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diy reversible ribbon cuffs

December 19, 2013

diy reversible ribbon cuffs (2)

next up on the list of diy gifts are these pretty reversible ribbon cuffs. once you gather the supplies, they’re so easy to make! i whipped up about 20 of them in just a few hours. since they’re reversible, i made each side with a different ribbon which really makes them stand out and fun to wear!

diy reversible ribbon cuffs (4)


– ribbon*
– jump rings**
– lobster clasps**
– ribbon end clamps (make sure to get a size that matches your ribbon widths)**
fray check
– flat nose pliers
– bent nose pliers
– sewing machine***

*i used designer ribbons from renaissance ribbons. pictured here are some from amy butler, tula pink, anna maria horner and philip jacobs. you can search for them around the web or order them directly from my mom’s quilting shop, a stitch in time (just e-mail her!).

**i got all my supplies from twilights fancy. she was wonderful to work with and shipped very quickly!

***if you don’t have a sewing machine, you could also make these by fusing the two sides together with an iron using a fusible like heat n bond.

diy reversible ribbon cuffs (1)

diy reversible ribbon cuffs


step 1: begin by cutting your ribbon. i made each of mine 7″ long, but you can measure your own wrist and adjust if necessary.

step 2: place two pieces of coordinating ribbon wrong sides (messy sides) together. straight stitch down each side, staying as close to the edges as possible. (see picture above supplies.)

step 3: apply fray check to the cut ends to prevent raveling (you can skip this step if you want, but let me warn you- ribbons fray like crazy!).

step 4: insert each end of the ribbon into a ribbon clamp and clamp each end tightly down using flat nose pliers.

step 5: using curved nose pliers, open a jump ring and place it in the loop at the end of one of the ribbon clamps. close the jump ring.

step 6: open another jump ring, place a lobster claw on it and attach it the other ribbon clamp just like you did in the previous step.

diy reversible ribbon cuffs (3)

oh yeah, and did i mention? i got a tattoo!

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holiday showcase: ke aloha jewelry

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

i’m really excited to kick off our holiday showcase by starting the series with lisa b.’s ke aloha jewelry. handcrafted in maui, hawaii, lisa uses a variety of raw and natural materials to make her gold filled and sterling silver jewelry. though incredibly hard to choose, i think my favorites are the mano necklace and the ali’i necklace. be sure to also check out her facebook page and pinterest boards for added inspiration!

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diy hex nut bracelet

March 19, 2012

DIY bracelet

diy hex nut bracelet | found via dirty laundry

this diy hex nut bracelet is crafty, stylish and affordable- all you need is butcher’s twine and a few brass nuts! i think it adds a nice artistic flair look, especially when wrapped twice and coupled with other bracelets (and you know i love that it looks like herringbone!). head on over here for the full tutorial!

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i just can’t help but smile as i look at iswas+willbe’s beautiful handmade jewelry. it instantly takes me to lunch on a pier, walks on the beach and salt in the air. husband and wife team rex+telle lefler intentionally design each piece with a focus on showcasing rare, found and ethically sourced materials, and i love that they let us grab a glimpse of them through their product photography. head on over to iswas+willbe to shop around, and check out their website, too!

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