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o christmas tree

December 6, 2012

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o christmas tree (2)

i haven’t had a christmas tree for three years now. since we’ve lived so far away from our families we were always traveling for nearly the entire month of december, so putting up a christmas tree was nearly pointless. instead, we just mooched off the enjoyment of our parent’s and sibling’s trees (and didn’t have to take them down after the holidays!).

o christmas tree (6)

but this year is different. for the first time in a long time, we were able to get a tree! it’s just one small perk of being back home. another small perk is that ‘home’ just so happens to be the 2nd largest producer of christmas trees in the states. YES! so, i started searching for local tree farms and finally decided upon one that sounded promising. with cider in hand we bundled up and headed out about 11 miles down a windy road.

o christmas tree (7)

upon arriving we were greeted by grandpa, a small dog and no one else in sight. as we inhaled our firsts breaths of christmas, we let toaster and the farm pup play in circles around us. our instructions were to go find the tree of our dreams somewhere on the several acres of trees and to only return when we’d chosen the one.

o christmas tree (8)

it wasn’t an easy task. all were either lopsided, asymmetrical, too short or too tall. until about 5 acres in… we spotted it! way up on the hill there was a perfectly straight, round and fluffy tree and it was just the right height. we marked the tree and returned. grandpa says, “did you bring a saw?” we giggled, then realized he was serious, then looked at each other with wide eyes. ‘um, well, we were hoping maybe we could borrow one of yours?‘.  he grabbed a small, 10 inch saw (apparently, ‘the big one’ was in his other truck) and drove us down to where it was located.

o christmas tree (1)

after about 5 minutes of sawing, david yelled ‘timber!’ as our pretty tree fell to the ground and got wisped away to be measured, bundled and strapped to the top of our car.

o christmas tree (3)

with sappy hands we returned and spoke fondly of our experience the whole way home. we quickly fastened it in a stand, watered it and turned in for the evening.

o christmas tree (4)

the next day, my mom came over and helped me decorate it. apparently i love these globe lights, because after i purchased several new boxes of them, i found the exact same ones in my christmas decor boxes.

o christmas tree (5)

we carefully unwrapped the ornaments i’ve collected over the years, and hung them each on the tree. i love nothing more than sitting by the fire at night with no light on in the house except for the ones on the tree. merry christmas!

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edible sugar doilies

May 15, 2012

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sugar doilies

speaking of tea, i am absolutely in love with these sugar doilies from sweet de ja vu. they are a flexible, edible lace that have a sweet, melt on your tongue, creamy taste. though i would be happy to simply have them on hand for cups of tea, hot cocoa and coffee, you could use these sweets just about anywhere. on desserts, cakes and cookies, oh my!

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Decorating with Pine Cones

September 26, 2011

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We just moved into a lovely new house in Michigan, and the pine trees are plentiful. There are fresh pine cones scattered all over our yard and on the side walks of every street on the block, and being a former student of physical geography, I can’t help but collect some of them! There are so many fun ideas for decorating with pine cones in the home during the autumn and winter months, and hopefully you won’t have to buy anything to do these projects.


acrylic paint (any color)

spray paint (any color)

craft glue


place cards

small paint brushes

pine cones (found or store bought)

Painting pine cones is really easy, fun, and has a great end product. I’ve had this white pine cone for a couple of years, actually – it’s kept really well. All you need is a paint brush and your favorite color of acrylic paint.

After they’re painted and dried, I think they look great together in a large vase or bowl. This could even look great if you painted them different complimentary colors.

An even quicker way to dress up a pine cone is to spray paint it. Want to go a step further? Toss some glitter on it while the spray paint is still wet. Below I am demonstrating spraying the pine cones black and glittering with Martha Stewart’s Onyx black glitter – perfect for Halloween decor!

When the temperatures start to get cooler, give the pine cones a frosty look by painting glue or applying craft glue directly to the edges of the pine cone, and sprinkling immediately with white or clear glitter. Tie string to the stems and hang them in door ways, or place them in a dish together.

Finally, some people may prefer pine cones just the way they are (I know I do). Here I simply put a pine cone at a table setting, with a dinner guest’s place card lightly tucked into the pine cone itself. This is a thrifty, seasonal, and gorgeous way to dress up a table for a Fall meal and impress your guests.

