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the makers summit

January 14, 2013

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the makers summit (3) this year, one of my favorite crafty communities over here on the east coast is debuting their very first conference for creatives, the makers summit. created by the makers of the indie craft parade (my most favorite craft fair), this conference is sure to be amazing.

the makers summit (2) the makers summit, is a one-day business conference for the creative community, on saturday, feb. 2, 2013 in greenville, sc. tickets are $100, and includes breakfast, lunch, and private consultations with industry experts.

the makers summit (4)

designed to help artists and creatives start and run successful businesses, attendees will hear practical advice from industry experts, including keynote speakers from etsy and spoonflower. in addition, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in collective discussions. a variety of topics will be covered throughout the day including marketing, establishing a business identity, and expanding your market. other speakers who will participate in the event include grace kang from retail recipes, justin gammon from brains of fire, amy flurry from recipe for press, and amy ellis from mailchimp.

the makers summit (1)

after the conference, all the attendees are also invited to join the after-party, the best craft party ever. you’ll enjoy a full gourmet dinner provided by some of the best local chefs and be able to create and mingle with experts and peers alike (project stations and supplies will be provided). the craft party begins at 7 p.m., and is separate from the makers summit conference, but tickets are only $50. it’s the perfect date or night out with friends!

interested? sign up or learn more over at the makers summit.

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iphone apps for creatives

i don’t know about you, but without my iphone and several handy apps, my online biz would suffer and i’d feel completely out of touch with you! whether you’re a blogger, crafster, indie biz owner or just a lover of all things creative, i think you’ll enjoy the apps above (they are my personal favorites!). however, i know you all have to have some favorites of your own. so go on, spill the beans! what are you favorite apps for creative souls?

1. paypal
2. instagram
3. etsy
4. dropbox
5. evernote
6. square
7. wordpress
8. pulse
9. pinterest
10. adobe photoshop express

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tea for creatives

this week i had the absolute privilege of trying the new tea for creatives: possibiliteas. started by a creative professional and tea enthusiast, regina brooks found that her custom blends of fine tea, florals and herbs made her feel more centered and had a positive effect on creative output. and guess what- they did for me, too!

possibiliteas (6)

for now, they come in three mind-focusing blends: creativitea, productivitea and claritea.

creativitea is made of chamomile, which calms the body and centers the mind and a mixture of lavender and lemon grass which help bring about more focus and insight.

claritea is a honey-gold brew of china green tea which helps you focus, brahmi that helps mental acuity and rosemary, which stimulates memory, balance and mental alertness.

productivitea (my favorite) is a blend of stimulating formosa oolong and nilgiri black teas. rooibos from south africa and organic chocolate from central america which helps fortify and energize.

possibiliteas (1)

possibiliteas (2)

the sole purpose of possibiliteas? to help enhance creative’s ability to put their imagination to work. a cup of possibiliteas can help bring your dreaming, planning and making all together!

possibiliteas (4)

possibiliteas (5)

i’ve been having a cup nearly every day, and i have enjoyed so much sitting down with a cup while i sketch or write! in addition to tasting incredibly-amazingly delicious, it really does seem to help my imagination flow!

possibiliteas (3)

visit possibiliteas and check out their blog, twitter and facebook pages while you’re at it. i think you’ll fall in love with their mission (and their teas!).

p.s. my sweet glass tea vessel came from one vessel!

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uppercase magazine

June 27, 2011

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happy monday, friends! i’ve got to admit, i’m running a little slow this morning, but after perusing uppercase magazine’s website, i’m feeling a bit more energized. have you heard of it?

uppercase magazine

as the magazine for the creative and curious, uppercase seems to be the magazine any creative would crave. published quarterly (april, july, ocobter & january), each issue boasts 100 pages of glorius creative print and features creatives from artists and illustrators to photographers and filmmakers. you’ll find that the pages are full of charm with patterns, collectibles and sweet indulgences. each issues is built around a theme, the one above focuses on food- from harvesting your own veggies and shopping the local farmers market to cooking them at home. i think a subscription to uppercase magazine would fit just about any rooster, don’t you think?

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