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may roost tribe recap

May 31, 2013

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may roost tribe recap (7)

hello, lovelies! today i’m sharing this month’s recap of the roost tribe, which gives you a sneak peek of what may brought to the roost tribe. i also wanted to let you know that it’s not too late to get all of may’s content! i’ll be sending out a may recap on monday, june 3rd with all of the content in it from may so no one will have missed anything, regardless of when you might have joined.

that means, that if you join before monday, june 3rd you’ll still get all of this yummy content from may plus june’s content as well- that’s two months for the price of one!

may roost tribe recap

a set of 58 spice labels, complete with several blanks for you to fill in yourself and 4 color options.

may roost tribe recap (5)

a bed of daisies pattern collection, inspired by the golden hour, it represents the warmth of the afternoon sunshine and brilliant colors of an evening sunset.

may roost tribe recap (1)

a set of inspirational desktop & iphone backgrounds. may roost tribe recap

an adobe illustrator tutorial on how to show a photo through text.

may roost tribe recap (3)

a simple sewing tutorial on how to make your own DIY placemats.

may roost tribe recap (4)

an amazingly yummy recipe for rosemary salted pretzels with a vegan cheddar cheese dipping sauce.


may roost tribe recap (6)

 petals & peonies clip art set.

plus more! tribe members also participated in this month’s book club reading, roost tribe challenge, received a list of favorite links and resources and more. being a member is tons of fun and we would love to have you join the family!

join the roost tribe! >> goinghometoroost.com

want to learn more? head on over to read this post or check out the FAQs.

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weekend wrap up

April 12, 2013

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japanese magnolia

whew. what a week! before signing off for the weekend i just wanted to pop in and say thank you for all your support, sweet comments and encouragement this week! you all are so much fun to share things with, and i get so excited to hear about all your creative accomplishments as well! i’m so thankful for our community here and appreciate you each so much. since so much happened this week, here’s a little recap if you’re just getting caught up:

roost tribe website & shop: on monday, i shared with you the brand new roost tribe website and shop! it’s full of juicy info and pretty little things. you can read about it here, or hop on over and check it out for yourself.

my big news! i’ve been waiting for months to tell you, and finally was able to announce my first fabric collection with art gallery fabrics! it’s my biggest dream come true. :)

home sweet home printable: just in case you missed it last week, don’t forget to grab this home sweet home printable i made for you to celebrate our california home being featured over on young house love.

april desktop & iphone calendar: we’re nearly half way through the month, but if you missed april’s desktop & iphone calendar set it’s not too late to beautify your digital workspaces!

etsy shop is back open! and last but not least, after a long hiatus i’m happy to finally reopen my etsy shop, sweet bonnie christine.

enter to win a 1 year subscription to the roost tribe: hop on over to thoughts by natalie for a chance to win a year’s subscription to the roost tribe!

the next week or so is going to prove just as exciting as i have some MORE news to announce and have a fabulous giveaway planned for you on monday! in my personal life, david and i are also super excited to be going under contract for a (different) home today and are also excited to travel back to our old california town next week for a bit. stay tuned, more on all this to come!

what’s happening in your life lately? xo, bonnie

photo by bonnie christine

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anne the adventurer

anne the adventurer is all about discovering adventure in every day life. full of thoughtful posts, mindfulness and tips on getting back to the basics, you’re sure to leave feeling inspired! anne does a fabulous job at keeping her content fun with things like diy projects and gift guides, but also educational and inspiring with posts on things like blogging and business. you’re sure to fall in love with her love story and go mighty series, too!

visit anne elsewhere: twitter | facebook | pinterest

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gifts for bloggers!

along with designers (see this gift guide), bloggers are another difficult group to buy for. it’s hard to explain what we do, and it’s even harder for people new to the blogosphere to understand! here to help is the blogger gift guide. maybe you could send it along to your loved ones, or accidentally leave it open in your browser for your sweetheart to find! items 1-5 are things that i own and couldn’t live without, and items 6-10 are on my own wishlist this year. :)

have something to add? please share your gift suggestions in the comments section!

