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gifts for designers

designers can be hard to buy for. i mean, what is it that we do all day again? this guide consists of some of my absolute favorite tools to work with as a designer, as well as a few things that i’ve asked santa for myself this christmas. items 1-6 are things that i could literally not live with out, i use them all the time and highly recommend them as gifts for any designer in your life! items 7-10 are some things that i think are fun and would love to own myself (hint hint, hubby!). 

have something to add? please share your gift suggestions in the comments section!

1) large plain moleskin journals (for sketching) – $12.95 | 2) adobe illustrator cs6 – $599 | 3) pantone solid chips – $319 | 4) uni pin pen (for sketching) – $1.65 | 5) wacom intuos tablet (medium) – $349 | 6) mastering the art of fabric printing and design – $19.80 | 7) rgb temporary tattoo – $5 for 2 | 8) website stencil kit – $26.95 | 9) staple free stapler – $8.95 | 10) pantone iphone case – $39.95

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craft month
happy friday, friends! can you believe march is almost over? this is the last week of our national craft month, and it’s been such a great experience to hear from you all over the month. thanks to everyone who participated!

today’s post is all about the passions that drive your craft, and here a few snippets that hope to inspire you from some really wonderful artists. i hope you enjoy! xox, bonnie

featured artists:
1. brenda watts | cattails woodwork | blog
2. ami maes | 2market2
3. susan forker | joeyfivecents | blog
4. katie wades | lemon jitters
5. maxine ramey | a stitch in time | blog

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urban folk art shows

June 29, 2011

urban folk art after recently learning about the urban folk art shows, i fell in love with their mission. working to connect artists across the country and strengthen the next generation of artists and crafters, they support all things handmade. they’ve already got their first three shows planned for portland, los angeles and indianapolis, and they start in october 2011! visit their website to find out more and learn how to support them, become a sponsor or apply to be a vendor! who knows, i might just see you in los angeles next year…

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30 under 30

April 7, 2011

art {surrender in progress by artsyville}

hello, lovelies! did you know march was national craft month? (how did i miss that?) in honor of crafty souls everywhere, splashlife just released there list of 30 emerging artists all under the age of 30, and i have been so inspired by each of their stories! you might even find someone you recognize on the page four (wink wink). head on over to 30 under 30 to read the stories of these amazing handmade crafsters, from jewelry makers to cake top designers!

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sponsor welcome: lark and key

February 16, 2011

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lark & key

artist diy huynh and designer sandy snead created lark & key gallery as a way of showcasing their own work as well as the work of other emerging artists. with one incredible artist after another, i like to think of it as a porthole for talent. not only can you discover new artists, jewelry designers and potters, but you can shop their selections as well. there’s something for everyone!

interested in advertising on going home to roost? click here to find out more!

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latest favs

February 7, 2011

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handmade picks

lately, i’ve found myself bookmarking several handmade shops. i’ll leave a tab open in my browser, ‘favorite’ their shop or send myself an e-mail about them (yup, i do that). it seems as though the limit to fabulous artists and shops are never ending, and it is so amazing to witness and be a part of this incredible movement. the opportunities for artists are now so great, that if anyone has the inkling to to be creative, there’s an outlet for it. how incredible is that?! here are a few of my latest favs:

citrus, betty shih tzu, big bad wolf iphone sleeve, embroidered pendant, blue sailor wolf, vintage wooden spools

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