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patterned paint rollers

December 7, 2012

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patterned paint rollers (3)

patterned paint rollers (2)

patterned paint rollers (1)

these patterned paint rollers have successfully made my mind run wild. think of all the possibilities! i just want to walk around with one rolling things as i go. walls, fabric, floors, curtains..  oh my! visit their site and etsy shop to see more selections.

i hope you each have a wonderful weekend! i have so enjoyed meeting here with you all this week. in case you’re just catching up, here’s a recap of what’s been happening here:

– stay organized with my printable christmas gift list

– read the story of our christmas tree

gift the roost tribe to give a whole year of creativity

– be sure to check out these amazing recipes

– download december’s desktop calendar

– shop ghtr’s gift guides for creatives

see you next week! xx

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dream big

the tiny little adventurous bird

today, take one step in the direction of your dreams- no matter how large or small!

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vintage goodness

June 14, 2011

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vintage bird plates, antique foliage prints and lots of character are what you’ll find at shaving kit and i’ve got my eye on several of these charming pieces. the old tables, chipping paint and greenery in all the pictures makes browsing this shop a truly lovely experience.

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February 10, 2011

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this just brings a whole new meaning to going home to roost. these over-sized hanging bird’s nests are called nestrests and are made by a company called dedon. i found them via katie daisy and couldn’t help but agree with her in that i think need one of these.

these huge-hanging-human nests suspend a quite sanctuary for lazy days, book reading or meditation and would make for quite the interesting meeting place. they’re made of super strong fiber for shelter and security, and it’s a good thing as i’ve wondered how they would hold up over time in the weather. as i can’t seem to find a price or purchase option (…?), for now i’ll be daydreaming about spending my days away in one of these nestful pods.

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catherine nunnally photography

December 16, 2010

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catherine nunnally photography
catherine nunnally photography
catherine nunnally photography
catherine nunnally photography
catherine nunnally photography
sweet, vintage, reminiscent. these are all things that come to mind as i look through catherine nunnally’s photography. as simple as one of her photograph’s may be, it’s amazes me how it can completely envelop me with a sense of being there. i can feel myself shivering in the cold as i look up at the icy chair lift. similarly, i can see myself sitting in the warmth of a green summer day as i spy this little brown bird. i love photography that evokes feeling, and catherine’s work certainly does that.

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would you like to take a walk in the yard with me?  i was out with my camera yesterday, and found lots of goodies to share with you!  i don’t even know what some of the blooms are (like these first ones) but they make me exited none the less. there are splashes of pink, purple and orange all around the yard!

i saved my favorites for last. :)  the first one is of some baby birds we have residing in our birdhouse, they are so big!  and this bottom one is from our resident robin.  she’s laid the prettiest blue eggs i’ve ever seen!  they are in the perfect place for me to take pictures of (without disturbing her or the nest) so hopefully, i’ll be able to track their progress with you!

you can see the full set of garden pics in my beautiful blooms album on flickr!

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my new ring

April 16, 2010

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bethy from eden photography emailed me a few weeks back because she thought these bird’s nest rings from quaint creations were right up my alley, and boy was she right! it took me all of about 60 seconds get one in my shopping cart. they’re kind of perfect, aren’t they?

{image: bonnie forkner}

and so here it is!  my shiny new bird’s nest ring!  i usually wear it on my right hand, but after many failed attempts of trying to use my camera left-handed, i quickly decided to exchange my wedding ring for the bird’s nest ring, just for the photo’s sake, of course. you really should’ve witnessed my struggle.

i could hardly decide which one i wanted, they were all so tempting!

so feminine and lovely, i thought it would be the perfect addition to my spring wardrobe. i love simple pieces that can turn a plain outfit special.

eden photography

a quick shout out to eden photography who took all of the pictures as well, isn’t her work amazing? breathtaking even.  i love the color pops many of her photos have, she has such a way of capturing beauty.  i could flip through her archives forever!

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the road to nowhere

March 9, 2010

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bird and bloke

bird and bloke is owned by a couple in love with each other and photography, living in ann arbor, michigan. even though each of these pictures represents the road to nowhere, don’t they each take you somewhere? i can feel myself walking in each of these pictures and what’s just around the corner.  it’s been really fun to use these as a starting point and see where my imagination takes me.  if i could go anywhere right now, i would cross that wooden bridge to the meadow beyond, fluff out my blanket and read all day.

where would you go?

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