1) nikon d5100 – $449.95 | 2) 2012 cavallini daily planner - $32.95 | 3) adobe photoshop cs6 – $699 | 4) verizon mobile hotspot – $59.99 | 5) 1 year membership to the roost tribe (just email me!) – $60 | 6) mugtail fox – € 14,95 | 7) the instax mini – $124 | 8) moonshine camera strap – $120 | 9) custom instagram book (gift certificate) – $24.99 | 10) blog, inc – $11.53

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happy monday, lovelies! today i’m excited to share with you that the lovely jo klima (designer of ghtr) is offering the your darling blog workshop again! and i’m extra-excited to say that this time, i’ll be taking it!

your darling blog

your darling blog design workshop is for bloggers who want to learn how to infuse more of their personality into their online space. over the course of 7 weeks, jo teaches you how to create a blog design, infuse it with your personality and find your style.

your darling blog

if you’re interested, don’t delay! the next workshop begins june 25th and registration closes this friday, june 22nd. head on over to your darling blog to find out more about registration, see testimonials and read the FAQ’s.

i hope to see you in class!

jo klima elsewhere: workshop | blog | website | twitter | facebook

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all together now! 1.. 2.. 3… ♬

happy birthday

today is going home to roost’s birthday! awww, i feel like a proud momma. thank you so much to each of you who have helped make ghtr possible! it is truly so fulfilling and delightful to meet with you here each day, and i am so thankful to see that ghtr is blossoming into such a beautiful flower. :) it wouldn’t be possible without you!

here are some fun facts- since ghtr was born its had:

- 2,097,694 pageviews
– 1,289,369 visits
– 851,824 unique visitors
– 2,637 tags
– 1,309 posts
– 34 categories
-and 3 birthdays!

can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year! love, bonnie

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inbox inquiry

happy friday, lovelies! today i have an inbox inquiry comes from the lovely writers over at plant. eat. create. they wrote in to ask me a few questions about going home to roost and how i’ve grown it over the years, and below you can find my answers!

pssst.. if you like ghtr, make sure to visit their blog, as i think you’ll see we have a lot in common!

1. Did you intentionally try to grow your blog to make a living off of it or did it just happen?
hmm, well sort of both. i started it with intentions to dedicate all that i had to it, but kept my expectations low. i really wanted to create a beautiful space to share my inspirations, projects and recipes- so i focused all of my energy on making it the best that it could be, rather than on gaining more readers.

2. If you did try to grow it, how did you go about that?
i’m not sure that i really set out to grow it, but rather just did things that made sense as i went along. twitter and facebook have been a huge help and they are great way to network- plus they’re fun! i have also always tried to focus on two areas that i believe are critical to growing your blog: consistency and an authentic voice.

3.Did/do you pursue sponsors or advertisers or do they come to you?
i have never pursued advertisers but rather just put the word out there. i am blessed to say that they have always found me! :)

4. What are some other things that you’ve found have increased your blog traffic?
i really feel like reaching out to others and making an effort to create genuine connections goes a really long way. growing meaningful relationships with others in the industry is so important and fulfilling, as blogging can be a little lonely at times! other good ways to connect are through the many social media outlets- flickr, pinterest, twitter, facebook, instagram are all great ways to meet and greet. :)

5. Do you think its possible to plan a blog like a business venture or do you think it just has to happen if it’s gonna happen?
hmm, good question! i think it could definitely be both, but it seems like to me that most people tend to either become overnight successes or grow their blog over a long period of time (like me). i think if you set out with honest intentions and focus on your authentic voice, anyone can become a success. just remember to be consistent and be YOU!

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your darling blog workshop

February 29, 2012

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hello lovelies! i’m sure a few of you have explored the bottom of my blog enough to discover who designed it – the most talented jo klima from the darling tree and august empress. i just can’t say enough wonderful things about her! she’s done several design projects for me and is so sweet and lovely to work with. she’s simply the whole package!

your darling blog today, i’m excited to share with you a new workshop she’s offering called your darling blog. if you’ve ever wanted a custom-design for your blog then this workshop is for you! your darling blog is for bloggers who want to infuse more of their personality into their online space, and jo takes your step by step how to create a blog design that expresses who you are this 5 week e-course. visit your darling blog to learn more and register, but hurry- registration just opened and the class is  limited to 25 people!

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