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diy bunny with a baby

March 11, 2013

DIY bunny with a baby (1)

happy monday, friends! i was so excited when kata golda recently contacted me about doing a diy for her adorable bunny with a baby. it’s really easy to make and in perfect time for easter! it would be a great gift for little ones, or an adorable addition to a nursery or easter collection. kata golda is a talented handmade artist who loves working with hand dyed wool felt and hand stitching. if she’s new to you, be sure to check out her website featuring all things cute and felt (i especially love her nature pals series).

pssst.. not interested in getting crafty? you can purchase this bunny with a baby from kata golda right here.

DIY bunny with a baby (5)


- Bunny with Baby template
– 3 pieces of wool felt: 2 colors for the bodies and 1 for the pocket (use the template to gauge dimensions)
– Stuffing (polyester fiberfill, wool, bamboo, or cotton)
– Embroidery floss (This thread is 6-ply and is easily separated; most patterns use 1–3 plies.)
– Optional: sewing machine and thread (should you choose to machine stitch the seams of your bunnies)


- Paper scissors
– Fabric scissors
– Sharp snips
– Hand sewing needle (sharp and with a large enough eye to thread embroidery floss)

DIY bunny with a baby (4)


- Straight stitch
– Running stitch
– Double Running stitch
– Whip stitch
– Blanket stitch

Unfamiliar with these stitches or just need a refresher? Download Kata Golda’s Guide to Basic Stitches.

DIY bunny with a baby (6)


Print the template and cut out the template pieces with paper scissors. Then place the pieces on the felt and cut out the felt shapes with fabric scissors.

In the front pieces of both the little and big bunny bodies, use small snips to pierce the felt and cut out holes for the ears.

Little bunny: Stitch the face and hands on the little bunny using 3-ply black embroidery floss. Satin stitch the eyes directly below the center of each ear; use a double runningstitch to create the nose, mouth and hands.

Big bunny: Place the pocket and hand pieces on the front of the body, using a running stitch to attach them. Make sure you don’t stitch the top of the pocket closed — only stitch the top of the pocket through the green felt, but then stitch through all 3 felt layers at the places where the hands overlap the pocket. You’ll only sew through 2 pieces of felt along the bottom of the pocket.

To determine the location of the big bunny’s facial features, place the top layer of the little bunny in the pocket. Ideally the eyes are placed on the outside of each of the little bunny’s ears and the nose/mouth is placed between the ears. Sew on the features just as you did for little bunny.

To assemble the big bunny lay the front of the body (with pocket), facing up, on top of the matching back. Make sure the edges align, and choose how you’d like to stitch the edges together:

By hand: With 2-ply thread, whip stitch around the inner edges of the ears. Starting on one of the sides, blanket stitch around the outer edge of the bunny, leaving an opening along the side to add stuffing.

By machine: Machine-sew a straight stitch around the inner edges of the ears, and then continue around the outer edge of the bunny, leaving an opening along the one of the sides to add stuffing.

Repeat these steps for the little bunny, and add stuffing to both bunnies.

To finish each bunny, continue your stitch & close the hole. If you are using a machine, finish by sewing a straight stitch around the outer edges of the bunny (the outer edges should have 2 lines of stitching around it).

DIY bunny with a baby (3)


A nice length to hand sew with a piece of thread is about 18″ long. (Longer lengths are frustrating to work with as they tangle easily.)

To separate the 6-ply floss ,start in the middle of the floss strand and gently, slowly pull off 2 strands (together at the same time).

Try to keep the stitch depth and length consistent. When whip stitching and blanket stitching, try to make your stitch length and depth between 1/8″ – 1/4″.

Need materials for this project? Simply contact Kata Golda for a small bundle of hand-dyedwool felt, embroidery floss, and recycled polyester fiberfill stuffing for $15.

Just need the felt? Bundles of wool felt squares in various colors are also available from Kata Golda, and include ten sheets of 6.5″ x 6.5″ hand-dyed felt.

DIY bunny with a baby (2)

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diy felt snowballs

November 15, 2012

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diy felt snowballs

working with felt is like dream. it comes in an array of colors and is so soft and easy to work with, especially since it doesn’t fray. these sweet little snowballs from the purl bee are a perfect example of what can be done with a little felt and some free time! i envision these ornaments adorning a christmas tree, hung at different heights over a dinner table or even hanging in window. head on over to the purl bee for detailed instructions on how to make these beauties yourself!

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diy business card holder

September 17, 2012

diy felt business card holder

this little cutie patootie diy biz card holder is easy enough for anyone, i promise! when i saw it on justina blakeney’s blog i instantly fell in love with it. it’s simple, yet trendy and obviously handmade (notice i didn’t say ‘homemade’- there’s a big difference! haha). you could even add a few arrow stitches or some ////’s or even some >>>’s!

diy felt business card holder

for craft shows, business meetings and trade shows i think having a unique card holder to accompany your unforgettable business cards would just put the recipient over the top. head on over to justina’s blog for the full tutorial and a cute little pattern print out.

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two sad donkeys (2)

two sad donkeys (1)

two sad donkeys (4)   two sad donkeys (3)

for the child in all of us, two sad donkeys.

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diy felt boxes

June 6, 2012

diy felt boxes

for organizing your desk and craft supplies to packaging gifts and surprises, i am loving these diy felt boxes from how about orange. aren’t they great? with only a few supplies and easy to follow instructions, it would be easy to make a bundle in just an afternoon. visit how about orange for the step by step tutorial!

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twisted felt garland

November 14, 2011

twisted felt garland

well it’s clear that i love a simple holiday decoration (remember this simple pine cone garland?) and this twisted felt garland by the purl bee is no exception. it’s not only simple, but colorful, festive and chic as well! with easy to follow step by step instructions, you’ll be twisting your way to a prettier holiday in minutes.

twisted felt garland

with very little sewing (or none if you prefer) you can make garlands, bracelets or even necklaces for a fun stocking stuffer. head on over to the purl bee for more pictures and diy directions!

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diy: felt craspedia

July 14, 2011

diy felt

this is quite possibly the cutest (and simplest) diy project i’ve seen. as featured over on design*sponge, kate takes your through this simple project step by step. just think- no wilting flowers, falling petals or browning water! granted, i will always keep fresh flowers around the house, this would be a great way to keep something fresh in those spaces where you can’t get to as often. like on a bookshelf or in a guest room? i can hear my wool roving calling my name as we speak, so i’m off to get crafty!

for the full diy instructions, click here!

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valentine’s day diy

February 4, 2011

valentine's day diy
valentine’s day card exchange at school. i can still remember the feeling of excitement i would get when it was my turn to hand out my (hand crafted) valentine’s day cards to all my classmates. fast-forward some 6 or 7 (very awkward) years to the days where my high school would sell bouquets of flowers to students to be delivered to their sweethearts. i would get the nervous jitter bugs everytime someone opened the classroom door with a delivery of flowers, only to see them passed to a neighbor (though i think i did receive a bouquet from a ‘secret admirer’ once… creepy?).

my point? i think these diy heart pins from the purl bee would be the perfect project for this year’s valentine’s day exchange at any school. easy to make and suitable for kids- i just love this v-day diy!

valentine's day diy
don’t have kids? i think these would be so pretty pinned to your valentine’s day cards or attached to pretty wool jacket. what do you think? i love the array of colors here, i’m not sure i could choose a favorite (but if i had to, it’d probably be that peachy cream or mustard yellow). head on over to the purl bee for the full diy!

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