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get or gift: book darts

June 11, 2014

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get or gift: book darts

next on my list of items to get or gift are these pretty book darts by schoolhouse. made of paper-thin brass, these darts slide easily onto any page so you can mark a passage or save your spot. coming in at just $10 for a set of 30 of them, they are the perfect item to get or gift!

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hexagon shelves

March 10, 2014

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hexagon wall shelves

hexagon shelves (clockwise): haase handcraft | handmade riot | forma living

i’ve got the perfect spot above my workspace where i’d like to install a few hexagon wall shelves. it’s an angled space due to a staircase above it, so a cluster of hexagons would be perfect (plus, you know i’m obsessed with all things sweet as honey!). i’ve just been waiting to find the right ones, but i think i’ve narrowed it down to the sets above. do you have any favorite honeycomb shelves? i’ve also seen some darling house bookshelves lately, too!

**update! haase handcraft has been so kind enough to offer each of you an exclusive discount to their shop! enter code ‘ROOST1′ during checkout to receive 10% off. expires march 31st. thank you, hasse handcraft!

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where are you going little one?

i have fallen in love with this sweet little book proposal by bryanna millis where bright collages and rhyming couplets take readers on an adventure in each month of the year.

bryanna’s inspiration: “When I became a mom in 2011 I struggled to fit art making into my life. Hours of experimenting with a wide variety of collage materials were a thing of the past, as time and space went to the baby. Yet he also provided a new source of inspiration. In the very early days, my son loved to lie on his changing table, kicking his legs and laughing. “Where are you going, little one?”, I’d ask him, and offer up rhyming answers of my own. As new nicknames came to mind–little fish, little star, little dream–I would rhyme couplets about the adventures of each character.

her inspiration is so sweet and completely relatable, don’t you think? head on over to bryanna’s kickstarter project to help make this book come to life. i hope to read it to bear one day so badly!

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paper to petal

May 3, 2013

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petals to paper (5)

i’ve been gushing over this book for days now. paper to petal is a collection of products, handmade paper flowers, and objects that celebrate paper-crafts, each influenced by nature and imaginatively inspired. i think they would be especially nice to make during the winter when fresh blooms aren’t available (depending on where you live, of course!). i’ve missed having a little bouquet of flowers by my desk during the colder months, so paper flowers will definitely be on my crafting list this fall! head on over to amazon, barnes and noble or indiebound to get yours on pre-order now.

petals to paper (2)

petals to paper (3)

petals to paper (4)

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artifact uprising (6)

one of my favorite gifts i purchased this year was this book for david from artifact uprising. i’m constantly taking photos with my phone and as i was browsing through them one day, realized just how much they meant to me. each of them are full of memories, and remind us of the places we’ve been and things we’ve done.

artifact uprising (3)

the moment i discovered artifact uprising, i fell in love. their photo books and memoirs are sensational, and their love for preserving photography really shows through. they strive to cultivate creativity and community, and make telling our stories easy and beautiful. they believe in archiving the story for future generations, and moving our stories off our computers and into our lives.

artifact uprising (2)

when it dawned on me, i was so excited. i wanted to make a book of the most momentousus photos from 2012 and show them in chronological order. it would be a picture book of our entire year! and i plan to make one at the end of every year, so that we can start building a library of our lives through pictures.
artifact uprising (4)

i quickly downloaded all the photos i had taken and shared on instagram (i used this handy site) and since they were already in chronological order, my job was easy. delete the ones that didn’t have much meaning, and keep the ones that were special (ok, that part wasn’t actually that easy). i then used artifact uprising’s built in designer to make the book and ordered it right away.

artifact uprising (5)
It arrived just in time for christmas and it was so incredibly beautiful. the pages feel so good it really makes you feel like your holding something extra special- and to us, we’re literally flipping through the pages of our lives.

