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natalie :: love, natalie

April 7, 2010

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please welcome, guest poster: love, natalie

Hi everyone! It is so good to be posting on one of my favorite, favorite blogs today! I have a fun project in store for you! There is no doubt Bonnie and I share a love for thrift store frames and repurposing things. There is so much you can do with frames, and they don’t always have to be used for pictures. Many frames lying around thrift stores do not have glass and are usually dirt, cheap. We’re talking cents here!

This project is a framed jewelry display. It is a beautiful way to show your jewelry. Not only does it work as décor, but keeps your jewelry organized as well. Wouldn’t this make a lovely, handmade gift, maybe along with a pretty pair of earrings? The options are endless. I choose a metallic silver spray paint to give my frame a lift, but there are so many colors to choose from, including matte or gloss to make your jewelry display truly personalized.


To start, wash your frame really well and sand down if needed. The frame I used sucked up the paint very well so I didn’t need to sand it or use a primer. If your frame is glossy, I’d recommend sanding it a little and using a primer if you feel the paint might peal.

  1. You’ll need one can of spray paint, the little screws with screw eyes, drill, and fishing line.
  2. Mark where you would like your screws. Make sure you have them equally spaced on both sides so the fishing line will be straight. You can drill to start the screw more easily or if your frame is made of soft wood you can screw straight into the wood without a drill. (My frame is oak so it’s really hard.)
  3. This is to show you what your screws should look like.
  4. Spray away, all sides including the back.
  5. Tie the fishing line on the screw eye to the other very tightly.
  6. Snip the extra fishing line.
  7. Hang your jewelry and enjoy!


If you decide to do this project, I hope you have fun with it! Any frame, any size will work. Your personality will truly come though, especially after you add your jewels! Thank you Bonnie for sharing Going Home to Roost today!

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hi lovelies!  after seeing this how-to over on look at what i made, i knew i had to make these!  using some very simple supplies, you can make all kind of stamps to doll up just about anything.  i made four of them, and i’ll walk you through each of them.

first off you need to gather some supplies.  what you’ll need:

- a few wallpaper seam rollers. i found these at lowe’s for $1.39 each!

- some wide rubber bands, like the ones they use in the produce dept at the grocery store.

- adhesive, i used gorilla glue but super glue or the like would work fine too.

- stamp pads in any color (see above)

- scissors

diy rolling stamps

i made the four of these in just about 30 mins, and see what all you can do with them!

diy rolling stamps

this one is all about the thrill of the frill.  i love that it’s not perfect, like little dripping points.

diy rolling stamps

the how to: cut the rubber band and lay it flat (pinning each end to a cork board helps keep it flat).  mark every 1/4″ with a pen and using a hole punch, punch out holes about half way up all the way across.  wrap the band around your roller and cut it to fit exactly without having to stretch it.  then, spread the glue on one side, using a straight pin to help spread it out.  place the rubber band around the roller until the glue dries enough to keep it in place (only takes a few seconds!).  then let dry for a few hours before use.

diy rolling stamps

ok, this one is easy!  i just slapped four of the skinny bands on the roller and voila!  no gluing or cutting necessary!

diy rolling stamps

i thought this one would give a checkered look, but turns out one of my rubber bands wasn’t as thick as the other side. so, it gave me flags!  so glad it worked out this way, it turned out to be one of my favorites!

diy rolling stamps

the how to: place two rubberbands around the roller spaced about 1/4″ apart.  cut a thicker rubberbands into 1/4″ segments.  using a straight pin, ‘dip’ the squares into glue and place them in between the two rubberbands.  continue until they reach all the way around.

we all love pendants, don’t we? i just can’t get enough of them!  cathe does a great job at explaining how to do this one at her blog, so i’ll send you there for the instructions.  the only thing i did different was use gorilla glue instead of spray adhesive, and i used scissors instead of an exacto knife.

aren’t they cute?  the possibilities are endless! let me know if you have any questions!

xoxo, bonnie

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when we moved to our new house, we really looked for ways to improve the place without spending tons of money.  since we were working on a tight budget, we decided to keep the existing cabinets, and do what we could do spruce ‘em up.  replacing cabinet knobs is an easy way to do this, but even knobs can cost a pretty penny, so we decided to make our own!


wooden knobs cost a fraction of the price of designer knobs and with a little know-how can easily be transformed into something unique.

what you’ll need:

- plain wooden knobs (mine are natural woodcraft knobs)

- a small paint sample of the color you would like the knobs to be (lowe’s offers any paint color in 8oz samples)

- white spray paint (available at your local hardware store)

- 3m all purpose sanding sponge


the how to:

spray paint your knobs all white.  it’s helpful to go ahead and start the screw on the back of the knob so you have something to hold on to.   it’s also helpful to have something to stick the screw into to allow the knob to dry (i used a block of foam).

*once dry, paint the top coat color on with a brush, i used color #A64-2 called ‘sweet pea’ by valspar.

