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February 11, 2013

cute copper crafts (1)

i’ve been perusing the world of copper crafts lately, and i have to admit- i can’t wait to go roam the isles of our local hardware store! it seems like the creative possibilities are endless. above is a simple copper bud vase by chelsea at lovely indeed (diy featured on poppytalk). it’s easy to make (only taking 3 small copper pieces) and looks so elegant and sweet, don’t you think?

cute copper crafts (2)

next is this set of cute copper succulent planters by ashley of sugar & cloth (diy featured on poppytalk). this one is as simple as grabbing some copper cap fittings, ketchup (to clean them) and a few plants to put in them. i love how minimalistic and rustic they are, and how they add a pop of color while keeping things neutral.

cute copper crafts (3)

this last darling diy is how to make simple copper curtain rods out of plumbing tubing. it comes from brittany over at the house that lars built (diy featured on design*sponge). with only a little drilling needed to make the end caps, i think it’s a simple, chic and affordable way to dress your windows.

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If you’re looking for ways to upcycle or use materials you already have at home this holiday season, there are endless possibilities for gift ideas. Clothespins are versatile, and you may already have them around your home. Here are three sweet and simple gift ideas using clothespins – perfect for stocking stuffers or Secret Santa at the office.

Make Photo Gallery Clip Kit

example by SmoothPebble via sfgirlbybay

Wall photo galleries with wire and metal clips are quite popular, but you can make your own with clothespins and twine. Packaged neatly in a small drawstring bag, this gift is both useful and resourceful (see top photo).

Cut your twine to the length you would like – mine is about 1 yard. Tie the ends in a loop for hanging, and knot them tightly.

Air Plant Planter

This project is quite simple – all you need is an air plant, a plastic container, and clothespins. I suggest using a short container, such as a yogurt cup or any plastic container about two inches tall. This is a wonderful opportunity to reuse plastic. If you don’t have one short enough, you can always cut one down.

Pin the clothespins to the edges of the cup, all the way around. Place the air plant in the center of the pins. That’s it!

Decorative clothespins

Clothespins can also be used as desktop organizers, and are useful on calendars and cork boards. Use calligraphy to label clips for days of the week, tasks, and names.

Or, you could cover the clips with adhesive fabric, felt, or decoupaged paper. Hot glue flat thumbtacks to the backs of the clothespins to be used on cork boards as organizers. The possibilities are endless!

ashley paul indie pretty project Out to find ways to make life simpler, Ashley is tackling life one DIY project at a time. Learning as she goes, she also spends her days writing Indie Pretty Projects and creating for her Etsy shop.

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urban folk art shows

June 29, 2011

urban folk art after recently learning about the urban folk art shows, i fell in love with their mission. working to connect artists across the country and strengthen the next generation of artists and crafters, they support all things handmade. they’ve already got their first three shows planned for portland, los angeles and indianapolis, and they start in october 2011! visit their website to find out more and learn how to support them, become a sponsor or apply to be a vendor! who knows, i might just see you in los angeles next year…

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Celebrate Magazine: A guide to winter projects
it’s here, it’s here, it’s here! after over a month of hard work, i’m very pleased to share with you going home to roost’s first publication, celebrate magazine! inside you’ll find over 50 pages of free downloads, diy projects, & instant gifts. here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find inside:

*free art

*downloadable gift tags and wrapping paper

*a giftable, printable 2011 calendar

*winter recipes

*craft projects galore

*2010 gift guide

*…and much more!

and the best part? it’s free!

click here to view the magazine, get access to all the downloads, and get info on sharing it around the web. i hope you enjoy it! xox, bonnie

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make your own fabric tape

i was so thrilled when i found this brilliant paper tape project on creature comforts last week, i thought, why didn’t i think of that?!  the original project with detailed instructions comes from kathrin on annekata. with how obsessed i’ve been lately with happy tape, i can only imagine all the endless possibilities with this project.  i’ve got so many fabric scraps laying around, and now i know what to do with them!  soon cards, gifts, wrapping paper, & vases will all be adorned with my make-it-at-home fabric tape.

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