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baby roost's nursery inspiration

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i haven’t talked much about baby roost around here yet, partly because i don’t want to change the dynamic of going home to roost and partly because we haven’t moved into our new home yet. the truth is though that i’m so excited, so obsessed and so in love! i know once we get moved into our new place (hopefully next month), i’ll be sharing more with you but for now we feel like we’re kind of stuck in a state of limbo. one thing i’ve had time to do though is start dreaming up a nursery for our little man. above is a sneak peek at the direction we’ll be taking. what do you think? if you like, you can also follow the baby roost pinterest board for more inspiration along the way. xo

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bonnie christine logo design for m.newsom photography

the titles i keep coming up with to describe what i do never cease to change (blogger, creative, entrepreneur, sewer, designer..), but one i didn’t imagine i would give myself anytime soon was brand developer. alas though, it’s happened. and it was fun.

when meghan contacted me to ask if i was interested in designing a logo for her photography business, m.newsom photography- i have to admit, i was a bit hesitant. though i knew i had the skill set, i hadn’t really put myself out their as a logo designer yet. meg and i seemed to instantly click though, so i told her i was interested in hearing her vision. when received, i knew we were a match made in heaven. she wanted something soft and sweet, but memorable too.

above is the branding board i created for meghan. it was so incredibly fun to design and though my time is limited, i really hope to be able to do some more in the future! the key for us i think was being able to see eye to eye on the vision, which made the whole experience really exciting, fun and rewarding.

here’s a little excerpt from meghan: “You’ve done such a great job translating my vision, and I’m so thankful and happy. You’ve just gone above and beyond everything I could have asked for, Bonnie. Thank you for sharing your talent with me.”

isn’t she the sweetest? visit her stunning photography blog, and be sure to hit up her facebook and pinterest pages, too!

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a new home, a new look

November 28, 2012

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new home inspiration board

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it’s always fun to start with a blank slate. with our recent move to a new home, i’ve been so excited to start deciding which direction i’ll be taking the new digs. this is just a little inspiration board i’ve been building over on pinterest, and hope to acquire a few of these lovelies over the next few months. my vision is to use a lot of neutral, solid colors (mainly white) and mix and match farmhouse simplicity with rustic cabin charm. can’t wait to start sharing some tidbits with you! for now though, i’m off to work on all these boxes..

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chalk art for christmas

November 14, 2012

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chalk art for christmas (1)

chalk art for christmas (2)

chalk art for christmas (3)

chalk art for christmas (4)

today i’ve been oohing and ahhing over valerie’s chalk art at lily & val. valerie first hand draws in chalk, then meticulously paints over them using a technique that preserves the realistic look of chalk with the durability of acrylic paint. the result looks like an authentic chalk masterpiece, but won’t ever rub off! i think these would make great christmas gifts, or add the perfect touch to your holiday decor. visit her shop  or website for originals, digital and prints.

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color inspiration

happy friday, friends! to kick off the weekend, here’s a little color inspiration. it’s called the last flower in the greenhouse by rockie nolan. :)

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an inspirational sketchbook

October 26, 2011

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an inspirational sketchbook

when i discovered joojoo’s art blog (via august empress) i instantly fell in love. inspiration boards, watercolor paintings and possibly the most beautiful sketchbooks i’ve ever seen!

an inspirational sketchbook

an inspirational sketchbook

an inspirational sketchbook

an inspirational sketchbook

you can click on the photos to read the stories behind each of these sketchbook entries, don’t they make you want to start keeping one?

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playing grown up

April 13, 2011

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playing grown up

playing grown up
playing grown up

ohhhh, i love these! what a perfect way to entertain your guests at a get together! wouldn’t this be fun at a wedding reception, baby shower or going away party? playing grown up has several chalk board options that each allow guests to write a personalized note on them. set up a photo booth at your next gathering and let the speech-bubble-fun begin!

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ironing board cover

wow, was this a quick, easy and oh-so-worth it way to spruce up my ol’ ironing board!!  i ordered this ironing board cover last week from city chic country mouse, and was so excited when it arrived.  it really did do wonders for my entire sewing room!  now i’ve got some projects to finish with coordinating fabrics, can’t wait to share them with you!

city chic country mouse

jamie and carmen are a mom and daughter team who own and run their etsy shop, blog and facebook page. mom (the country mouse) and daughter (the city chic) come together to make these lovely ironing board covers, towels, scissor holders, clothespin bags and more!  city chic country mouse makes it easy to brighten up your sewing space, what a beautiful way to collaborate together!

have a sunny weekend, and i’ll be looking forward to seeing you back here on monday! xo, bonnie

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