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today is the day

July 7, 2011

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today is the day today is the day by virginia kraljevic

today is the day… i start teaching yoga! tonight i will be starting a brand new christian yoga class here in my town of solvang at our local yoga studio, bloom yoga (remember me saying it might be my new favorite spot?).

never heard of christian yoga? you can read all about it on my flyer, but basically it’s a yoga class with the specific intention of worshiping the Lord. you can check out holy yoga’s website to read more about the general philosophy and feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments section. but more importantly, if you’re in the area make sure to come on out and join the class!! xox, bonnie

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the art of action

February 23, 2011

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do you have a dream? i know you do. we all do. i have some so big that i’ve never even shared them with you. dreams can be scary, right? what if i can’t do it? what will people think? how do i even get started?

that’s where the art of action comes in.

if you’ve followed tara gentile and scoutie girl for very long, you know she’s a master of action. she takes her dreams and turns them into realities. quickly!

the art of action
after reading so many of your stories from the do what you love giveaway, i can tell so many of us are struggling to get started on our big dreams. you’ve been laid off from work, don’t like your job, or are just too tired from it when you get home to even think about your dreams.

there’s an art to action, and a way to accomplish your goals, one step at a time. that’s exactly what tara’s goals are for the art of action. it’s an e-course where you’ll learn step by step how to act on you big dreams and goals in life, and put them into action.

“Your big dream is your art. Your idea, a brushstroke on canvas. Together, we will set up your easel, get out your paints, ready your brushes, and begin.” – Tara Gentile

the art of action
it’s all about execution. the art of action will help you put what you learn into practice. it will help you define your goals, finalize your concepts, and move forward.

it will help bring your dreams into reality.

the art of action tara gentile visit the art of action to learn more, get inspired and register today. spots are limited!

i’ll see you in class!

xo, bonnie

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