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how to pull a color story from a photograph video tutorial by bonnie christine

hey guys! i can’t even begin to tell you how excited i am about my upcoming creativeLIVE course (you can read more about it here). it starts in just about 3 weeks! ah! to help me prepare and share with you a little of what i’ll be covering in design surface patterns from scratch, i’m starting a countdown to creativeLIVE. this video tutorial on how to pull a color story from a photograph is where we begin!

this method of creating a color palette is so fun and easy to do. pulling colors from a photograph is one of my favorite ways to create a color story. nature has a way of always having the perfect balance of hues and they always look good together. who would have thought?!

this is just a quick example of the things i’ll be sharing during the 3 day course on how to design surface patterns. if you’re into this kind of thing, you can RSVP for the course here IT’S FREE to watch live!

course details:

what: design surface patterns from scratch
when: august 13th, 14th & 15th from 9am – 4pm each day
cost: the course is FREE if you watch it live, and available for purchase for on demand access anytime for $59. click here for details.
RSVP here!

p.s. we’re looking for a few people to be a part of the live in-studio audience in san francisco. if you’re interested, click here to apply!

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beautiful balloon

May 15, 2013

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beautiful balloon

just a little something to make your eyes oooooh and ahhhhh.

photo: the kandall family

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March 19, 2013

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clockwise: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

one of my dear friends cut me a bouquet of ranunculus from her garden several years ago, and it’s been one of my favorite flower ever since. so many petals layered one on top of the other make it seem as though they go on forever! what’s your favorite flower?

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leif. the small things

March 12, 2013

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leif - the small things

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stacy founded leif knowing that the smallest things can inspire and enrich our daily lives, and her mission is to provide those for us. i think the small things are everything. filling my home with little pleasures makes me happy and keeps me refreshed and inspired.

here are a few small things i like to do around my home to keep things cheery:

- sprinkle plants around the areas i live and work in most
– keep pretty soaps by each sink
– use beautifully patterned notebooks and journals
– keep fresh flowers on the table
– drink out of a beautiful mug in the morning
– wrap up in a super soft blanket in the evenings

what are some of the small things you do to inspire and enrich your daily life?

the leif lifestyle is also one that i can definitely connect to. in stacy’s words, leif is all about growing indoor citrus trees, matte pastels, a collection of vintage glass bottles, old botanical and anatomical prints, meyer lemon butter on freshly baked scones, various breeds of succulents scattered throughout the home, a garden full of vegetables, freshly cut flowers on a reclaimed wood kitchen table.

leif: shop | blog | facebook | twitter | pinterest

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kirstie van noort ceramics

January 31, 2013

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kirstie van noort ceramics (3)

kirstie van noort ceramics (4)

kirstie van noort ceramics (1)

kirstie van noort ceramics (6)

kirstie van noort ceramics (7)

kirstie van noort ceramics (8)

kirstie van noort ceramics (9)

today, i’m head over heels in love with kirstie van noort’s beautiful ceramics. visit her website and see more of her work here.

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blossoming beauties

January 25, 2013

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violet tulips by ez pudewa of creature comforts

i’m so in love with the color palette that comes from this gorgeous photo of violet tulips from the talented ez pudewa over at creature comforts.  it’s been so cold this week that i really needed this dose of spring color. i hope the inspiration will carry you through the weekend! xo, bonnie

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color inspiration

September 26, 2012

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color inspiration

color inspiration. from bhg discovered here.

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a woodland beauty

September 12, 2012

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owl color inspiration

owl by anastasia glebova via ez pudewa.

today my color palette has been inspired by this woodland beauty (can you tell i’m ready for cool weather?).

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