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i may be alone here, but being married to a professional cyclist means one thing- july = the tour de france. it’s about the only sport we watch for the entire year, so i enjoy it and try to make it my own. i love seeing the beautiful scenery and photographs each year, and especially love that the handmade community is picking up on it!

handmade tour de france

handmade tour de france

do you have any bike lovers in your life?

bicycle greeting card | tour de france bicycle print
bicycle necklace | tour de france bike
ride on | bicycle photo
yellow diaper bag

image credit: 2010 tour de france

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wearable planters

March 8, 2012

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wearable planters

since i come from a family of avid bicyclists (minus myself), this cutie pie bike planter was a insta-love! plus i love succulents, mostly because i can’t kill them (see here, here and here!). even if you don’t have a bike, i’m thinking the sturdy elastic nylon cord would allow you to attach it just about anywhere that it will fit around. just think of all the possibilities to show off your love for plants! sidenote: i’m also obsessing over these planter earrings.

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to set the mood for this post, make sure to click over and listen to bicycle race.

tour de france

we don’t watch football at our house. in fact, you won’t find us watching baseball, basketball or soccer either. what?! instead, you’ll find us tuning in to the tour de france each summer, and the 2011 tour started just last week. most of you know my husband is an elite cyclist, a cycling coach and used to own a bike shop. needless to say, he’ll be glued to the television for the next few weeks. it’s a good think i enjoy it as well, as the racers and announcers remind of the time when we first started dating. we’ve watched the tour together now for 8 years, and i’m sure it will be a life long tradition. are you tuning in?

clockwise: bicycle glasses- $75, france love- $20, fixie bicycle- $20, bike bell- $16, bike gear dock- $50, bike lovers trinket box- $45, yellow bicycle- $12, couple on bikes- $70

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