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plan a popsicle party!

1 & 2: a popsicle picnic
3: no melt pop invitations
4: diy popsicle tote
5: striped juice popsicles
6: striped ice cubes

with the heat of summer setting in, i’ve been craving ice cold drinks, chilled fruit and homemade popsicles. after seeing so many popsicle inspired pretties around the web, i thought how fun it would be to throw a popsicle summer soirée! with so many options for unique invitations, diy projects and delicious popsicle mixtures, this is a party i’d be sure to attend!

have you ever thrown a food inspired party?

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pretty patio pergolas

May 6, 2013

pretty patio pergolas (4)

recently added to the list of diy ideas for our new home-to-be (we’re closing next week!) is a pretty little patio pergola. we have the perfect space for it and i’m obsessed with how pretty the partly shaded areas are they provide. i just want a little spot where i can hang garden lights and enjoy the afternoons.

pretty patio pergolas (5)

pretty patio pergolas (1)

images: 1 | 2 | 3 |

when we recently visited our old homestead, i even managed to grab a few wisteria clippings that i’m now trying to root, in hopes of planting at our new home. if they survive, won’t that be so sweet? a little piece of our old place..

have you ever built your own patio pergola?

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diy may day baskets

April 22, 2013

**when bley from bibliosophy handmade sent over this pretty diy project for may day baskets, i instantly fell in love! it’s simple, thoughtful and such a great idea for mother’s day. i hope you enjoy getting to know bley and following her sweet tutorial! xo, bonnie

DIY May Day Baskets (1)

DIY May Day Baskets (6)

My name is Bley Hack and I create nostalgic paper and home goods for my shop Bibliosophy Handmade. This year for May Day I want to surprise my friends with some sweet little flower posies on their doorstep.  The tradition of leaving May baskets filled with flowers on May 1 was a colonial American tradition, and one worthy of reviving, don’t you think?

For my posies, I started with the Victorian-era “language of flowers,” where different flowers were assigned different meanings. For example, pink carnations mean “a mother’s love,” rather perfect for Mother’s Day and beyond.  You can find more flowers with their meanings on the language of flowers.

DIY May Day Baskets (5)

To start, choose a small container that you can make into a hanging basket.  I used a French fry scoop, from garnish, and a printable template that you can make into a basket.  To use the template, simply print on cardstock, cut out, and secure at the dots with metal brads or tape.  Using baker’s twine, punch two holes in the sides of the basket, and tie with twine to create the basket’s handle.

download the templates:

- plain may basket template

- ribbons and bows may basket template

DIY May Day Baskets (4)

Now, gather your choice of flowers with a little bit of greenery.  You can visit the grocery store, or a farmer’s market, or raid your own flower beds, as you desire.  Choose 1-3 blooms (these are posies, which are meant to be small) and arrange them in one hand until the composition pleases you.  Don’t forget to add greenery for interest and as a filler.  Now, take some washi tape or twine, and wrap the stems together tightly; trim the stems to an even length to fit your container.

DIY May Day Baskets (3)

Pop in your container, and deliver some floral cheer!

DIY May Day Baskets (2)

Some helpful hints:

  • Place a large marble or floral stones in the bottom of your basket to give it some weight so it hangs correctly on the door.

  • If your baskets will be left hanging all day, purchase some floral water tubes from a local florist to help keep your posy hydrated until it’s found.

  • Use the blank printable template as an art activity with your kids.  Let them color it with bright colored crayons, then paint over with one color of watercolor for a unique basket.

  • For a special surprise for Mom, place your posy in a tiny teacup, box and tie prettily, and deliver on Mother’s Day.

about: bley is inspired by all things vintage, including old textiles and hankies, vintage children’s books and illustrations, and the simple, sweet ways of times past.  each friday on her blog, she shares a new vintage children’s book find that her and her three kids are currently reading. join the fun and share your favorite vintage reads!

All photos: Briana Snyder Photography

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diy block printing with stamps

i’ve been wanting to try my hand at some block printing for quite some time now. this method from mariah over at sugar and charm uses hand carved stamps (something else i’ve been wanting to try), and the results are beautiful and rustic. i just love them so much, but i’m a sucker for this golden yellow color and just about anything that comes from the forest. mariah also teaches us how to hand dye vintage linens, like the pink one above. with this tutorial, you could stamp custom designs on paper goods, linens, onsies and more!


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decorating easter eggs

March 14, 2013

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easter egg diy's

since we never had eggs in the house (and i feel too guilty buying them for just their shells), i’ve decided to pass on decorating eggshells this year. it’s such a fun tradition though, i couldn’t help but share with you some of the beauties i’ve spotted! i am especially loving the ones with gold accents. it’s times like these where i really miss my hens, they were so fun to take care of! i don’t miss eating eggs though.. so i guess that’s that..

are you decorating eggshells this year? what is your diy style of choice?

