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colorful garden hoses

March 18, 2013

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colorful garden hoses 1 & 2 | 3 & 4 | 5 & 6

one of my favorite ways to make our home cheery is by looking for alternatives to everyday boring items… like garden hoses! why have a drab ‘ol green garden hose like everyone on the block when you could brighten up your lawn with one of these beauties? my favorite is this robin egg blue one, i think using it would make me feel all martha stewart-y and turn watering the garden into an exciting even which would in turn surely make my plants grow more abundantly (right?). i think so.

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the red nosed reindeer!

November 17, 2011

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christmas handmade items

one of my favorite photographers, elle moss, recently put together this treasury, which inspired me to put together my own version of the red nosed reindeer! i couldn’t help but fall in love with the pale blues contrasted with the bold reds. the colors remind me of sitting next to a warm fire and looking out the window at a blue wintry day.

clockwise: the christmas comfort pocket box | candy caneslet it snow | felt tag card | deer tea towelwinter photography | santa’s reindeer | holiday deer | red cable knit wrist warmers

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tie-dyed tips

July 20, 2011

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tie-dyed tips

ok, i know this is a little out of the realm for ghtr, but i ran across these tie-dyed tips earlier this week and have been more or less obsessed with them ever since. ummmm, aren’t they awesome!? i’m not sure that i could pull them off, but maybe i’ll try it before i get my next hair cut or something. what do you think? i mean, i am a california girl now, right?

tie-dyed tips

so let me know what you think… too crazy? visit the beauty department for full instructions, and be sure to share with us if you decide to tie-dye your tips!

xox, bonnie

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DIY hanging mason jars

April 28, 2011


oh, how excited i was to recieve this sweet diy project in my inbox this morning! heather from post road vintage sells these darling hanging jars in her shop, but has been kind enough to share the full diy on her blog. yeah!

i’m thinking these scream mother’s day, am i right? sweet, simple, and handmade. you could also use this same technique with several different kinds of jars. i’ve been collecting old blue ones of various shapes for a long time now, and this project seems just perfect for them. you could also put a little tea light candle in them when you’re low on fresh cut flowers to create a beautiful, old-timey ambiance.

i’m thinking about hanging several of these around our wisteria trellis. i’m planning to use that as an outdoor dining space, and think these would be the perfect added touch. what do you think?

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before and after: planter table

i found this little tray table at the thrift store for $5. i love it’s little tapered legs and rolling wheels!

after painting it with yellow zig zags, it’s now a little planter table and adds the perfect splash of color to our dining room.

before and after: planter table

i used love natalie’s grow print as inspiration, can you tell?  though her shop is temporarily closed, {update! her shop is now open!} you can see all of her watercolor paintings and diy projects on her blog- love, natalie.

before and after: planter table


i only bought one shade of yellow paint, but mixed up a little batch of it with some added white to make the lighter color.  i first painted the top light yellow, then used this technique of painting chevrons to tape off the design.  after painting the whole piece darker yellow, i removed the tape and finished it off with a top coat.

before and after: planter table

did you notice my little collection of blue bottles? i got inspired by johnny miller a while back, and have been collection blue and green bottles and jars ever since.  mine needs some work to be anywhere near as beautiful as his, but i think it’s pretty catching the afternoon light.

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kitchen inspiration

July 16, 2010

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kitchen inspiration

um, this may very well be the most beautiful kitchen i’ve ever seen.  i think i would have been afraid to use those colors, but i can’t believe how perfect they are!  what do you think?  i now want to redo my entire kitchen. you can see more of it on bolig.

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rainy day

March 10, 2010

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lisa’s green balloon by lisa sparks

green and blue

clockwise:: lime green canvas wedges, vintage 400ft film reels, lime green vintage alarm clock, hand dyed aqua lime yarn, letterpress fortune teller, two mini butterfly vases, vintage seed packets, vintage stack of 40s & 50s aqua books

rain rain go away, come again another day.  please?

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