Do you have any interesting ways you have used pine cones in your home? I’d love to know your ideas!

ashley paul indie pretty project Out to find ways to make life simpler, Ashley is tackling life one DIY project at a time. Learning as she goes, she also spends her days writing Indie Pretty Projects and creating for her Etsy shop.

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decorating with stripes

October 15, 2010

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in lieu of this week’s earlier post on my latest love of stripes, i thought i would put together a collage of handmade striped goodies for your home.  if you want just a splash of lines, here’s a little something for you!

decorating with stripes

row 1: bird tea towel, faux deer head, up in the sky

row 2: diamond rug, blue striped tote, striped runner

row 3: french ticking pillow, chevron pillow covers,

row 4: nautical napkins, yellow blue striped bird, black and white striped pillow covers

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latest love :: stripes

October 13, 2010

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striped home decor

{decorating with stripes}

striped home decor

{design*sponge makeover}

striped home decor

{red and white stripes}

striped home decor

{elle decor}

striped home decor

{elle decor- photographer pieter estersohn}

striped home decor

{yellow and white stripes}

striped home decor
{ikea stockholm rug}

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lonny love

October 8, 2010

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lonny mag
lonny mag
lonny mag
lonny mag
lonny mag
lonny mag
lonny mag
with having a new place to decorate, i’ve been prowling design blogland even more than usual.  i try not to be such a sucker for trends, but sometimes i just can’t help it (like with my latest chevron fad).  yes, i even have an antler on order (where is it? .. should be here by now..).  in lieu of amy‘s decorating with maps post last week, i’m taking the hub to our local map store to pick out the biggest one they have that will fit over our recently thrifted desk.  at the same time, i like to make things my own, and put an unexpected twist on things.  through vintage finds, thrift store snags and diy projects (some of which i’ll start sharing with you next week), i like to think there’s a little bit of bonnie in every trend i follow.  i have planned lots of painting, a little stenciling, some cushion covers and quite a few spray paint projects. we’ll see how far i get before monday! what projects are you planning this weekend?

{all pictures are from lonny mag, a sure fire way to gather some inspiration if you’re in the mood to decorate!}

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Decorating with Vintage Maps

September 28, 2010

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As you know from Bonnie’s previous posts she’s been busy packing up to move to Colorado Springs! So I’m stopping by today with an easy decorating idea that I’ve noticed popping up here and there in the blogosphere over the last few years. In honor of Bonnie’s move, the idea centers around vintage maps. With a little research I found some examples that I’ve shown below.

{making it pretty and functional}

Having maps and globes around the home are particularly great if you have small kids – this can be the start of some early geography lessons and will likely get them interested in learning what life is like in the rest of the world. I know when I was little I always loved looking at maps and imagining the trips I might take and the people I might meet some day.

{New York Times with photos by Tom Cenicol}


If this decorating idea is right up your alley, Ebay is a great place to find vintage maps. And of course you’ll find some great ones on Etsy too, including this one below from Etsy shop Banana Strudel.

I’ve moved around a fair bit over the years, so I know it can be really exciting but also tough as you settle in from place to place. Bonnie, I hope your travels over the next while are enjoyable and that you meet many lovely new people!

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tres leches cake recipe

{photo: the pioneer woman’s tres leches cake}

just popping in to say hello!  i’m planning on making this tres leches cake from the pioneer woman for our family’s memorial day get together tonight, and thought i would share it with you!  doesn’t it look delectable?  i’m planning to top mine with blackberries, blueberries and strawberries, yum! i’ve been working all weekend trying to get our last-on-the-to-do-list back porch decorated, and i’m so excited to say, it’s coming together!  i even moved this huge (i mean huge) swing thing up the steps and through this tiny doorway all by myself, someone really should’ve seen it (but since i hid out of embarrassment every time a car passed, i guess no one did)!  i have big plans to surprise david and both of our parents tonight, so all the men in the family were out of the question when it came to asking for help  (yes, i was secretly hoping that someone would see me and offer a hand, ha!).  stubborn?  yes.  did i totally wreck my back?  yes. will it be worth it? yes!

luckily all the heavy lifting is done and now all there is to do is make a few pillows and hang some artwork.  i hope to share it with you soon!  what are you doing for memorial day?

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