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5 food blogs i've been loving lately

blog: green kitchen stories | pictured above: beet root soup

green kitchen stories is a food blog i just can’t get enough of. this incredible couple cooks amazing meals and photographs them to perfection. they focus on whole food, vegetarian dishes- most all of which i find easy to make vegan. here are a few of my favorites:

fig & walnut spaghetti | yoga pot | roost soup & purple potato chips | açaí bowl

5 food blogs i've been loving lately

blog: my new roots | pictured above: whole living detox plan

sarah b from my new roots is incredibly inspirational. she’s a holistic nutritionist and certified nutritional practitioner, and pairs incredible recipes with beautiful pictures as she let’s us in her life through her posts. she focuses on organic, whole foods and plant based meals, all of which are really yummy! here are a few of my favorites:

wild mushrooms on toast | spring spirit polenta | poppy seed-crusted butternut squash with kale and pomegranates | roasted kale and beets


wolf and willow

blog: wolf and willow| pictured above: cacoa, berry and coconut crunch milk ice cream

quite possibly the blog i resonate with the most, nancy from wolf and willow is an incredible chef. all her recipes are vegan and sugar free- and absolutely amazing! a few of my favorites are:

sweet potato and orange mini loaves | potato, rosemary and blackberry pizza | spicy scramble with roasted red peppers | grilled tofu tortillas with beet slaw

5 food blogs i've been loving lately

blog: 101 cookbooks | pictured above: a lesson in juicing

i’ve talked about my endearment for 101 cookbooks before (see here), and i still pull favorite recipes from heidi’s site all the time. the recipes are classy- beautiful and special enough for dinner parties but simple enough to make for just two. the recipes are primarily vegetarian, and i find it very easy to make the few needed adjustments to make them vegan. here are a few of my favorites:

artisan rye bread | simple tomato soup | heirloom apple salad | sesame winter squash recipe

5 food blogs i've been loving lately

blog: my darling lemon thyme | pictured above: gluten free spiced orange chocolate chunk cookies

i’m in love with emma’s gluten free – dairy free recipes. she’s a talented chef who is passionate about cooking this way for her family, and the recipes are simply divine. here are a few of my favorites:

tofu herb and mango salad | teriyaki tofu with asparagus + snow peas | vegetarian dolmades | spring fennel, pear and pecan salad | spiced cauliflower with ginger

5 food blogs i've been loving lately

blog: sprouted kitchen | pictured above: squash and goat cheese empanadas

with an emphasis on local, seasonal and organic ingredeints, the seasons have never looked so good. incredible recipes, amazing photos and personable writings will make you fall in love with all things sprouted kitchen. here are a few of my favorites:

honey roasted pears | miso slaw | quinoa falafels | pumpkin black bean patties | roasted tomato soup

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10 latest loves

July 23, 2012

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latest loves

happy monday my little sweet potatoes! lately i’ve been thinking about how much i’ve been loving a few things, so i thought you might like to check them out as well. here we go!

one: i spotted this crafty-cute watch on the bottom shelf at target the other day and was floored by it’s $12.99 price tag. yes, please!

two: a few months ago my sister gave me a sample of some origins vitazing moisturizer and i instantly fell in love with it! it’s a light feeling moisturizer that has a little bit of a tint to it. the tint brightens your skin and some days, it ends up being the only thing i wear on my face.

three: after recently asking one of my friends for some chapstick, she handed me a small container of guava lip butter. i put it on my lips then promptly ordered some for myself. it’s incredibly smooth and gives just the right glimmer to your lips, plus the ingredients are bonnie-approved! :)

four: i’m currently taking the your darling blog design workshop by jo klima and loving every moment of it. jo is doing an outstanding job at teaching us step by step how to design our own blog in photoshop. her techniques, info and resources are amazing!

five: i’ve been looking for a sweet pinky-cream nail polish for a while, and funny bunny from opi fits the bill perfectly.

six: 2nd only to instagram, picfx is one of my favorite iphone apps. with over 100 photography effects and the ability to import images straight into to instagram, it’s a wonderful addition if you love taking photos with your phone.

seven: i just started reading jump trust repeat from jessica swift. it’s a 120 page e-book full of stories, answers, information, tips, and images from her career as a surface pattern designer. i’m about half way through and already know that i can highly recommend it for any creative business owner!

