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father’s day cards

May 30, 2012

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father’s day is just around the corner (sunday, june 17th!), so it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll gift your dad (to help, see yesterday’s father’s day gift guide!). i always like to make my dad laugh (could there be a more comforting sound?), so here are a few of my favorite handmade cards. beware, some are hilariously inappropriate! but don’t worry, i’ve included some serious ones, as well. ;)

handmade father's day cards (8)

handmade father's day cards (3)

handmade father's day cards (1)

handmade father's day cards (6)

handmade father's day cards (7)

handmade father's day cards (2)

handmade father's day cards (4)

handmade father's day cards (5)

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what are you giving your old man this year?

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i’m pretty sure my dad is literally the hardest guy on earth to buy for. he pretty much just buys whatever he wants (which is not much) anyways, which leaves us stumped every year. anyways, i hope your dad is easier to buy for, and maybe this little gift guide will help! (love you, daddy!)

handmade father's day gifts

pssst. don’t miss tomorrow’s post, on handmade cards for father’s day!

1: vintage polaroid camera – $58
2: personalized money clip – $27
3: custom quote – $16.50
4: dinosaur planter – $20
5: men’s loop scarf – $99
6: men’s messenger bag – $144
7: iphone stand – $17
8: retro tv ipad dock – $60
9: organic soap – $21.95 CAD
10: rustic mug – $32

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dad update

January 28, 2011

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happy friday! just wanted to give you all an update on how my dad is doing (read here to catch up), as i know many of you have been thinking about us this week. i’m so very pleased to announce that he came through the surgery with no complications and is doing great. we are still waiting on his pathology results (should be getting those today) but the doctor expects to find clear margins and a successful outcome. praise the Lord! we got home from the hospital yesterday and he’s been in such great spirits. he’s been cracking jokes since the minute he woke up from surgery and has had us laughing the whole time- that’s helped keep our spirits high.

i’m taking care of all of their meals this week, and am trying to get some healing goodness in him despite his pickiness! he’s a simple guy, and doesn’t like things too fancy. plus, i’m a veg-head so that only complicates the matter. i’ve got a couple of veggie soups planned and some simple salads, but it’s everything i can do to keep from sprucing things up a bit. ha!

i wanted to thank each and every one of you for your prayers, sweet comments, support, kindness and patience! i know this week has been a bit off, but things will get back to normal come monday. i am so thankful for the community we have created here and i love knowing that we can count on each other and always be there for each other. you really are the best!

love, bonnie

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holiday gift guide :: for dad

December 14, 2009

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happy monday lovelies!  did you have a good weekend? we had some of our wonderful friends come in town friday and saturday.  we had dinner and played games (scategories anyone?) here on friday.  saturday we squeezed in some thrifting before we headed up the mountains to highlands where we shopped around and drank hot chocolate, all before we saw the scenery at sunset rock and headed back home for cozy chili.  we had so much fun!

holiday gift guide

is anyone else’s dad really hard to shop for?  i seem to just get stu.mp.ed. every year when it comes to gift ideas for dad.  especially when you like to make your gifts- what can you make for your dad?  i hope some of these gift ideas will help you overcome the daddy-difficulty.  what are you getting your dad or dad-in-law this year?  do you have any ideas for what to make them? please share in the comments- i’m desperate!


row 1 :: oak leaf bottle opener :: making it personal :: dad hunting and fishing ::

row 2 :: hammer tie tack :: a clock a day keeps… :: go fishing ::

row 3 :: personalized money clip :: snap skinny scarf :: 13″ laptop sleeve ::

row 4 :: custom engraved pocket knife :: blond mustache :: personalized sterling key chain ::

row 5 :: cotton mini handkerchiefs :: summer bbq :: pabst blue ribbon ::

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