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snippets of my home

August 23, 2012

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snippets of my home

snippets of my home- inspired by my recent home tour on houzz and this collage. (you can see my entire home tour here).

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hello beloveds!  instead of an etsy shop help post today, i’m writing about something that i often get asked about, how do i ‘pretty up my posts’? the good news is, that there are many resources out there to help you doll up your images, posts and projects!  the bad news is, some are free and some aren’t- so i’m just going to outline a few for you today.


first things first, digital tape seems to be the biggest craze!  on the left is one of my favorite masking tapes called naked tape elements from designer digital (costs $3.50).  the 2nd set is my latest absolute favorite tape download, available for FREE from pugly pixel!

other favorite tapes are these stripey ones ($3.99) and these colorful masking tape ones (also $3.99).

tape and paper

the other thing you’ll see me occasionally do, is use ‘paper’ on my posts.  this effect could be obtained by a number of different ways (free, i’m sure), but i bought this notebook paper pack from designer digitals. all of these downloads are easy breezy to use, just download, unzip the file, and then start using them in your desired program (usually photoshop, printshop or paint).


staples are also a fun way to doll up your posts and make them look realistic.  there are a number of staples you can purchase, or download this staple set for free!

hang tags

there are also tons of hang tags you can find!  hang tags are a great way to add a little flavor to your pictures or posts.  especially great when you want to add a little statement, or make the cost of an item visible.  the first one above are journaling tags, the 2nd ones are shipping tags for FREE by pugly pixel, and the 3rd ones are from a set of these adorable hang tags.


you can also find lots of help from lovely other bloggers!  poppytalk posts free downloads from time to time, pictured above are their free labels and free hang tags.

creature comfots

creature comforts also offers many freebies and downloads, all so beautiful!  you can find them on her projects and freebies page as well as on her printables page.

design goods

finally, i just found free design goodies, a side blog that’s authored by summer of design is mine! here she posts fab freebies and downloads, yeah!

tape and fonts

finally, pretty fonts and beautiful colors are the easiest way to doll up your doings.  pictured above is kaufmann bd bt, dj fancy, luna bar, and lariatall free!

so there’s my inside scoop.  do you have any finds for prettying up your posts, pictures and projects? if so, please share with us where you found them in the comments section!

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Ninainvorm ceramics and screen prints

ninainvorm is the featured seller over at etsy, i couldn’t help but make sure you saw her work!  the color, design and presentation all just jump out at me- and i feel like any one of her pieces would cheer up a room.  aren’t they beautiful?

nina is an interior designer & crafster from the netherlands and works with ceramics, screen printing and collages.  all are bright and happy pieces and have definitely just been added to my wish list! ;)

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make your own photo collage

with photovisi, you can make your own photo collage in just a few minutes.  it’s my latest discovery and could definitely come in handy when you’re in need of a quick collage. they have an online store where you can purchase magnets, postcards, mugs & mousepads- all personalized with your own photos.  i thought you might not only find it helpful to use on your own blog, but also in marketing goodies!  a magnet or postcard is a memorable way to promote your business.

i used these photos i took yesterday of my new aprons- you could do wonders with your own products!

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