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how to pitch to bloggers

photo by photographybykarina

hello, friends! have you ever wondered how to get more press in the blogosphere? whether you’d like to promote your shop, blog or online store, today you can read a little more about how to pitch to bloggers. i’m delighted to share that today you can find me over on etsy, talking with you about how to pitch yourself and your product to bloggers. you can also watch my online lab where i be answer all your questions about pitching to bloggers in this video interview!

how to pitch to bloggers

how to pitch to bloggers


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10 reasons to blog ahead

June 20, 2012

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reasons to blog ahead

admittedly, this is something i didn’t do for a very long time. after i recently bit the bullet and started writing posts ahead of time however, i can’t believe i waited so long! since it took me forever (we’re talking nearly 3 years here), i thought you might like to know why i made the switch, and if you’re a blogger, why you should to.

first let’s talk about why i did not plan my posts ahead of time. you see, i fell in love with this idea of spontaneity early on. i liked having the flexibility and empowerment of just blogging about something as soon as it caught my eye. i thought, but what if i wake up to an amazing product in my inbox? or what if inspiration strikes and i can’t wait to share it? so that my friends, is why i subscribed myself to never blogging ahead of time.

fast forward 3 years of what i would consider some stressful writing, frenzied posts and the occasional emergency run to the nearest coffee shop with internet and you’ll fine me here. happily posting ahead of time. and here’s why!

10 reasons to blog ahead (1) wake up feeling ahead of the game. especially when different time zones are considered, it’s a wonderful feeling to wake up and know that your posts have already been read, sometimes all around the world.


10 reasons to blog ahead (2) create better content. when you plan ahead you will naturally have more time to put sincere thought and effort into your posts and plan them perfectly.


10 reasons to blog ahead (3) freak out LESS! woke up to an internet outage? have no fear, your posts are already scheduled and making their way around the world www.


10 reasons to blog ahead (4) stay ahead, even when you’re on vacation. blogging while on the road use to be one of my biggest stressors, especially when internet service was in question. since i’ve started planning ahead, i’ve never had more fun while on the road!


10 reasons to blog ahead (5) share better projects, photos and recipes. when you’re working ahead of time, you’ll be able to plan more projects, and most importantly have plenty of time to take great photos (in the daylight!) and edit them to your liking.


10 reasons to blog ahead (6) have more time to connect. with your readers, your family and your dog (or kitty!).


10 reasons to blog ahead (7) better engage your audience. as you plan ahead you’ll find that you have more time to think about how you want to share your content across social media sites and with your readers.


10 reasons to blog ahead (8) press snooze. not all the time, but sometimes.


10 reasons to blog ahead (9) be spontaneous. yup, you can still be spontaneous! if you come across something that just can’t wait, just rearrange your scheduled posts or add a new post for the day- your readers will thank you!


10 reasons to blog ahead (10) be more flexible. want to go for a run? have coffee with your hubbie? have a little extra quite time? all of it is possible when your posts are schedule and ready to go.

so in a nutshell, that is why i made the switch and why it has totally rocked my world and actually increased my time to be creative. can i get a woot woot?!

do you blog ahead? why or why not? i’ll meet you in the comments section!

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as we’re all making ourselves at home in our new space, the timing for my pin it forward post couldn’t be more perfect!  pin it forward comes from victoria over at sfgirlbybay and is a great way of connecting hundreds of bloggers!  she teamed up with my favorite new web tool, pinterest, to bring this times theme of ‘what home means to me’.  how perfect!  if someone asked me what going home to roost was about, i think i’d pretty much sum it up by saying, ‘it’s about what home means to me’.  melissa passed the torch to me in her post yesterday and i’m pinning it forward to sam over at good measure for tomorrow! so without further adieu, this is what my home (and appropriately, blog) means to me!

the biggest thing that home means to me, is living in the mountains.  if fact, that’s exactly why i went home to roost.  i was tired of living in a big city while i went to school, and new it was seriously time for me to go home to roost.  so i journeyed back to my favorite place on earth, the smoky mountains.  yes, it’s a small town and i have to drive an hour to get to target (3 hours to get to trader joes) but how could i give up all this beauty?  all these pics were taken from around my area, and i couldn’t live without seeing the beauty that surrounds me.  the mountains, lakes and all the wildlife gives me inspiration and spirit (as long as i’m viewing the bears from behind the safety of my car windows!).

