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how to set your gravatar

March 27, 2012

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how to set your gravatar

hello, lovelies!! although ghtr isn’t set up to view everyone’s gravatars in the comment section, i can still see them on the ‘back-end’ of the blog and i’m always surprised by how few people set up their gravatar. not only is really fun, but super easy, too! here’s how:

but wait! you say. what is a gravatar? gravatar is an abbreviation for globally recognized avatar and once you register yours based on your email address, an avatar will be associated with your account. then, when you post a comment on a blog that requires an e-mail address, the blogging software checks whether that e-mail address has an associated avatar at gravatar. if so, the gravatar is shown along with the comment. cool, right?

1) save a photo to be used as your gravatar on your computer. a gravatar avatar can be up to 512 pixels wide, but is displayed at 80 by 80 pixels by default. your image must be be square- otherwise it will be skewed!

2) visit gravatar and click on ‘get your gravatar today’.

3) enter your e-mail address (be sure to use the one you most commonly use to comment with), then confirm and create your account.

4) upload you image and save. you’re all done!

5) start commenting like a maniac!!

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cards for complicated people

January 18, 2010

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happy monday- and holiday!  how was your weekend?  ours was wonderful.  i got a lot of sewing done and was able to relax a bit as well!  the hub and i went to see avatar yesterday- have you seen it?  if it’s still playing in your area, you must go see it.  words can’t really explain how i felt about it.  not only is it the most beautiful movie i’ve ever seen, but the message it brings about the environment is overwhelmingly beautiful, and needs to be heard by everyone.  you won’t regret it- it’s definitely worth the tickets, and the 3-d glasses!  ok, since this is not a movie critic blog- let’s get on to some handmade goodness!


clockwise :: hello stranger, three sugars please, little egg love, stay in bed today

i love these cards.  simply stated, simply put, beautifully hand painted. cards for complicated people are designed for people who lead a life of many, sometimes not very perfect, layers. who does that not apply to?

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