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each day is new

February 8, 2010

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don’t you just love feel good art?  the peach pit has been making me feel happy all weekend.  her art is all so springy, fresh and pretty- for some reason, it just puts a little pep in my step!  to go along with her feel good art, she’s also got a feel good blog. have fun visiting her world, and remember- each day is new!

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in a few simple words

August 31, 2009

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hello lovelies- happy monday! for quite some time now, i’ve been bookmarking feel good words and phrases as i come across them.  i love how the simplest words can make you feel something in such a huge way.


faux frame by awkward accents

of course, i thought of you when i saw this- you all really do make me so happy! the highlights of my days are hearing from you and reading your comments and e-mails.  i wish we could all go grab a cup of coffee together!


clockwise :: i love you blogs and tea by made by girl :: shine mixed media collage by oiseaux noir :: custom heart by miniature rhino :: love by kristine mays :: i’d rather be smooching my crafty wife by button empire :: you are my favorite by robayre :: grow by william dohman

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