. Relax the jaw, let your shoulders fall away from your ears, root through your sit bones as you extend through the crown of your head and turn inward. Silently and lovingly observe your breath as you send yourself some kindness. If nothing else, Artists can always use more breathing and more kindness.

How has yoga enhanced your creative experience? How has creativity enhanced your yoga? I would love to know!

My name is Courtney Pearce! I am a yoga teacher, creative soul, Great Dane momma, Health Promotions nerd, blogger at yogag33k.com, and co-creator of “Dancing in the Fire: A 30 day journey to creativity through yoga and art” with Eliza Tobin. Join us this August to meet your creativity through art journaling, meditation, and yoga! Go to 30 days of yoga and art and receive two FREE creative affirmation prints. I look forward to connecting and meeting kindred spirits along the journey to creativity through yoga and art! Namaste.

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amy butler book review

my mom surprised me yesterday with amy butler’s midwest modern lifestyle book! isn’t she sweet?  my jaw dropped as i flipped through all 224 pages of amy’s inspiring images and story lines.

amy butler book review

amy butler book review

page after page, she lets us into her whimsical home and studio, beautiful kitchen and outdoor gardens.

amy butler book review

amy butler book review

she talks about her life, her business and design process and gives us an inside peek into what inspires her work.  with how-tos in every chapter she draws you in with incredible images and design work.

amy butler book review

amy butler book review

if you look to nature for inspiration or love learning about successful artists, amy butler’s midwest modern is a must read.  i’ll be flipping through it’s pages many more times as it left me feeling uplifted and creative.  enjoy!

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ana ventura

June 25, 2010

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ana ventura

ana ventura is an illustrator, artist and photographer with a very unique sense of style.  with homey roots and colorful characters, her nature inspired work warms the soul.  visit her shop to start exploring more of her beautiful world!

elsewhere :: {site} {flickr} {blog}

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