eight: i’m not sure i could live without this hand held blender from cuisinart. seriously! i make a smoothie every day, and this blender makes the job super easy. it’s also great for pureeing soups, right in the pot.

nine: i fell in love with the nerve tonic espresso blend from anodyne coffee a long time ago. the whole beans are perfect for our espresso maker and the coffee is really smooth and pairs perfectly with honey and my favorite coconut creamer. there’s nothing ever burnt or bitter tasting about it!

ten: this simple and sweet triangle necklace from sea and cake is the perfect touch to my usual oh-so-simple outfits and adds just a little extra depth.

do you have any latest loves? please share them in the comments section, i would love to check them out! :)

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happy friday, friends! thank you so much to everyone who shared their favorite handmade item with me this week. i love hearing your stories!

1. art by kim longhurst, submitted by nadine of cupcake couture.
2. reversible handmade market bag made by maxine. pattern available here.
3. wooden quilt clock by wood quilter. will soon be available for purchase at a stitch in time.
4. vintage necktie quilt submitted by cherie.
5.  chunky shell necklace submitted by 2 market 2
6. wooden heart pendant submitted by caitlin of spare bedroom studio.

>> new to our national craft month project? you can read all about it here!

LOVE YOUR CRAFT? next week you have the opportunity to submit a photo (& link) about your craft and why you love it. details to come on monday!

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national craft month

national craft month




happy monday, friends! a big thanks (and a hug!) to all those who submitted favorite items last week, the roundup was so beautiful! you all are such a talented crowd. :)

this week is similar but different. my home is filled with handmade items from friends or favorite shops, and i have so many favorites! after all, nothing is more meaningful than a handmade gift, right? if you have a favorite handmade item in your home, i want to see it! so you must ask yourself:

what is your most beloved handmade item?

after reading the submission guidelines below, please send in your entry. i will choose 10 items and post a round up of them on friday in hopes of inspiring everyone’s creative mojo. are you ready? here’s an outline for the month:

submit a link to your all time favorite DIY project/tutorial.

submit a photo or a link to a favorite handmade item that you yourself have made.

submit a photo or a link to a favorite handmade item that you own.

submit a snippet about your craft and why you love it (details coming in week 4).

national craft month

WEEK 3 GUIDELINES- please read!

please submit the following by e-mailing me:

– 1 picture of your favorite handmade item you own (not that you’ve made).

– though not necessary, feel free to include any links that coincide (i.e. a shop, blog post or tutorial link).

– in your e-mail, include your name and a link to your shop, blog or website (if you have one).

– title your e-mail ‘national craft month week 3′.

submissions are due each thursday by midnight, pst.

please follow the entry guidelines! happy national craft month! love, bonnie

national craft month

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25 memories from 2011

January 2, 2012

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happy 2012 lovelies! 2011 was a beautiful year in my life. today i thought i would share some of my favorite memories from it with you.

2011 memories

1) moved to the most beautiful wine country in california.

2) found the perfect vine covered converted barn to live in.

2011 memories
3) joined a csa at our local organic farm.

4) started teaching yoga!

5) traveled cross country several times (35,000 miles worth to be exact).

2011 memories
6) hiked 18 miles and climbed 4500 feet in one day at yosemite to see the most breathtaking view, rainbow and waterfall.

2011 memories
7) designed my first repeating pattern.

8) received my first order from spoonflower!

knekkebrød recipe

9) became a vegan- and absolutely love it.

10) didn’t get sick once, woo hoo!

11) discovered that being vegan is not only healthy, but absolutely delicious and rewarding.

2011 memories

12) had a Christmas party on the beach.

13) received my favorite purchase of the year- a wacom pad.

14) got the best birthday present- the birth of a best friends baby!

15) soaked in a natural hot springs in the middle of the forest.

16) made new family memories on the opposite side of the country.

17) fell even deeper in love with my husband, and i didn’t think that was possible.

18) experienced God and his plan for us in a more evident way than ever.

19) missed my mom. alot.

20) learned how to brew my own kombucha.

how to make your own tea

21) fell in love with tea.

22) got a minivan and named her nutmeg.

23) got the best hair cut i’ve ever had.

24) quenched my thirst from a natural spring.

25) saw the prettiest sunset.

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my favorite

August 12, 2011

a summer day out in the grass.

a summer day out in the grass.

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font frenzy

July 13, 2011

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new favorite fonts

new favorite fonts! all can be found by searching their title at dafont.com.

do you have any latest favorites?

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