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soul repair

June 14, 2011

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soul repair fine art

soul repair fine art

soul repair fine art

soul repair fine art

i really love the dark and personal feel to these macro photographs by soul repair. something about the richness of the colors draw me in and gives me a sense of.. longing? luckily, each photo comes with a story that you can read in his shop. to experience more of his world, you can browse his flickr album.

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a rainbow of inspiration

June 24, 2010

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How much more red could this be?

{how much more red could this be? by fusaka}

Orange Flowers, Orange Bathroom

{orange flowers, orange bathroom by dyniss}


{bananas by jodi*mckee}

The enviromental issue (365/103)

{the enviromental issue (365/103) by jennipenni}

the art of letting go

{the art of letting go by beth retro}

royal flush

{royal flush by carolinabena}

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color inspiration

May 27, 2010

when i found this lovely post over at melissa loves this morning, i couldn’t help but be inspired by artist, rolo.  i hope you enjoy my collection of rich and indulgent color finds!

{cuéntame sobre el mar (al que alguna vez llamaste hogar)}

column 1 :: aspirations, the satine dress, royal purple and lime green serving bowl, spin mixed media

column 2 :: needle felted white raining cloud, brooklyn’s many colors painted vintage jar, double asian waves necklace, poolside… 1 pomagran- it, unisex polaroid hoody

column 3 :: vintage hollywood glamour birdcage veil, 15 may 10, effervescence, queen of the night 2, fine art carnival photo

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May 19, 2010

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inspiration: frolic by kyracee

pink finds

1st row: the sugar sugar babydoll shorty dress, pink and white hydrangea pillow, tiniest tulip studs

2nd row: lilou a pink and green blossom comb, message robot gray pink, bouquet, tufts, falkland wool

3rd row: pretty in pink vintage samsonite train case, pink milk star flower post earrings, bright pink leather travel purse

4th row: corinne- light grey french style beret, a catch, salmon pink top with shawl collar

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off to the beach!

May 7, 2010

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hi love birds!  i’m off to the beach! we’re leaving early in the morning to travel with family to the beach for a week- YEAH! i’m so excited, i can hardly stand it!  since we’ll have internet, i’ll be here posting as usual all next week, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you need to.  i have lots and lots to do to get ready, so i’m going to take the rest of the day off to get ready.  i’m on my way to get my hair cut now, i’ll post an ‘after’ pic on my twitter later today!

{southbeach by danske}


{step into liquid}


{you talkin’ to me?}


{i’m happy by the sea}

{dream on the beach}


what are you doing this weekend?

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roosting readers

April 27, 2010

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roosting readers

clockwise ::  elizabeth Floyd, gathering spriggs , airdromee l k

what do you do when you go home to roost?  join going home to roost’s flickr group to share with us!

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roosting readers

March 25, 2010

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roosting readers

clockwise :: wide open, sunflower, beautiful today: a rose and my alphabet stampsreading material

i gathered these lovely photos from the going home to roost flickr pool. it’s so fun to see how everyone is roosting, and all in different ways!  i’ll be roosting today by tending to my garden and starting some new seedlings, also sewing a bit, cleaning house and making dinner for my sister and her beau!  so, the question is..

how do you roost?

join the going home to roost group and let us know!

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etsy shop help :: flickr

March 10, 2010

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etsy shop help

have you joined flickr yet?  flickr is a place to share your photos, and can also be used as a social networking site (we needed another one, right?).  flickr is fun to get involved with though.  it’s an easy way to share your photos with family, share your work with consumers or show off a little amateur photography.

wishing star

it’s free, easy to join, and allows you to upload your photos quickly and sort them into albums.  so what does this have to do with your business? when people see your work on flickr, they may just make it all the way to your etsy shop.  not only can you upload images of your products, design process and creative spaces, you can begin joining relative groups and adding your photos to them.

weightless white on white

by adding your photos to flickr groups , you can further expand your online presence, exposing more people to your work, photography or passions. most bloggers or editors will browse flickr looking for inspiration and fresh talent, so it’s a worthy source to consider! the more groups you join and the more photos you add to them, the more exposure you’ll get.

*search for flickr groups here

a gathering of birds

you can also add contacts on flickr.  no need for approval (like facebook) but by adding contacts, you’ll be able to see a stream of their latest work on your homepage.  the more contacts you make, the more will contact you back, and the more people will see your work.  see where i’m going with this?

note: flickr doesn’t allow you to post a link to your shop in your photo descriptions (you could get the boot!) but you can use your shop name and use keywords like ‘etsy, handmade, jewelry, pottery’ etc.

velvet snow

ready to join flickr, or better yet, a group?  to help get you started, i’m happy to introduce the brand new…

going home to roost flickr group!

feel free to join and share with us how you roost.  whether it’s your decorating, creating, gardening, homesteading, studio, or anything else- you can add your photos that show us how you roost.  and, you can bet i’ll be browsing for inspiration and new roosters!

who will be the first? ;)

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