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toxic lunch boxes

September 5, 2012

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phthalates. they’re a nasty little chemical that is linked to serious health problems, including asthma, adhd, and diabetes and it’s showing up (in staggering quantities) in lunch boxes of all kinds. oh no!

after reading this article by change.org, i was saddened at the information. though the chemicals are tightly regulated in toys, school supplies like lunchboxes aren’t labeled as such, so there is no regulation on the levels of toxic chemicals like phthalates that they can contain.

a recent study from the center for health, environment & justice found that all the children’s lunch boxes tested contained up to 30 times the amount of toxic chemiclas deemed safe by the federal government. (and disney lunch boxes ranked amongst the worst- eep!).

here to the resuce are a plethora of handmade, beautiful lunch boxes, many of them organic!

safe (and beautiful!) lunch boxes

one: lunch bag – $47
two: don’t forget me lunch bag – $20
three: eco-friendly lunch bag – $11.99
four: insulated lunch bag – $26
five: organic insulated lunch bag set – $60
six: waxed canvas lunch bag – $48
seven: screen printed snack bag – $7
eight: organic snack bags – $18

and if you’re up for making one yourself, be sure to check out this tutorial!

*update! thankfully, it has been brought to my attention that oilcloth is not the safest alternative! you may want to consider choosing a different food safe (or organic) fabric, especially if you refer to the tutorial above. :)

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back to college!

August 14, 2012

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back to college

if i were headed back to college, this would be my wish list!

1: endless summer silk scarf
2: emerald ballet flats
3: recycled pencil set
4: belar backpack
5: vintage cat eye glasses
6: patterned triangle notebooks
7: ipad 2 case by rachel ashwells
8: indian headband

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back to school guide

August 18, 2010

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hello lovelies!  i’m happy to report that i’m feeling much better today.  thank you all for your sweet notes and advice, they made my day!

back to school guide 2010

clockwise: handmade rainbow pencils, reusable lunch bag, royal crown bookend, decorative clip board, revival binder clips, vintage metal milk crate, iphone owl case, messenger laptop bag

twas the night before school started, when all through the town, the parents were cheering. it was a riotous sound! by eight, kids were washed and tucked into bed… when memories of homework…filled them with dread! {unknown}

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1970s school chairs by vintage avacado

for half of us it’s back to school, for the other half us it’s back to the office as usual.  either way, cute vintage supplies always brighten up your desk!


a :: brass whale holder by bouquet. let this little whale gobble up all those paperclips!

b :: wood pipe stand by AMradio.

c :: 1950s metal stapler by jessjamesjake.

d :: student chalkboard by adventures in vintage. (i’m thinking grocery lists, to-do’s & menus!)

e :: post scale by picky picky shop.

f :: 1950s globe by hight street market.

g :: metal magazine rack by adventures in vintage.

h :: wind up alarm clock by jessjamesjake. for all those eeaarrly mornings.

i :: tin office sign by sweet love vintage.

j :: take it with you- kitty pencil box by ethanollie

how about you? heading back to school or to the office? i’ll be at the office as usual!

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