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a country winter

this is how i *HOPE hope hope our christmas will be this year.  does it snow where you are?  even though we’re in the mountains of north carolina, these last 5 or 6 years haven’t been so wintry.  it makes me so sad!  we’re still hitting high 60’s low 70’s this week which just doesn’t make thanksgiving feel right.  to me, thanksgiving means sweaters, good books and hot cider.  for the past few years, it’s even been relatively warm on christmas.  we used to get lots of snow by decemeber but now i can’t really remember the last good snow we got.  what’s the weather like where you are?  is it warm? are you already getting drifts of snow?  to all you snowy people out there- send your good vibes our way!  all i’m wishing for is some sweater wearing weather by christmas!

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vegetable and fruit print noteblocks


clockwise :: sweet brown hen :: volcan arenal :: carrots letterpress card set :: wild mustard flower greeting cards ::

rigel stuhmiller is a bay area artist working in printmaking, illustration, design, and storyboarding.  there’s just something about simple vegetables that gets me excited- not sure if it’s because i love to eat them, or because i love to plant them- but either way rigel’s prints are right up my alley!

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polka dot hen

notice the hen’s antique fork feet? love them!  full time artist susan haven-morris is a fellow north carolinian who creates original papier mache and fabric sculptures.  middleburg folk art studio is where you’ll find her lovely sculptures, cake toppers and figures.


clockwise :: squirrel :: sheep :: whooooo owl :: birds on a swing ::

her papier mache pieces are made from 100% recycled ground newspaper- and to sculpt she just adds water and a biodegradable binder.  so, not only is middleburg cute it’s green too!

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