pins from: rod the rabid rodent, deb campbell, mharoldsewell, abennett23, a selfmade view

the second thing that makes my home is cozy comfy places to curl up to nap, read, blog, or sip tea.  i’m a serious lover of all things comfortable, and for a place to feel like home, it’s got to be cozy, soft and warm.

pins from: the little green, dede p., sfgirlbybay, ivy style33, bonnieforkner

something i’ve learned (rather recently) is that there is nothing that makes my home feel more home-y than having fresh flowers around.  there’s something about bringing the beauty from the outside in.  if i’m stressed, tired or having brain farts and writing blocks- all i have to do is go pick some flowers and arrange them in a vase to start feeling rejuvenated!

pins from: carrie m. becker, yoshiko314, bonnieforkner, *mayxxx*, ara133 photography, a creative mint

my home wouldn’t be home if i didn’t have a healthy mix of old and new.  i love putting some found item from a thrift store beside a brand new ikea lamp.  i love the dimension created by mixing textures and eras, and have an interesting nostalgia for a time i never lived in!  bringing old items in and around helps my home have a story, and how fun it is to think about what different items have seen or been through!

pins from: bonnieforkner, solveig flittiglisene, gloryof 80s, bricolagelife

finally, what is a home without a little bit of homesteading?  i’ll always remember the first tomato i ate from my garden, and the first egg i found laid by my hens (i ran around the yard screaming, while i held it up in the air).  eating from the land (or from a front porch potted basil plant) brings home a little closer to the heart.  i like to think that even if the whole world stopped around me, david and i could still go on at our tiny home, eating eggs and picking apples.

pins from: bonnieforkner, honey & jam photography, the bear foot shaman

so there you have it!  that’s what home means to me.  what does it mean to you? you can view all my pinboards (with more photo details) on pinterest. you can also find out more about the pin it forward project here.

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etsy shop help

do you have a new line of work coming out? celebrate it! rather than just start listing your new line that you’ve spent countless hours on, build up some suspense to it.  people will be just excited about your work as you are- so start making a fuss!

friendly forest bundle

it’s best to start talking about new items early on.  if you blog, give your readers some teasers to let them know that you’re working on something new.  and what about all those social networking sites? twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr- (you do use those, right?) start posting hints of what you’re working on, maybe some pictures of your work space or a video of your design process.  if you blog, you could even take a poll for some outsider advice.

goldsboro jacket

don’t give your line away, but post enough to get readers interested in your ‘coming soon’ line.  also, don’t forget about your shop announcement.  announcing big news and a check back on ‘this date’ will surely get your customers excited- you can believe they will be back on the date you specified (so, make sure to stick to it!).

floral coptic stitch journal

no time for a blog? etsy also has some great resources you can use.  their promotions area allow you to post any self-promoting material!  announce your new line, or maybe even a discount or sale.  their are lots of people scouring the forums all day long, so it’s important not to miss out on all these potential customers.

autumn dress up dolls :: fabric wall decal

remember us? bloggers? are you there?  put together a press release!  e-mail your favorite bloggers!  i think most of us love to hear from you and like to help promote the handmade world any way we can (why would we be doing this if we didn’t?)

triptych spring circles

would you like some guidelines? i remember when i first started out, i thought it was really nerve-racking to compose an email and approach a blogger- but as long as you know a little etiquette and approach honestly- it’s always going to be ok.  what’s the worse they’ll say? no? oh well- move on to the next one!

thank you card

would you like some guidelines? first of all, try to never mass email.  no one likes to be another blogger on a big long send list. we want to know you care, you read our blog, and you know our name (should be easy to find!).  so, try to take the time and email one blogger at a time. we like to feel that we have in-sider info- and we try to bring fresh new material every day.  if you don’t hear back, maybe send a second follow up e-mail the next week.  if still no response move on to the next blogger (i always try to respond!).  it might take a little while to land a feature, but when you do- it should be well worth the wait.  put together a quick, honest email about you, your shop, and your product.  don’t forget your release date, your shop url (yes, people forget!), and 3-4 small jpeg images.  just try to be yourself and everyone will see it come through. here’s a few more articles that should help you!

design sponge’s advice from bloggers

the ultimate press list from modish biz tips

weathered gray hook board

taking some of my own advice? check my shop on wednesday, sept. 16 for *lots of new items- including a brand new line of funky christmas aprons!

birds go green

extra reading :: {pimp your shop},{broaden your target audience} & {etsy promotion forums} from etsy and the storque :: {advice from bloggers} from design*sponge :: {build your own ultimate press list} from modish biz tips

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