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hello, lovelies! today’s guest post comes to you from one of the sweetest gals, jes from oh, buckets! she found ghtr in it’s early (early) days, and we’ve been friends ever since. whether it’s a diy project or a new item for her shop, she’s always up to something new and whimsically beautiful. i hope you enjoy getting to know her and learning about this great project! xo, bonnie

book page bunting
My little Sofia turned 5 this past weekend and we celebrated with her requested butterfly and heart party – what a sweet combination!  I was able to use a table cloth that once belonged to my great, great grandma.  It was made from an old flour sack and beautifully embellished with none other than butterflies and blue embroidery!  I also made an adorable cake topper for Sofia’s little flourless chocolate heart cake, and a party pom out of cupcake liners!  But, the stars of the show were the book page buntings proudly announcing Sofia and her brand new age!  Read on for a super simple how-to:

What you’ll need:

An old book – I found mine at a thrift store for $0.50!

A hole puncher

Reinforcement circles

Ribbon – I used 3 yards

A sharp blade and scissors

Glue or decoupage – I used the latter

Paper to make your letters/numbers/shapes or pre-cut options

Your browser may not support display of this image.

book page bunting

Begin by cutting out the number of book pages you will need.  I used a sharp blade, but scissors would work just fine.  Since my little lady was turning five I chose to (mostly) use pages containing the number 5.  You can cut out whatever pages you like!  Then, punch two holes in the top of each page (this is where the ribbon will run thru).  Because old book pages are fragile, you will want to line the back of each punched hole with reinforcement circles.

Next, cut out your letters and/or pictures.  I used a Slice machine, but any similar tool would work!  You could also print the letters on the computer and cut them out or purchase pre-cut letters and/or pictures from a craft store.  I chose to adhere my letters with decoupage, but you could use glue.  Allow the letters to dry before adding the ribbon – about 20 minutes should do.

book page bunting

Finally, lay your pages out in the order you want them to hang.  Begin running your ribbon thru the holes – starting from the underside of each page, coming out the top, and then back down thru.  Make sure to leave enough ribbon at each end for hanging.  And, wa-la you’re done!

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hello, friends! are you wanting to start a blog soon? have big intentions for the one you already have? whether you’re a newbie to the blogosphere or a seasoned pro, tara gentile’s blogging your passion e-books are here to help!

52 MORE weeks of blogging your passion

tara is the editor of scoutie girl blog (a must read if you don’t already) and is celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of her first e-book, 52 weeks of blogging with passion! can you believe it’s been a year?! 9 months later she released the sequel, 52 MORE weeks of blogging your passion, and as i’ve discussed both of these helpful e-zines before (here and here) i highly recommend them. tara is a motivator unlike any other i’ve met, and in each of her books she supplies you with 12 fresh intentions and 52 incredible writing prompts to keep you blogging year in and year out.

52 weeks of blogging with passion concentrates on giving you permission to blog about yourself and your business in an interesting way to your readers. it helps you beat writer’s block and gives you prompt after prompt to help keep you writing all year long.

52 MORE weeks of blogging with passion is all about blogging with intention. it focuses on helping you reach your goals and create a community. it teaches you how to engage your readers and keep them interested.

blogging your passion

that’s right! get 40% either 52 weeks of blogging with passion or 52 MORE weeks of blogging with passion by using the coupon code ‘ANNIVERSARY’ at checkout. but only until tonight! sale ends wednesday, december 22 at 11:59pm EST.

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The Happy Holidays Guide to DIY
seeing that we are all in the full swing of christmas, the happy holidays guide to diy couldn’t come at a better time! brittni from papernstitch has compiled a beautiful diy guide with step by step tutorials for over 8 easy holiday projects, and they are all to die for!

The Happy Holidays Guide to DIY
these projects are never-before-seen originals that will get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to get crafty this christmas.  with beautiful gift wrapping ideas, ornament tutorials and some great last minute gift ideas, i couldn’t be more excited to share this with you!

The Happy Holidays Guide to DIY
The Happy Holidays Guide to DIY
click here to get your free copy!

i wish you all a wonderful weekend, as i’m sure we will all be busy bees tying up loose ends before christmas!  i’ll see you back here on monday, love to you!

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