*once both layers are fully dry (usually after sitting over night) take the sand sponge and rough up the edges and center.  all of them will be a little different- which creates a cohesive yet eclectic vintage look.

easy breezy, right? :)

well i’m signing off for the day, it’s raining so i’m going stay in and start planning my garden for this summer, yay!  i also wanted to remind you that this weekend is the last chance you’ll have to take the roost survey and enter the giveaway!  i’ll be collecting all the data this weekend and will announce the winner on monday, good luck!

last chance to:


(don’t forget! make sure to leave a comment on this post to be entered in the giveaway!)

what are you doing this weekend?  love! bonnie

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diy :: thrift store frames

February 23, 2010

tdiy thrift store frames

you’ve probably gathered by now that i’ve got a thing for 1) old frames, 2) white paint & 3) diy projects.  whelp- this one combines all three!  i’ve got old frames all over my house, and i’m estimating that i didn’t spend more than $15 on all of them put together.  it’s amazing what you’ll find if you just do a little thrifting!

diy thrift store frames

i used valspar spray paint (found at most hardware stores) to turn these ol’ frames into some of my favorite pieces around the house.

here’s the how to:

1) give your frames a good cleaning (i used simple green and a dry cloth), and let dry.

2) most frames will benefit greatly if you use a primer like this one (half way down, #65054), which helps the top coat stick better, cover better and go on smoothly.

3) after the primer has dried, spray paint with a high gloss white paint (i used valspar gloss in white).  let dry completely (only takes a few hours!) and your ready to start displaying them.

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more of my home

February 18, 2010

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hi dear ones!  well, it seems that the hubba has passed his cold on to me. :(  i’m at home today with a scratchy throat and dizzy head, so i’m going to take the rest of the day off to relax.  i did however, want to thank you for all of your sweet comments lately, they are so special to me!

if you want to see more of our house and the small things that really make it feel like home, i’ve added a few new flickr albums that you can browse.

for lovely things :: home details

for more rooms shots :: our home

i’ll be back tomorrow with some handmade goodness and a little something else i’ve been working on. :) i hope you have a wonderful day!

xoxo, bonnie

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diy business cards

February 5, 2010

after seeing this post over at design*sponge, i couldn’t help but run out and make my own business cards!


though i absolutely love my moo minis, sometimes it’s hard for me to commit to something so permanent.   i’ve always struggled with ordering so many cards at once- i mean, what if i open a new shop, start something new, or change the name of something?


by grabbing this stamp set at my local office supply store, i can now make my own stamp, and change it up any ol’ time!  all you need after you get the stamp set is a few blank business cards  (one isle over from the stamps!) and your all set to go.  you could easily make your own cards too by stamping your ‘card’ on scrap paper and especially your outgoing envelopes.  think about all the people who handle your mail before it reaches it’s destination- this is a great (free!) way to advertise.


voila!  easily editable, diy, hand crafted business cards!

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and i look forward to see you back here on monday!

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off to a snowy weekend!

January 29, 2010

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hello lovelies!  i’m off to a snowy city this weekend!  i have to leave bright and early this morning to make it to a workshop.   i’m attending a yoga weekend to get certified to teach children’s yoga! i’m so excited!  but, though it’s fair weather right now, they are expecting to receive 10 inches of snow by saturday- eeks! that’s a lot for us southerners, i sure hope to make it back before monday!

heart in the snow

heart in the snow

here are a few ideas and photos i’ve been lovin’ lately!

diy lamp 1 :: diy lamps 2 :: diy clock :: outdoor inspiration 1 :: outdoor inspiration 2 :: indoor inspiration

what have you been swooning over lately?

see you back here on monday, love! bonnie

p.s. don’t’ forget, tonight at 12:00pm est is the deadline to vote for the poppies awards, get your votes in now!

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make your own product labels

January 28, 2010

i’ve been trying to figure out how to tag my products for a while now.  everything online seemed expensive with minimum orders of 1000 or more, and i just wasn’t ready to take the plunge! so, i was really excited when i found this solution.   using printable fabric makes the job easy, affordable and quick- i made these in just a few minutes!

using printable fabric from printed treasures allows you to simply run the fabric, right through your printer.  you could use this technique for any number of personalized projects, but made my task of making tags an easy one.  your local sewing or craft store should carry this, but just in case they don’t…

there’s an alternative method! you can simply iron freezer paper to the back of any fabric you have, cut it to a printer-friendly size and run it right through.  who knew?! the freezer paper easily peels right off and you’re left with the same result.  you could then even iron it on the other side to make double-sided labels.

this is my sheet of 30 labels, and i made sure to leave plenty of room at the top for sewing them in to my seam.

tagging your items are an important step in selling, especially if you’re filling wholesale or consignment orders.  letting the customer know where the product came from and how to find it again is so important.  and, tagging helps keep your business fresh in the mind of your consumers!

i used pinking shears to cut them out so as to prevent the sides from raveling.  you could also stitch around them to prevent fraying.

sewn right into the seam of my aprons, it makes the task of tagging a cinch!

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