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 hello, lovelies! just in case you missed my online lab yesterday with etsy, you can view it right here! you can also read this article over on etsy that i wrote on how to pitch to bloggers. i hope that it’s helpful and encourages you to catapult yourself into the blogosphere. we’re ready and waiting for you! the topic is on how to pitch to bloggers and we cover lots of details on how to go about it. please feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments section, i’ll meet you there!

pssst. there’s a little surprise at the end of the video! :)

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vote for kind over matter!

November 5, 2010

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the kind over matter project : help us help you! from kind over matter on vimeo.

focusing heavily on the handmade community, kind over matter is dedicated to kind acts, inspirational art, kind projects and feel good nouns. a while back, i was able to write a little post for them, and the more and more i’ve learned about their project, the more i’ve fallen in love with it.  please, take a moment to learn about the kind over matter project and what you can do to help them continue spreading the love!

kind over matter was born in february 2009. they began encouraging others to ‘card drop‘ — an act of kindness in which you leave an inspirational card in a random location for a loved one or stranger to find.  they found and shared inspirational photographs, art, handmade items, bloggers, websites, diy freebies and etsy shops, all with the sole intention of bringing a little hope and light into your day.  they want to inspire people to live better lives, be kinder, connect, and gain perspective and peace of mind.

their goal is to help independent artists in the handmade community achieve their dreams by awarding micro-grants to polish off their businesses. their hope is to turn kind over matter into a non-profit and start selling merchandise that promotes kindness and positivity. they will be using donations and a percentage of the proceeds to fund the grants. these grants will not be awarded by professional curators they will be appointed by YOU! after initiating website upgrades and design changes, they plan to use an interactive voting system so that members of the handmade community will be able to vote for their peers. now called the kind over matter project, they are trying to take it to the next level.

but they can’t do this without you – they need our help!

they are in the running for the pepsi refresh project. pepsi is giving away millions of dollars to fund great ideas, and they could be one of them! from november 1st to december 1st you can vote for the project- and you can vote for it every day! you can go directly to their page to vote, either by creating an account on pepsi refresh or by logging into facebook.

you could also help them by spreading the word!  here are some easy ways to do that:

you could share their announcement post, where they explain what the project is all about. or if you have facebook or twitter you can share this link: http://bit.ly/d0ZKAf with your friends and ask them to vote for them!

here are some sample text for twitter, to make things a little easier: Vote for @kindovermatter to win a $25K grant in #pepsirefresh! Helping artists & promoting kindness — vote here: http://pep.si/c7WhzZ

you can also sign up for daily e-mail reminders to vote: Click here to sign up! and, when you sign up, you get a little something special as their way of saying thank you!

this is about spreading optimism, donating, and changing lives. it’s about the community pulling together to nurture individual wealth in order for our collective wealth to grow. so let’s vote!

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etsy shop help

sometimes, being a craftster can can mean being lonely.  many of us work out of our home and sell solely online, so it can be hard to even see the light of day!  often times family members or other professionals simply don’t understand crafting, let alone leaving the workforce to pursue it full time.  the good news is, there are many of us who do understand!  with craft communities and forums popping up all over the place, it’s easy to find like-minded supportive people, doing the same thing you are.  today, i’m going to share some of my favorites with you!

craft community

the first craft mafia was founded by 9 crafty gals in austin, tx.  now there are groups located in over 30 cities and new ones being started all the time!  craft mafia is a community of indie biz owners in the handmade market out to serve other entrepreneurs by meeting together and empowering each other’s craft.  they offer resources and advice through their website and even give you the opportunity to start your very own craft mafia in your town!

craft community

craft sanity is a unique blog and podcast site for the craft community where you can tune in to hear your favorite artists interviewed and latest books reviewed.  the site is dedicated to all the crafty souls out there, so you’re sure to  feel right at home!

craft community

crafster is a nationally renowned online community where people can share hip diy projects and get involved with the crafting movement.  it’s the largest online community indie crafts and is regarded by many as one of the cornerstones of the recent renaissance in crafting known as the “indie craft movement.”

craft community

get crafty is an online forum where you can create an account, post pics, share your blog and discuss topics with other crafsters in a forum setting.  with plenty of articles on projects, a diy guide and stories from around the community- you’ll be busy for hours!

craft community

supernaturale is an indie site dedicated to the diy culture in all its glorious forms. from simple afternoon home improvement projects to radical lifestyle choices- everyone is welcome.  they celebrate ingenuity, creativity and the handmade and with an online magazine, a bbs and group blog called glimmer, they’re a bursting community ready for you to join!

craft community

the switchboards is a place for indie business women to get together and talk ‘shop’ in a creative, supportive atmosphere.  founded in 2004, they’ve done a lot to publicize creative women in business through using forums, product displays, mutual link sharing and joint advertising.

craft community

whip up is a community of artists, crafsters and makers who share ideas in a central space. it’s about experimentation, innovation, self expression and the sharing of information and ideas.  take time to create and let them support you in moving life into the slow lane to better enjoy the experience of it.

craft community

cafe handmade is where the craft community can come together, discuss topics, share their blog, shop, join groups and even attend a virtual craft show! with tons going on and lots of ways to get plugged in, you’ll find a spot for you in no time.

what are your favorite ways to get involved?

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etsy shop help

have you joined an etsy team yet? joining an etsy team provides so many benefits and is a great way to become more active in the community.  it allows you to meet other etsyites, collaborate, and increase your opportunities to network and promote your shop.

large heart frame 3-d picture

by joining a team, you’ll be able to share your skills and expand your social circle.  you’ll be able to work together with other etsy sellers- and, the possibilities are endless when so many creative minds come together!

red heart cuff links

ok, so you might be interested, but how do you know which one to join? here’s a list of all of the active teams, and yes, there’s a bunch! so grab a cup of tea and enjoy browsing.  once you find a few you’re interestd in, you can check their team’s pages (usually off-etsy). some teams have open membership, and others have selection criteria or a juried process for admitting members.

hand cut red and white felt heart

many teams are very specific, so once you read through them you’ll most likely only have a few that spark your interest.  you can then click on the team and get info about requirements, how to join and what’s expected.  that will narrow your options down some more and when you’ve got a few that you’re really interested, you can contact the leader and see about joining.  there’s nothing wrong with shopping around for the right team!  you’ll need to find one that fits you, your goals, and your schedule.

red hearted felt box

there are over 150 etsy teams and etsians are forming new ones all the time.   if you can’t find a team that suits your needs, you can always start an etsy team yourself!  we won’t dive into that today, but here’s a great article if you’re interested in starting one.

red heart carnival tickets

some teams require more involement than others, so it’s important to look into what’s expected.  the key to benefiting from a team is being an active member, so when you decided to join, make sure you have the time to commit.  being active in a team will certainly pay off and can be a very fulfilling!

shining sparkly heart

etsy has so many great articles on teams, but here’s a quick list of helpful information for team newbies:

how to join an etsy team

all about esty faq series: getting to know the etsy teams

etsy team guides

etsy teams

etsy teams frequently asked questions

etsy team’s articles

list of teams

valentine’s hearts ipod case

are you a part of a team?  we would love to hear your experience and advice!

xoxo, bonnie

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