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bonnie + bear's list of essentials - part 2

hi friends! as a follow up to our first list of essential (0-6 months), today i’m sharing our new essential list for ages 6 -12 months-ish!

as i’ve said before, i remember early in my pregnancy when it was time to start thinking about a registry and i froze. i had no idea what i needed! all i knew was that i wanted to go about raising my baby as simply as possible. i wanted to stick to well made products that would last in our family for generations to come. and if i could help it, i wanted to avoid plastic as much as possible.

the first thing i did was e-mail a handful of my favorite momma friends to ask them what their advice was. i had them list the top 10 must-haves and then let me know about anything they really felt was unnecessary. from those lists, i compiled everyone’s must haves and made a list for myself. then i began researching. i looked in to each product, where they were made, if there was a greener or more organic option and whether or not i thought we really needed it or not. safety was of course taken into consideration as well (for example, safety won over being green when it came to a carseat). whenever possible, we also tried to use hand-me-downs or purchase used goods.

even though we were incredibly thoughtful about what we asked for, we still ended up with too much, a few things we don’t use often and lots of lessons learned!

of course, every person, every baby and every situation is different, but when i was researching, i found everyone’s ‘must have lists’ super helpful. so here’s mine! bear is currently 14 months old, so this list is probably good for 6-15 months-ish.

must haves:
- charlie’s soap. we love this for all baby clothes and cloth diapers.
- ergobaby carrier with infant insert. i like to use this for longer, more strenuous wears (like on hikes and to bike races).
- carseat (of course). we got the britax marathon 70-G3. we like it b/c it’s an ‘all in one’ and we won’t have to buy another one later, BUT the downside is that you can’t pop it out and carry him around in itt, though it’s not been an issue for us.
- organic baby soap. we love sweet baby shampoo
- inglesina table chair (instead of a high chair)- oh man do we love this! attach it to any table and take it to restaurants. bear loves his and happily plays in it while we eat and cook.
baby gates. after trying several, we decided we liked the easy and simplicity of this one.
- baby monitor. this wasn’t necessary until he started napping in his own room, but now i like to be able to see him!
blender & food processor. for making smoothies and food more baby bite-sized!
books. all of the books!

optionals (that we LOVE):
- zutano booties – the only socks/shoes that will stay on. seriously.
snuza hero. clip it on their diaper (or pants) while they sleep and it vibrates if they stop breathing, then alarms.  we finally just stopped using this when he turned one, but i loved it for the first year!
snugly blanket – we’re attached to this one from from saranoni.
sippy caps – we use and like these from lifefactory.
- stroller. becoming more and more helpful the heavier he gets!
music. we love listening to music and making noise with music makers!
- crib. we still don’t use the crib much yet, though i’m sure we will use it more and more. (we co-sleep. gasp!)
- little remedies tylenol – just in case of an emergency. this brand doesn’t contain parabens, high fructose corn syrup, dye or gluten.
- baby in-sight mirror – so you can see your babe while you drive.
- organic waterproof pads – for under the bed sheets or crib sheets.
- travel crib – for traveling, this is a must! we love our baby bjorn travel crib light.
safety precautions - like this, this and this.

nonessential: (in our opinion!)

- baby tub. i just put him in the bath with me. :)
baby spoons and dishes. we just use things we already have, it works great!
- wipes warmer – if it’s really cold i just run the wipes through a little warm water.
- hooded towels or baby bath cloths – we just use regular towels.
- any kind of play mobile thingy (we make-do just fine with things from around the house).
- baby swing. we haven’t had one and haven’t missed it (though i know every baby is different!).
- noise machine – we haven’t used one and haven’t missed it.
- bouncer or walker
- nursing bras/tanks – i just wear tops that i can either pull up or down.

books i read (and recommend!):
- the baby book
the vaccine book
the womanly art to breastfeeding
the eco-nomical guide
vegan pregnancy survival guide

now it’s you’re turn! what do you find absolutely necessary? nonessential? i’ll meet you in the comments section!

