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vegan birthday cake recipe

i wish you could have seen me make this cake. i was covered in flour, listening to loud music and dancing around, jittered out on all the icing i had consumed. even toaster had flour on his head! anyways, i’ve been looking for just the right vegan birthday cake recipe, and i’ve finally found it. it turned out moist, fluffy and oh, so sweet!

pssst! digging that little bunting banner? find the diy here!

vegan birthday cake recipe

cake recipe

- adapted from my vegan cookbook:


2 cups cake flour
3/4 cup organic sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 cup water
2 tbs earth balance butter
2 tbs coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla flavoring
1 tsp lemon juice

*this makes just enough for one layer. for the above cake, i made this recipe 3 times, once for each round cake layer (don’t try to double it!).

vegan birthday cake recipe


preheat the oven to 350 degrees. combine the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl (flour, sugar, salt, baking soda and powder) and mix together.

in a seperate bowl, combine the wet ingredients (water, earth balance, coconut oil, vanilla, lemon juice) and mix together.

slowly pour the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredints and mix slowly until it is well combined. a few little lumps will remain.

pour the batter into a lightly greased cake pan and bake for 25-30 mintues, or until a knife can be inserted into the middle and come out clean.

remove and let cool for at least 30 minutes before icing.

icing recipe

- adapted from oh she glows:


1/2 cup earth balance butter, at room temperature
3 cups confectioners sugar, sifted
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla flavoring
2 tbsp coconut creamer

vegan birthday cake recipe


place the 1/2 cup earth balance butter in a mixing bowl, and beat on high as you gradually add in the coconut creamer, vanilla extract and salt. continue to mix for 3-4 minutes. as it continues to beat, slowly start adding your 3 cups of sifted confectioners sugar. beat on high for another 5-10 mintues to achieve a really fluffy, smooth texture.

*note, i made this recipe 3 times to cover the above cake.

vegan birthday cake recipe

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diy cake bunting (1)

this past weekend, i celebrated a dear friend’s birthday, and with the addition of this bunting banner, we had quite the pennant party! i thought this simple miniature cake bunting might be something you’d like to play around with. it’s cute on cakes, atop presents and even stuck in planters! here’s how i made it:

diy cake bunting (3) diy cake bunting (2)   diy cake bunting (4)

pssst! check back tomorrow for a recipe for this amazing cake – it’s vegan!

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diy animal candle holders

i’ve got a couple of birthdays to celebrate this month, so i’ve been scouring the web for party ideas. when i ran across these diy party animals i thought, how cute! especially because my still-child-at-heart-husband has an affinity for dinosaurs. :)

diy animal candle holders

head on over to the sweetest occasion for the full tutorial, but glance above to see just how easily you can make these fellas.

diy animal candle holders

i think they are just as cute as pie. visit the sweetest occasion for more pics, and make sure to check out her other adorable diy’s as well!

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edible sweets

speaking of edible sweets, another fabulous find i discovered this week is a quaint little shop called andie’s specialty sweets. combining two of my most loved items (nature and sweets), these decorative edibles are just irresistible. in addition to flora, they also have edible buttons (oh, my!), birds and butterflies. plus, everything they make is hand sculpted, hand molded, hand poured, and artistically handled the old fashioned way!

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Diy Cake Decor Lettering

August 8, 2011

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One of the easiest ways to decorate a cake is with stylized lettering and text, but store-bought sugar letters can be tacky, while icing-piped text can look messy. An easy solution is to make custom edible letters all of your own!


– chocolate morsels (white, milk, or semi-sweet)

– a glass container for melting chocolate

– a Ziploc bag

– wax paper

- optional: a computer, paper and printer

– dessert

I used white chocolate letters on this pan of chocolate raspberry brownies I made this weekend – the combination was amazing!

This project can be done freehand, but if you’re nervous about creating evenly-sized letters, you can create your own stencil.

Making the Stencil

Print your desired text from a word document. Make sure you use a large enough font that is easy to cut and trace, and looks proportional on your dessert. I printed mine in Arial Black, 80 point font.

Next, cut your letters out with a craft knife. Layer your stencil over wax paper on a flat, solid surface. When your stencil is ready to go, you can start melting the chocolate.


Melting the Chocolate

I placed about 1/4 cup of white chocolate in a glass measuring cup, and microwaved it on high in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until it was melted smoothly.

Spoon the melted chocolate into a Ziploc bag, and press all of the air out of the bag before zipping it shut. Let cool a couple of minutes, or else the melted chocolate could burn your hands through the bag. When it doesn’t burn to touch the bag, snip a small corner off the tip of one side of the bag.

Trace along the sides of the letter stencils with a steady stream of melted chocolate, and gently squeeze more out to fill the letters in. For any mess-ups, a tooth pick can be used to shape the chocolate the way you want it before it hardens.

The stencil is not totally necessary – you can free-hand your text on the wax paper, or even draw shapes with the chocolate.

Your letters should be hardened enough to transfer onto your frosted dessert within 20 minutes. Gently – and I mean very gently – peel the letters off the wax paper. If you used a stencil, the letters should easily pop of the paper if it is touching it along the edges at all. Next, carefully arrange the letters on the frosting.

If you have leftover letters, you can place them in sealed containers, separated with wax paper, in the freezer for a month or more.

ashley paul indie pretty project Out to find ways to make life simpler, Ashley is tackling life one DIY project at a time. Learning as she goes, she also spends her days writing Indie Pretty Projects and creating for her Etsy shop.

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diy food dyes

July 11, 2011

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many of you might have heard about the recent debate over artificial food dyes. to sum up the issue, most artificial food dyes are toxic in nature and are derived from petroleum sourced bases. many have been found to be carcinogenic and have been linked to several disorders found in children. you can read more about the issue in the new york times and npr, but today- i want to discuss an alternative- DIY food dyes.


colorful inspiration by mommy makes

as i was baking a cake for a dear friend’s birthday yesterday, i was searching for an alternative to using artificial food dyes for the icing. after some quick research, i discovered many ways of coloring food, all naturally! for a beautiful deep pink icing, i simply heated up some frozen cherries i had and used the juice to whip into my white icing. it worked wonderfully- and tasted good, too! here are several other ways you can color your foods, naturally.

– beet juice
– cherry juice
– raspberry juice
– juiced cranberries
– pomegranate juice
– paprika powder

– avocado (smash with a fork, then stir into icing)
– juiced kale or spinach

purple & blue
– juiced blueberries
– blackberries
– acai juice
– grape juice

yellow & orange
– juiced yellow bell pepper
– juiced carrots
– turmeric powder

– coffee powder
– cocoa powder

have you made your own food dye before? please share with us any advice!

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