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hung! color cord pendant lights (1)

i’ve been looking for just the right lighting fixture to hang above our counter space for months now. to avoid hefty electrical work, i needed something that would plug in, provide plenty of light and match the space’s modern-eclectic feel. when i stumbled across color cord, i knew their pendant lights would be the perfect addition!

hung! color cord pendant lights (5)

color cord allows you to purchase either ready-made pendant lights or all the fixin’s for a do-it-yourself version. since the ready-made pendant lights were exactly what i needed, that’s what we chose. i ordered  two of porcelain the mint green (because it’s my favorite color!) and one zig-zag. i love how they came together!

hung! color cord pendant lights (4)

and because i knew what i wanted to hang them from but couldn’t find it anywhere, i just decided to make it myself. after a quick visit to my local hardware store, i had everything i needed to hang a copper bar from the ledge above our counter. it turned out perfect! here’s what i used:

- 1/2″ 2 foot long copper pipe (website only lists a 1 ft pipe, but i found a 2 ft pipe in the store)

- two 1/2″ copper milford hangers

- two 1/2″ copper slip cap fittings

i just assembled the pieces by sliding the pipe through the hanger and placing a cap on each end. i attached them by using a simple screw on each side.

hung! color cord pendant lights (6)

i wish i could go into detail about how we tied all those knots, but we had our rock-climbing friend do them all for us (he’s a knot tying genius!). if you need ideas or help though, i have found animated knots to be very helpful (plus, they have an iphone app!).

hung! color cord pendant lights (7)

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the copper clothes hanger

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i just so happened to fall in love with something this week and wanted to share it with you. meet the copper clothes hanger! isn’t she pretty? (you know i love anything copper!) i think these hangers are perfect for anyone who has an exposed closet area or wants to put something on display. oh, i love them so! you can find them here or here.

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diy copper + glass vases (5)

i’ve been looking for something small and sweet to hang next to my workspace, and have finally found the answer! after roaming the isles of our local hardware store, inspiration struck when i laid eyes on a pair of copper bell hangers. i just so happend to have a couple of glass test tubes at home that would fit perfectly and snuggly inside.

the actual diy was super fast and incredibly simple. AND, it costs less than $5 bucks!

here’s what you need:

1″ copper plated bell hanger(s)
20mm glass test tube with a rim
drywall anchor(s) (if not hanging in a stud)


remove the top curved piece by loosening the two clamp screws. using the included mounting screw, screw the base of the bell hanger into the wall (be sure to first use a drywall anchor if not drilling into a stud). attach the top curved piece back into place by tightening the clamp screws. insert the glass test tube. fill with water and a beautiful bloom! hint: i also placed a small piece of foam on the inside to secure the glass better (you can see it in the picture above). not a necessary step, but good measure for extra stability.

also pictured here are a set of new hexagon shelves by haase handcraft! it’s no secret that i have a think for honeycomb shapes, and these fill my workspace so beautifully. the pretty blackberry print is from ez pudewa and the letter tray is from ikea.

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a few favorite things

March 5, 2013

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a few favorite things

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here are just a few things i’ve been eying lately that i wanted to share with you. i’ve been loving bold neutrals and as always, white accents to accompany them!

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cutie copper crafts

February 11, 2013

cute copper crafts (1)

i’ve been perusing the world of copper crafts lately, and i have to admit- i can’t wait to go roam the isles of our local hardware store! it seems like the creative possibilities are endless. above is a simple copper bud vase by chelsea at lovely indeed (diy featured on poppytalk). it’s easy to make (only taking 3 small copper pieces) and looks so elegant and sweet, don’t you think?

cute copper crafts (2)

next is this set of cute copper succulent planters by ashley of sugar & cloth (diy featured on poppytalk). this one is as simple as grabbing some copper cap fittings, ketchup (to clean them) and a few plants to put in them. i love how minimalistic and rustic they are, and how they add a pop of color while keeping things neutral.

cute copper crafts (3)

this last darling diy is how to make simple copper curtain rods out of plumbing tubing. it comes from brittany over at the house that lars built (diy featured on design*sponge). with only a little drilling needed to make the end caps, i think it’s a simple, chic and affordable way to dress your windows.

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