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kindred oak holiday showcase

December 9, 2013

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kindred oak

paige smith is the owner and creative behind kindred oak clothing for little babes. after 9 years of retail experience, she found herself saying goodbye to start a new chapter with her husband and new babe. having no professional training in sewing, designing, or business, she started kindred oak with $200, a passion for creativity and desire to fill the void of fashionable children’s clothing in today’s market.

inspired by her husband’s native american background, appreciation for the great outdoors and of course her baby boy, each clothing creation is unique, earthy and stylish. i especially love the wide selection of gender-neutral items and darling choices for little boys (which can be hard to find sometimes!). needless to say, i can’t wait to get bear into a beanie and matching hoodie. :)

paige has also kindly offered an exclusive discount for GHTR readers! enter code ‘GHTR15’ to receive 15% off your purchase at kindred oak. expires 12/31/13. not valid with other offers. thanks, paige!

pssst.. they also offer free gift wrap!

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mary kilvert

mary kilvert

mary kilvert

i recently found mary kilvert’s artwork and love the style of darling illustrations that are somehow perfectly suitable for either children or adults. i think this townhouse wallpaper would be beautiful in an entryway, or make for a sweet nursery. visit her shop to see more goodies, from tea towels and cushions to postcards and pocket mirrors.

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sponsor welcome- natural kids

December 21, 2010

natural kids on etsy

{rooster pull toy, felted wool owl toy, montessori baby toys, owl friends peg rack}

with questionable materials being used in so many toys today, many moms are choosing to go all au naturel. if your looking to make the switch, NaturalKids etsy street team is here to help! they are a group of sellers dedicated to creating natural products for children, and they make everything from toys to utensils to clothing (and more)!  they work with natural materials from the earth, such as wool, cotton, silk and wood. visit the NaturalKids etsy street team site to learn more about their mission, or start browsing their selection on etsy!

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wicked big bibs

lisa is a stay-at-home momma of three and recently turned entrepreneur after opening her business, wicked big bibs.  she knows all about how messy little ones can be and so created the monster mess bib and the lesser messer bib.  covering from neck to knees, these are surely a mother’s best friend!  thank you lisa, for supporting ghtr!

elsewhere: {shop} {blog}

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alas, we meet another friday!  i’ve had a good week here chatting with all of you, haven’t you? i’m sharing with you today my latest web-window browsing obsession, cox & cox!


clockwise :: oak boot rack, beehouse, citronella candles, seedling paper pot press


clockwise :: towel ladder, three hyacinth bulb vases, herb scissors, herb and flower dryer


clockwise :: travel gift tags, number cookie cutters, little button jar, alphabet stamps


clockwise :: heads and tails, world map wallpaper, sparkling mike, mr. p tape dispenser

they have a little something for everyone, don’t they?  with a simplistic approach to design and function, it seems i could find stuff to spruce up my tiny homestead all day!  enjoy browsing the many pages of cox & cox, they will surely get you in the mood for spring!


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holiday gift guide

bright. cheerful. snuggly. fun!


row 1 :: green and yellow seedling doll :: winter creatures :: handmade felt slippers ::

row 2 :: sock monkey :: red car window art :: reversible hero capes ::

row 3 :: farm murals :: daisy flapper beanie :: porcelain hedgehog ::

row 4 ::my children’s book :: firefighter giclee print :: snail backpack ::

row 5 :: my coloring book :: custom super hero mask :: papa smurf ::

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clockwise :: horses :: rainbow window stars :: star baby pins :: felted acorns ::

if you haven’t already- click on over to check out natural kids- a porthole for esty shops that create not only beautiful- but healthy, natural and environmentally responsible items for kids! natural kids is a group of sellers dedicated to supply natural products for children.  it’s not exactly a store- but rather a gateway to the team’s etsy shops.  you can click on the members (or become one yourself!) to find specific etsy shop’s that supply natural goodies for your little ones.  thank you, natural kids for supporting going home to roost!

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