1 | painterly pastel eggs 2 | happy spring 3 | diy pantone eggs 4 | golden marbled easter eggs 5 | gold leaf easter eggs 6 | everyday decorating easter eggs 7 | golden marbled easter eggs

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diy bunny with a baby

March 11, 2013

DIY bunny with a baby (1)

happy monday, friends! i was so excited when kata golda recently contacted me about doing a diy for her adorable bunny with a baby. it’s really easy to make and in perfect time for easter! it would be a great gift for little ones, or an adorable addition to a nursery or easter collection. kata golda is a talented handmade artist who loves working with hand dyed wool felt and hand stitching. if she’s new to you, be sure to check out her website featuring all things cute and felt (i especially love her nature pals series).

pssst.. not interested in getting crafty? you can purchase this bunny with a baby from kata golda right here.

DIY bunny with a baby (5)


- Bunny with Baby template
- 3 pieces of wool felt: 2 colors for the bodies and 1 for the pocket (use the template to gauge dimensions)
- Stuffing (polyester fiberfill, wool, bamboo, or cotton)
- Embroidery floss (This thread is 6-ply and is easily separated; most patterns use 1–3 plies.)
- Optional: sewing machine and thread (should you choose to machine stitch the seams of your bunnies)


- Paper scissors
- Fabric scissors
- Sharp snips
- Hand sewing needle (sharp and with a large enough eye to thread embroidery floss)

DIY bunny with a baby (4)


- Straight stitch
- Running stitch
- Double Running stitch
- Whip stitch
- Blanket stitch

Unfamiliar with these stitches or just need a refresher? Download Kata Golda’s Guide to Basic Stitches.

DIY bunny with a baby (6)


Print the template and cut out the template pieces with paper scissors. Then place the pieces on the felt and cut out the felt shapes with fabric scissors.

In the front pieces of both the little and big bunny bodies, use small snips to pierce the felt and cut out holes for the ears.

Little bunny: Stitch the face and hands on the little bunny using 3-ply black embroidery floss. Satin stitch the eyes directly below the center of each ear; use a double runningstitch to create the nose, mouth and hands.

Big bunny: Place the pocket and hand pieces on the front of the body, using a running stitch to attach them. Make sure you don’t stitch the top of the pocket closed — only stitch the top of the pocket through the green felt, but then stitch through all 3 felt layers at the places where the hands overlap the pocket. You’ll only sew through 2 pieces of felt along the bottom of the pocket.

To determine the location of the big bunny’s facial features, place the top layer of the little bunny in the pocket. Ideally the eyes are placed on the outside of each of the little bunny’s ears and the nose/mouth is placed between the ears. Sew on the features just as you did for little bunny.

To assemble the big bunny lay the front of the body (with pocket), facing up, on top of the matching back. Make sure the edges align, and choose how you’d like to stitch the edges together:

By hand: With 2-ply thread, whip stitch around the inner edges of the ears. Starting on one of the sides, blanket stitch around the outer edge of the bunny, leaving an opening along the side to add stuffing.

By machine: Machine-sew a straight stitch around the inner edges of the ears, and then continue around the outer edge of the bunny, leaving an opening along the one of the sides to add stuffing.

Repeat these steps for the little bunny, and add stuffing to both bunnies.

To finish each bunny, continue your stitch & close the hole. If you are using a machine, finish by sewing a straight stitch around the outer edges of the bunny (the outer edges should have 2 lines of stitching around it).

DIY bunny with a baby (3)


A nice length to hand sew with a piece of thread is about 18″ long. (Longer lengths are frustrating to work with as they tangle easily.)

To separate the 6-ply floss ,start in the middle of the floss strand and gently, slowly pull off 2 strands (together at the same time).

Try to keep the stitch depth and length consistent. When whip stitching and blanket stitching, try to make your stitch length and depth between 1/8″ – 1/4″.

Need materials for this project? Simply contact Kata Golda for a small bundle of hand-dyedwool felt, embroidery floss, and recycled polyester fiberfill stuffing for $15.

Just need the felt? Bundles of wool felt squares in various colors are also available from Kata Golda, and include ten sheets of 6.5″ x 6.5″ hand-dyed felt.

DIY bunny with a baby (2)

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make your own polaroid coasters when i saw this project over on darkroom and dearly i thought, what a great way to bring photos to life! personally, i haven’t printed photos in a very long time (i just keep them digitally), but sometimes i miss having the hard copies to flip through. i think this project would be a great way to show them off, as well as make for some good conversation starters! head on over to darkroom and dearly for the full tutorial!

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stenciled floors

February 18, 2013

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stenciled floors (4)

stenciled floors (1)

stenciled floors (5)

stenciled floors (2)

stenciled floors (3)

find the above projects here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

lately, i’ve been researching painted floors and thought i would share with you a few that i have particularly fell in love with. as we house hunt and see old wooden floors throughout many of the homes, i can’t help but think about stenciling on them, even if in just one small room like the laundry area. my grandmother painted her wood floors a beautiful white and it brings such a clean, sweet, country feel to her little cottage. if you’re interested in learning more about how to go about painting wood floors, be sure to check out this tutorial by elle decor as well as this one over on apartment therapy.


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